Food From the Fourth

My daughter went to a party and The Blog Tech had a party at is house. This meant that I had a lot of cooking to do. Their first request was for stuffed jalapenos. They each requested a million of these.

These take forever and a day to make because first you must scrape the seeds and veins out of the peppers. The seeds go everywhere and stick to everything and the juice flies out so you have to be careful not to be blinded by it. You also have to be cautious and not rub your eyes or any other mucous membrane or any sensitive area or you will experience searing pain of which I know only too well. Years ago I was making these and rubbed my eye. I immediately fell to the ground, the pain was so intense. I pulled myself over to the refrigerator and grabbed a pint of cream and poured it into my eye. Dairy neutralizes the burning agent in hot peppers, i.e., sour cream served with Mexican food. The pain went away immediately but I smelled like baby barf. It was an experience I will never forget.

But these babies are worth it.

We set out some candy coated chocolate cherries as treats.

And the quintessential salt water taffy.

I made a new recipe for pasta salad. Shells with celery and a creamy lemon dressing sprinkled with celery salt.

And the pasta salad with sun-dried tomatoes that I make way too often but no one can get enough of it.

Mini ham sliders on homemade buns....remember the hundred buns from the other day?

Oh...and did I mention that I made a million of these?

And that everyone ate several hundred each? These are stuffed with cream cheese and 'Little Smokies' sausages, then wrapped in bacon. What's not to love?

The Blog Tech's table.

The hamburger sliders were a huge hit!

Julia Chow was too hot to help with the cooking but she did help with the eating.

My daughter made these luscious mini carrot cake cupcakes.

And I made individual banana puddings.

I topped them with fresh berries for a more festive look. The Blog Tech said his friends ate 2-3 of these each and even took some with them when they left.

I also made many more dishes all of which I forgot to photograph.

Tomorrow I will show you the fireworks.

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William Bezek said…
Gosh, I remember that Banana pudding with Nilla wafers from my childhood. The amount of yummy food you made is amazing, you could be a professional!
I wish I had known dairy products neutralised when i rubbed my left eye. I thought I was going to be blind for the rest of my life :-) :-) :-) But I guess that is a perfect way to learn for the future :-) :-) :-)

Lots of great food there and I totally understand whay they brought some bananpudding with them :-) :-) :-) I´ve been asked to do one again later on :-)

I can imagine Julia Chow had a great 4th of Luly too :-)

have a great day now!
It looks like you prepared enough food for an army. Good food!

The daughter's cupcakes look yummy too!

Glad Julia Chow had a few food treats too.

Happy Day & xoxo to "Julia Chow"
we are home for a few hours so i am checking in on your 4th....

looks the berries on the pudding..the little burgers...the popper thingy's...we LOVE L'il Smokies around here too...i get them when we make cheese fondue in the winter....

you'll love this next part...ALL of the 4th of July decorations are GONE...all of it..took the little flags down before i even walked in the door :-)

and just a TINY bit of Fall came out... it is COLD and cloudy here me like-ee...

we are in a holding pattern on the john's dad...still in ICU...looks like we are in for a long haul on that situation....

i'll check back later

kary and teddy
p.s. we are spending the night at johns mom for a couple of nights and we take Teddy..he LOVES it...all the attention....and he sleeps right with us in his Halloween blankie :-)
Hi to Julia Chow !!!
Wow you can cook for a crowd! Al that food looks amazing!
Anonymous said…
Joyce, I put those surgical gloves on that you can buy at the grocery store when I make those stuffed peppers. Then throw them away and wash up. I too had a pepper to the eye and it was horrible. Wished I had your advice to do a dairy product. I got something out of the emergency kit we have in the kitchen but still suffered a lot. They were delicious!
My Gawd, woman, take a rest! You must be exhausted from all that cooking!
The Wizardess said…
YUMMMMMMM! Long ago when I had a huge garden, I had many jalapenos. I stuffed them & froze them, and then ate them for quite a while, because I got a little lazy with stripping out the seeds... hence they were too hot for the family to eat & I got them all :)
Hi Joyce, I made your BBQ ribs for the fourth of July party and what a hit!!! Thank you so much, your recipes make me look so good. Nothing like your wonderful feast though. I wondered on your stuffed peppers, could you give a little more info,cooking times,preparation, etc? I would love to try making them. Thanks again,
Simply wonderful... So, can I hire you for MY parties? ;)
Teresa said…
You have certainly spoiled your family with all those stuffed peppers. Personally, I think that mini-carrot cupcake looks delicious.
Mystica said…
I love that you cook for an army because you do it with so much feeling and love. No complaints at all. You sound so happy that people ate well!!! The food looks so good. Especially the bacon wrapped sausages!
your stuffed jalepenos look similiar to a wrapped shrimp I do... However I think that next time I will just stuff the jalepeno with all the ingredients...

know exactly what you mean about rubbing your eye after playing with peppers...been there, done that, not a pretty sight....

everything looks so yummy...
Debbie said…
I am drooling still from the site of all this magnificent food Joyce! You always seem to outdo yourself. I love the blog tech's festive table! How about the carrot cake cupcakes...any recipe? She takes after you ....they look wonderful! Banana pudding could adopt me?
Stopping by from Blueberry Plains! Wow, what a spread and those jalapenos look perfect. Yum!!