Goodbye Pie

As hot as it is, no one should be turning on an oven. But I saw a recipe for a Shaker lemon pie and I just had to try it. It called for slicing 4 whole lemons up very thin, skin and all. Then you add 2 cups of sugar, stir it around and let it macerate for 24 hours. OK...weird but I gave it a try. Just before filling the pie you mix in 3 eggs.

I tried a new crust recipe that was great. A bit of the juice oozed over the top crust when I crimped it but that's ok. I don't like my pies to look perfect.

It baked for an hour and smelled heavenly. The crust was beautiful.

I think the leaked lemon juice made it look even more scrumptious.

And then I cut it and we tried it. At first a wave of wonderful lemon rolls over your tongue. And then the sourest lemon taste ever punches you right in your taste buds.

It went straight into the garbage! Interesting that the lemon looking guy on the side of the garbage bag has a smile on his face. I guess he was happy to get the whole pie. Or he was laughing at me.

To distract me from my pie failure, I put out a few black cats.

As of today it is 99 days until halloween. Not to mention that it is also 99 degrees. The redware is out with other Fall things coming soon.


Those Shakers were hardy cusses.
Divaeva said…
love the cocks! *giggle* we collect them too!
Rue said…
Lemon is a fave when it comes to pie - but I may just stick with the rind-less kind. Sorry it didn't work out though - it looked intriguing.

I just put out my witch candle holder from you! She's happily guarding my mortar and pestle in the kitchen. I missed her all Winter and Spring, so I think she's going to be my new permanent kitchen witch. Who says you can't have a little Halloween all year?
Debbie said…
Oh those darned Shakers! They are great for making furniture but apparently NOT lemon pies!! It looked great though! Don't you hate it when that happens? But!...You will never find a real gem unless you go through that trial and error. I loved the lemon smiley guy on the bag gulping up the pie! You are so visual Joyce. I love that about you. I am playing catch, love, love your Royal Doulton Kingsware in the witch pattern....very cool! The lamps are so darned creative and beautiful and now I am craving blondies but can't make them because we are trying to diet! Yah right! What I mean is I am trying to maintain the weight I have gained without gaining any more but still getting away with sneaking things like an occasional whoopie pie.....Maine has the best whoopie pies...and peanut M&M's and anything chocolate! That's what's really happening!
Touchatou said…
Sorry for the long silence !!! Too much going on... My head will explose ! lolll

Love everything with lemons but I won't try that pie in a near future. ;)
I wondered when I saw the lemon rinds went in the pie.

Oh well, you have many success stories!

Love the black cats!

Halloween is on the way!

Happy Day, and xoxo to "Teddy's Glad She's Not a Black Cat".
Marjorie said…
lol I would not have guessed that you ever have a cooking fail--everything (else) you make looks great! Love your cats too. Halloween can't get here soon enough for me.
i am laughing..i have made that pie was a loser...yep..right into the trash....

LOVE LOVE LOVE the redware !!!!

what a winner ....

i made john hang my halloween lights in the kitchen window last night...can't wait for tonight to turn them on....

and slapping that bat window clinger up in the kitchen window tonight too :-)

we ended up going out to dinner last Teddy gets the steak tonight
he finished the last of his bbqed chicken this morning

happy friday !!!
kary and teddy
Sorry, but I am laughing a bit when reading about Your lemon pie :-) I´ve had a similar experience but with a bought lemon cake. We were celebrating something at work and had bought three big lemon cakes. They were so sour that we couldn´t even finish the first one :-) :-) But I guess that pie would be great if the lemons were peeled.

That hen and rooster looks fantastic!

I hope You can make it through the heat wave without suffering too much! Over here the temperatures suddenly dropped to 54F. But I rather have that than Your heat!
Take care now!
rox said…
darn Jaz I was so hoping it was going to taste good ! when I saw your post I was so excited for lemon pie !
ok how about the crust though , is the recipe worth posting ? it looks so good .
I do have lemons , maybe a nice lemon pudding with cream ☺ I wish my Mum was here to make it though I still have to clean my house etc.
love love loving all Your dishy ware posts ☺
The Frog Queen said…
LOL! I love lemon sounded like it was going so well....then thowing it out made me literally laugh.

I do so love visiting your blog.

Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Sharlene T. said…
Wow, what a disappointment. I so love lemon and was hoping this would work out... maybe you need those sweeter lemons I can't think of the name of, right now... I know you which ones I'm talking about... darn... have another loaf of your Rosemary Bread in the solar oven, right now... it's 90+ today, so the heat is outside! Come visit when you can...

Twitter: SolarChief
I wanted to make sure to let you know that I referenced you on my blog http://practically today. I fell in love with your glass totems and just had to try one. So today I showed my homage to your creativity.
Oh my the pie looked like it was gonna be great but I too had to laugh at the beauty in the garbage. The bag was perfect. Sorry.
Guillaume said…
A shame it was that sour, as it looked delicious. I think lemon pies need loads of sugar.
so funny you mentioning the reticulated plates....I too have been playing with "stuff" with the collection of milk glass white pedestal bowls and plates etc. Too much fun.....
Haha, those Shakers must have been tough cookies! :p

Sigh... 99 days till Halloween... can you believe it?!? ♥♥
Jaz I'm so sorry you got a bad Shaker Lemon Pie recipe. I'm posting mine that I have used for 25 years tomorrow just for you. It really is good. Hope you will share your new pie crust recipe with us.
Anonymous said…
Just when I thought you were perfect. Thanks for sharing your failure as well as all those beautiful and yummy successes! It makes me think there's still hope for me.

The Traveler said…
That is a recipe I will not be stealing, lol. But you never know until you try, right?
The countdown to Halloween has begun!
angelina said…
oh wow. well, we've all made those kindof worst was when i volunteered to make a southern lemon meringue pie for a bunch of aussies at a dinnerparty. i am frantic in the kitchen cause all of the ingredients are different over here, and the cornstarch is called cornflour and oh anyway it was not setting then it was like a gelatine consistency. they bragged but i knew it was horrible . horrible. my granny would have threw it in the bin.
ana_didi said…
Hello Joyce,
And I always see you on the blog of Christer and today I came to visit you.
Ohh what a pity your pie did not succeed. It looked delicious!
Well I'm not a great cook but a few things I enjoy doing. Especially orange marmalade, which is my favorite. And I cut the peel and let it soak in pure water, and change the water a few times before put the sugar to cook. This process makes the spicy is very citric. Maybe it works for the lemon.
Teddy is beautiful, it gives a huge desire to embrace him :)
have a good day
ohiofarmgirl said…
Too funny about the pie...but I did have a question...where did you find your redware????I have a hard time finding it...would you share where you find your pieces??? Dianntha
Bridgett said…
I can only imagine how sour it was. Makes my spine tingle just thinking about it. LOL

It *looked* great though!