It's Garlic Time

I harvested my garlic and braided it yesterday. I couldn't wait to use it. The smell was overwhelming so I had to make something as fast as I could.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am HOT! It is perfect weather for a light summer salad so I boiled some pasta shells.

Then peeled a bunch of fresh garlic. i think I ended up using about 6 cloves as they were on the small size.

I diced them really fine.

And I cut a bunch of dill from my garden and diced it.

I thought I would saute' the garlic a bit to take the bite out of it. I only cooked it for about a minute in a bit of butter then removed it from the butter and kept the butter to be used as garlic butter in another recipe.

I combined yogurt, a bit of sour cream, a small amount of mayonnaise and about a cup of buttermilk in a bowl.

I threw in the dill and added the zest of one lemon.

Then I added the juice.

Then the garlic.

Some freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt to taste.

Then mixed it all together.

I seeded and chopped a cucumber into small dice.

Then added it to the sauce mixture.

Then stirred in the shells.

Stir it around until the pasta is coated.

Shells are perfect for this salad because they cup the cucumber along with the sauce mixture. I served this along side alder planked salmon which I forgot to photograph. It made a wonderful summer meal.

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I like your definition of a "bit" of butter! That salad looks delicious.
This looks so yummy. I love shells and cucumbers and dill and garlic so I think I will have to make this.
That just looks delicious! Salmon must be perfect with it. Perhaps grilled chicken would work very well too.

I wonder why I haven´t planted any garlic here for many years now. I think I´ll have to do it this year. Up here in the north it gets very mild, but I think I would have sauted them anyway.

Have a great day now!
Laura said…
i love your garlic braid...i must remember to plant much more garlic this fall. :)
PhoenixWitch said…
Oh Yummy!! I love the smell of garlic cooking, smells like love and home!
William Bezek said…
Amazing garlic, why am I not suprised? You witches all have such green thumbs!
Cool and refreshing I can't wait to try this! I love garlic!

It is hot as blazes here!

Happy Day and, xoxo to "Teddy Love".
Guillaume said…
Funny, I am cooking puttanesca at the moment, with a fair deal of garlic. Oh, and I love the garlic rosary, looks like the perfect vampire repellent.
jenn-na-na said…
That looks so incredibly awesome and I a so excited as I'm growing garlic, dill, and cucumbers!!!
looks wonderful...have to try it...

it is finally warming up here...

i am feeling a turkey meatloaf and mozzarella caprese salad coming on.....

Teddy LOVES turkey meatloaf too :-)

K and T
Pricilla said…
The gophers ate our garlic.

Looks yummy
This sounds wonderful I have to make this a fast as I can.
MarZel said…
OMG...better than dessert!!!
Teresa said…
I am so going to have to try to braid my garlic. That looks so neat.
Looks good - and this is a recipe I can make too as I can get all the ingredients here! (Although not from my garden ...)
Mystica said…
Looks gorgeous.
LisaDay said…
Yum. I love pasta salad in the summer.

Wow, that looks delicious!! I really need to grow my own garlic. Thanks for the inspiration.
This looks like a fantastic pasta salad! Thanks so much!
Nydia said…
I saved this recipe for when Summer is back! Just love garlic in everything, super-witchy spice.

Kisses from us.