Lamp Redo

I've been having so much fun with my newest project. I went to a thrift store the other day and found that they had received a donation from a lighting store. Brand new lampshades still in their clear wrapping. They are a very good quality and were marked at 10.00 and 12.00. However, it happened to be half off day! I bought a bunch of them. In our thrift stores, you can find lamps very inexpensively. I have been picking them up for 3.95 to 6.95. The one above cost 3.95.

I dragged out my box of discount trims and started on the shade.

I see blank canvases everywhere I look. It drives me a bit crazy. That is how the garage wall ended up with the witch mural. Plain lampshades evoke the same reaction. I look at them and immediately start to mentally decorate them. Plus, I think lamps can be funky and fun and kick up bland decorating schemes. Look at the difference already just by covering the seams on the shade.

I liked the shape of this lamp and thought it would be fun to add some trim to it so it would tie in with the shade.

Just a small touch but I like it.

I have a lot of this trim so I used it around the edge. I added some silk trim to the top.

Here is a better look at the base. The Blog Tech is going to have another yard sale. He is saving up to cut another CD. I told him he could sell all of the lamps in the sale. I have no idea what to charge for these. For all of you who thrift shop and go to garage sales, can you give me a hint as to how to price them? None of them cost me more than 20.00 to make. Do you think I can break even?

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Dirgesinger said…
Looks way cool!:)
Pricilla said…
Trouble with yard sales is people come looking for a bargain. They don't appreciate what is there.

They just want to haggle and haggle and then pay $1

I love the pom poms.
So would the kitten.....
Well now, the "Thrift Queen" is on the creative quest again...ah,hah!

Beautiful lamp, great redo on the shade. It works well with the lamp.

Good job!

xoxo to "Teddy Sweet Face".
Debbie said…
You are so darned clever!! What a catch you are for hubby! Love the lamp shade AND the lamp too. Also think those brass? bars on your stairs are very cool...where did you ever get that idea?
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Your energy is astounding!

Ok, where did you find your stair runner? I love it.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
nice going....the lamp looks GREAT !!!!

you'll love this..i just finished cleaning this whole house...fresh pee pee trays...picked up about a gazillion toys..vacumn...mop...put away stacks of cookbooks and magazines that have been here since Buddy died...and i thought...seems pretty quiet..and Teddy is not on his spot on the couch...oh...teddy....i had stacked some toilet paper rolls in a basket in the laundry room...and guess who found it...OMG...looked like a mountain of shredded t.p. as big as teddy...but he had a ball i am sure :-)
he is so funny..and that tail..always up curled over his little back....
Teresa said…
Beautiful lamps, but they look too nice to be at a garage sale.
Divaeva said…
so creative - I love it! :)
MarZel said…
OMG!! That came out so FAB!!! You are the bomb and so is your lamp!! You inspire me!
decareis said…
Hello I have followed your blog for a few days and I confess I was blown away by everything I see! The atmosphere is spectacular, like everything in it! I loved her lamp and made me remember a painting I did and now I'm making some pillows to match! It is not good invent??
Excuse the English, but use the google translator and it does not always work perfectly!
Sharlene T. said…
They're gorgeous! I wouldn't put them in a yard sale, folks will just want to pay a few bucks and they're worth so much more... maybe, you can join a little craft fair and have some of your goodies set up on a table... folks will pay more at craft sales and your stuff is very unique and very well done... The lamp should be at least $35 apiece... you could sell them with the glass totems!
CathyH said…
Great idea! I'm picky about lamp shades and the more I look at them the funnier they look. With your ideas I'll see them as possibilities now
Jenna Gayle said…
The lamps are very pretty! I agree about people looking for a bargain, but then again these aren't your typical dusty yard sale lamps!

The blog tech is doing another cd? I NEED to know about the first one! :) Please do share a little!