A Magical Giveaway

The winner of last weeks spell binder is: Celia!!! Send me your info and I will ship it right out. This week Teddy is giving away a book of white magic spells. The book has a suede cover and is printed in silver leaf.

Teddy had trouble opening her eyes to pick out this week's winner this morning.

This spellbook was purchased at a witch shop in Salem.

It is filled with all sorts of helpful spells.

It describes the tools you will need and will take you step by step through each spell.

There are spells for how to find wealth and prosperity.

And spells which show you how to find love and all sorts of things to improve your life.

To enter, leave a comment on this post. If you don't have a blogger account you have to leave info as to how I can contact you. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be drawn next Saturday morning and a new giveaway will be posted at that time.

We have had a lot of feral cat activity in our yard recently and Teddy is on high alert. That is, after she is fully awake.

I have not been posting many pics of her recently because mostly she plants herself in front of her fan and sleeps through this horrid weather.

Teddy is as ready for Fall as I am.


Birgit said…
Oh, Teddy is so cute! I always love to see new photos. :)

Thanks for the chance to win such a great book. I trust that it will find its way into the life of the one who needs it most. :)

Greetings from Munich,
Congratulations to Celia!
This giveaway is very interesting! You have the most amazing things on Your bgiveaways!

I feel as tired as Teddy looks on that first photo :-) :-)She is as cute as ever :-)

Have a great day now!
By the way! Would You like me to send over a jar of that Boston cucumbers I wrote about? The one I like to have with tunnbrödsrulle?
oldblackcatboo said…
Yay! Teddy!
So glad to see you! I agree! I want Fall NOW!
Teddy PLEASE pick me!
Stay cool in front of that fan!
XOXO- Cindi
Congratulations to Celia, the latest winner of "Teddy's Treats".

Love the new White Magic giveaway!

So glad to see Teddy again. I know how Chow Chow's detest the heat. Here in Florida I would give Snooky ice cubes in his water dish. He loved it.

Happy Day and xoxo to "Teddy Waits for Fall".
Leeanna said…
What a beautiful book. That would look perfect with my book collection.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful book. I don't blame Teddy for spending so much time in front of the fan. That sounds like a good place. By the way, Millie follows your blog for me.

PhoenixWitch said…
I would love to win that book. I have an ever growing collection of spell books!

P.S Don't forget to check out the giveaway on my blog!

Anonymous said…
Our dog doesnt like the heat either. She keeps nibbling her feet and panting. :(
loved seeing TEDDY...love her legs...so cute..and that face

Teddy just got back from The Golden Paw...looks so cute...

he is doing a crash puppy right now..but when he wakes up i'll get pictures....

happy weekend...where is Fall?

kary and teddy
William Bezek said…
Oh Teddy! I don't know what's in it (my form of magick is intuative)but it has a very tasteful cover that would be most suitable as a coffee table book! And maybe just a little bit of a suprise for that unsuspecting guest to thumb through whilst drinking one of my cocktails! Please...Do enter me in your game of chance!
Thea said…
looks like a fascinating book! Teddy is just too adorable! t
Bronny said…
Congratulations to Celia - and Thank you for this chance to win a wonderful gift for my sister!
Hi Teddy!
Chaotic_Dreamer said…
Always great to see pics of Teddy, and the giveaway/Book is simply awesome this week.
clairedulalune said…
Hello There! How have you been? I haven't been over here in ages,(severe ongoing tech problems) I love your spell books I will never forget the one from practical magic! I love Titania Hardie's books and this certain one is one of my must haves to add! I knew you would have it! Hope all is well in your world!!
Mystica said…
Would like to be counted in for this giveaway. I just love Teddy.
debbie said…
What a great book, it looks really interesting.
I don't blame your dog for laying in front of the fan. Each of my animals has a fan they like to lay in front of. At night I even put one in front of my malamutes cage, so she can be cool at night.
thanks for the giveaway.
Nydia said…
Your givewaways are irresistible, lol! Everything coming from Salem is, actually. I'd love to join this one.

Teddy is such a cutie... nd smart to chase the cats around (but I hope she doesn't catch them!).

Kises and love from us.
Autumnforest said…
Thank heavens, I'm not the only one getting autumn-itis. Give Teddy a good ruffling of her fur for me.
Celia said…
Yay! Thanks Teddy for picking my name!! I'm so happy that I won! This weeks giveaway is great too! You sure are doing a great job Teddy!
Brian said…
Throw me in the pot even though I never win anything! Hey! Is that a pic of a tart on the upper right?

Oh and def check out the blog on Monday! That's all I'm saying!
Willow said…
Congratulations to Celia! I'm with Teddy; I cannot wait for some cooler weather to get here. The snowboarding drive is building and I need some snow.

This week's giveaway looks amazing. I'm totally in!
TMCPhoto said…
Poor Teddy, there's nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky.

I'd love to be added into this draw too!
please count me in for the give away! sherrysenicardesigns@gmail.com I hope Teddy picks me I need this book lol
jc said…
This book looks very inviting, can't wait to cast some spells! Thanks for the giveaway, I'm a follower.

Katherine said…
This books looks perfect! I am very intrested in this sort of subject and will so happy to get this book. By the way, i love your blog i just found it:)
Congrats to the latest winner.
The book looks beautiful and very interesting.
Teddy is lovely as always - I quite understand her wanting to stay put in a cool place.
Barb said…
I just found your blog and love it! I'd love to win the book to add to my witch collection!
Pricilla said…
Poor Teddy. Our weather has actually been quite lovely.

No warmer than the high 80ies.

I have 28 more pounds of cherries.
I am making a pie, syrup and I'm going to try jelly for the first time.
Wish my sanity luck.
It makes me overheated just looking at Teddy. All that fur! I'm really enjoying your recipes...the tian looks especially wonderful. I have all the ingredients too! Also, I need some white magic in my life right now. Thanks for the chance.
pixie13 said…
Poor Doggy! She does look quite sad in that last photo.

Please count me in on the fantastic giveaway.

Bridgett said…
The heat here is atrocious too. I can hardly tolerate it. Teddy looks pretty perky in these pictures though. :)
Mr. Macabre said…
You should really publish a cookbook of some sort, every thing you have shown looks absolutely wonderful!

You're absolutely NO help with my Weight Watchers dieting though! LOL ;)
greekwitch said…
Oh!I have missed Teddy! Besides the weather she never falls back in her duties. She has that look. Where is the cat? Where is that cat? I know there is a cat around here. I am going to find you.
nightowl said…
What a nice book.
Looking forward to cooler weather, also.
Leathra said…
Please enter me in your contest! It looks lovely!
BleuMoon said…
Wow - such a beautiful giveaway - and I am with Teddy, parking myself in front of a fan every chance I get. Thanks for the posts!
bison61 said…
a book of white magic spells! I'd love that

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com
Kathy said…
My chihuahua spends his time lying in front of the window fan with his nose pointing toward it. Dogs and their fans, eh?

I'm a new reader...came for the content and found the giveaway. What a bonus. I'm really enjoying your blog.
Just checking in to see what's new at October Farm...and another great recipe is waiting! :) My cookbook will be full in no time. :)
The Niki said…
Oh, gosh. I want a Teddy to snuggle and accompany to far off bits of garden! Le Sigh.

I am also itching for Autumn. I can't wait for the leaves to start turning.
AlphaBetsy said…
Teddy is beautiful and so is that book. I would love to have it. :)
I love Teddy!! What a beautiful dog!! I want a dog, but can't have one at my apt:( and I don't think my cat would want a canine companion.

This is a beautiful giveaway, I normally don't do these, but there was something about that book.

Best of luck with your giveaway.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful Teddy! I bet he is every inch of sweet that he appears to be.

Love your contest too!
Divaeva said…
I can imagin poor Teddy in this heat - I am sooo ready for fall and i don't wear a fur coat!
Sandi said…
Just found your delightful blog and I will enjoy looking back thru it. I love witchy (and gypsy)items too. And your recipes make me want to cook!
Jenna Gayle said…
I've taken to putting a fan out for our pups, too! It's sooo dang hot and the high high humidity is about to kill us! :) Such is life in the middle of a South Georgia swamp!!

The book looks really neat. As a sort of a newbie (well, two years into it) I'm sure I could get wonderful use out of it!

And hey, according to your counter, there's only 100 more days left till Halloween!!
Terry Mac said…
How do find such great books? I would truly love to be the lucky winner of this white magic spell book. I could really use some of it's spells...new love, wealth...With it's suede cover, it must be good!

Thank you for these giveaways!

terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

Just found your blog, and subsequently anew subscriber. I am going to try some of your recipes....love to cook! Thank you