When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When your garden gives you fruit, make pies.

I have had several requests for the pie crust I used on the horrible Shaker lemon pie. Though the pie was awful, the crust was great. Here is the basic recipe. I made a few changes which I will show you. Click to enlarge.

First dump the flour into the bowl of your food processor.

Then add the sugar. I use 7 tsp. instead of what the recipe calls for.

Add the cold butter. I use a whole stick rather that the 2/3 called for.

Pulse this mixture until it is crumbly.

Put one egg in a bowl or measuring cup.

Add one tablespoon of water and beat it with a fork.

Using the pulse button on the processor, pulse as you add the egg and water mixture. It is ready just as it comes together.

Following are a few tips for handling pie dough. I dump the dough straight from the processor into a jumbo zip lock bag.

I let the dough drop to a corner of the bag.

Then you twist and squeeze the bag until it forms a ball. This is a good way to form the dough because you don't want the heat from your hands warming it. Especially in this hot weather!

Then let the dough ball drop to the center of the baggie.

Roll it out inside the bag to the desired thickness.

At this point you can either freeze it or refrigerate it. Often, I will make a bunch of dough and store it in the freezer like this. When I need pie dough I can just pop one in the refrigerator until it defrosts.

While the dough chills, I make the filling. I had a large late crop of rhubarb so I made strawberry/rhubarb pies. If I am making one large pie I do not pre-cook the filling. This time I was making the mini pies that I make so often so I partially cooked the filling ahead of time. All it consists of is strawberries and rhubarb and some sugar simmered until it thickens and then a tablespoon of butter is stirred in.

When it is time to make the pies, remove the dough from the frig and cut around the perimeter of the bag and peal off the top piece of the baggie. If you are making a large pie you can just flip this over on top of the pie pan and peal the plastic off. Since I am making mini pies from the round of dough to fit the small bowls.

I push the dough down and press it in place leaving just a bit overlapping at the top.

After adding the filling, cut a circle of dough and sit it on top of the pie. Crimp the edges in. When using a juicy filling some will leak out on top. Don't worry....it just adds to the finished pie. Sprinkle the tops with cinnamon sugar.

Place them on a parchment covered cookie sheet and bake them in a preheated 375 degree oven.

They bake for about 45 minutes to an hour. They should be golden brown and the filling should be bubbling around the edges.

A perfect single serving of scrumptious fresh pie.

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Brian said…
The Spawn and I are coming to live with you...so make room!
I want to eat all eleven of those little pies. Right now.
Strawberry pie woo-hoo! Yummers, ice cream. Wonderful!

Have a Happy Day!


xoxo to "Teddy the Strawberry Queen".
Rue said…
This is the only way I can eat Rhubarb. Those pies would have been perfect for breakfast this morning!

Have a great day!
Amistis Reudan said…
What kind of container do you use to bake those little pies in? They look like ceramic?
I feel like comfort eating is a good idea right now!So perhaps a pie would be the right thing :-)

My computer broke down today, my brand new computer!! It took several hours of phonecalls and reformating the hard disk, but now it works again. I never really liked it from the beginning and now I dislike it even more :-) :-)

On the other hand! I´ve ordered a new camera :-) I looked at a couple of different but the Nikon felt best. To be honest, all cameras today takes really good photo´s so it´s the feeling when holding it that makes the only difference :-) :-)

Hmm, I wonder if I have all ingredients here at home :-)
Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
That's a lot of pies.
Sharlene T. said…
I'm coming, too, Brian... these are wonderful and the garden is definitely producing... thanks for sharing the recipe... come visit when you can

Twitter: SolarChief
make room for me too...teddy and i want to live with you....

this looks so good yum yum

and i love how you rolled the pie dough in the bag...great tip :-)

are you still in a heat wave?

i have on my flannel snowman pajamas this morning, huh?

and john's ski vest to top it all off....
Jennifer Rose said…
ooohh! those look so good! wouldn't last very long around here :D
faerwillow said…
~you make baking look so beautiful...this sounds most delightful in everyway...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
ana_didi said…
Hi Joyce,
hummm those tarts look delicious. Come walk on your blog always makes me hungry :)
Guillaume said…
Picking berries and making pies. I miss this a lot this year.
The personal pie idea is adorable... they look so delicious! ♥
i know..i am not even kidding...
it is almost 4 o clock here and we are still in sweatshirts...

california..the summer that never was ... what's the deal???
rox said…
Oh Jaz what size is that stick of butter ? I know in the states you have those retangular sticks and I can't buy them here at my store , only the lb size . so how much would I need for the recipe ?
Thanks so much
Divaeva said…
*tummy grumbles*
The Traveler said…
cool, thanks for sharing! Hopefully soon I'll be brave enough to try my own crust.
Thanks for the crust recipe I've been waiting. Someone gave me a big box of Flat Yummy Peaches I'll make mini peach pies using your crust. Hugs to Teddy.