Witch Collection

Here are some more items from my witch collection. When I fist started collecting, I looked for divination tools. I have many more than I will show you here but a lot of them are packed away. Eventually I will find them and show them to you. This is a box I bought in Salem to hold my witch tarot.

The witches tarot is one of my favorites.

The nine of pentagrams.

Here is a very old deck of fortune telling cards. Click for a better view. They are printed in French, German and English.

This tarot was made in Italy and has wonderful graphics.

I bought them years ago in San Francisco.

These are really fun! Tarot recipe cards.

I think I will put these in a future giveaway.

What a hoot!

Nothing like delighting your palate while you enrich your soul.

This is a handmade ouija board I bought in Salem.

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BleuMoon said…
Wow - everything looks fabulous! Thank you for giving us a peak into your witch collection. It is wonderful!

faerwillow said…
~an amazing unique collection you have...such pieces to truly be treasured...l♥ve the recipe ones...what fun! warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Pricilla said…
I'm telling you - you could open a museum and charge admission.

Probably solve the national debt.
Laura said…
you have the best collection of witch stuff! I have a large collection of tarot cards and used to have the Wtiches Tarot...i think my ex took them though. I loved that deck.
anyway, have a great day!
Leanne said…
really enjoyed looking at your collection.

Love Leanne NZ
magikalseasons said…
Wonderful collection!
You do have the most amazing things! Love that ouija board! So beautiful!
We used just to draw one up on paper when I was a kid. Even though it scared me enormously I loved to do it :-) :-)
The cards are beautiful too!
Have a great day now!
oldblackcatboo said…
Whoa! I love everything! Especially that ouija board! Very cool!
You do have a very nice collection of witchy stuff.

Happy Day and xoxo to "Teddy Red Fluffs".
i think my heart just stopped beating...are those teacups on your sidebar witches?????

doesn't look like scott is doing halloween and vine this year...but i saw william's website...very cool.
You have such an interesting collection. I love the tarot cards!
Sharlene T. said…
Love your collection, so I guess I'm going to have sneak by Teddy to grab something... you gotta sleep, sometime... thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to more...

Twitter: SolarChief
Teresa said…
I must say I don't know where you find these things. There's nothing interesting like that to be found in Iowa. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things.
You have a marvellous collection, very interesting.
LisaDay said…
Fun. Do you rotate your collection so you can see everything once in a while?

Monique said…
Those are great things. I love the recipe cards, so much fun !!
Have a wonderful day.
Debbie said…
Hi Joyce! Love those recipe tarot cards! You have some wonderful items in your collection...wow! I have an old ouija board but not as old or as lovely as yours. My mother in law (who is psychic or an intuitive as they say today), tells me to be very careful with it. She claims one can bring in dark spirits if you are not careful! Very cool stuff.
decareis said…
I loved his collection of tarot cards are beautiful!
I have three tarot but were in Brazil,
retired the charts for over 10 years
is an oracle powers, but we must have the maturity to understand and especially to accept!
PhoenixWitch said…
OMG I want those recipe cards!! They are amazing!!
CathyH said…
What a beautiful ouji board! When I was a teen I could read tarot cards a predicted correctly a lot, even did a report and reading in my psychology class. I predicted an affair of the two teachers and had the class roaring. Within a year it happened!
Jenna Gayle said…
Goodness, I am in love with that Ouija board and the recipe tarot!! How freaking cool!!!!