Witch Collection

I've collected Royal Doulton Kingsware in the witch pattern for over 20 years.

These pieces were all designed by Charles Noke who was hired as a designer in 1899 by the Royal Doulton company. Above is a piece from his wizard/witch collection. The wizard holds bottles of liquid which he is adding to his smoking cauldron.

Click for a better look. It was hard to get details because these pieces are so dark.

Here is a creamer depicting a witch approaching her simmering cauldron with ingredients in hand. You can barely make out her black cat staring into the cauldron on the left.

This piece shows a crooked old crone checking on her cauldron with her black cat standing behind her.

This is a small vase with a witch approaching her blazing cauldron.

I also collect the Noke Pied Piper series. The Pied Piper was written in 1908 and was very popular which is probably what motivated Charles Noke to design this group.

If you look closely you can see that he is playing his pipe.

This piece is a tea caddy and you can see the old crone sipping her hot tea.


Fantastic things! I never imagined that there were so many wich related objects out there. Strange that we so seldome see them over here since wiches is our most popular easter symbol.

Perhaps I should open my eyes when going to auctions and the few scondhand/thrift stores we have here :-)

Have a great day now!
Beautiful collection, I love it, how lucky for you.

Blessings and Happy Day!

xoxo to "Teddy Autumn Breezes".
Leanne said…
I'm really enjoying your collection thanks for sharing.

Love Leanne NZ
Pricilla said…
I'm telling you - museum!
Barb said…
I'm really enjoying your amazing witch collection. I collect antiques and witches but have never seen the things in your collection! Plus the dog is just adorable!
Amazing collection. I have never seen them before and love them. Thanks for showing us all your pretties.
Anonymous said…
I think it looks like the guy is smoking dope.
Melodie said…
Wow! What an interesting bit of history!
what a great collection...you know i love it..i really do..anything halloween....

and YES! we are having some really nice mild summer weather....

off to the grocery to get stuff to make that taco casserole :-)

kary and teddy
Tick tock! How I wish Fall would hurry!
What a wonderful collection, Joyce! You have most fantastic collection of Witch memorabilia I have ever seen ...ever!
And the baking...and the cooking... every visit is a joy! :)
Guillaume said…
More lovely witches! I need some for myself! Maybe on my next trip to Brittany.
AlphaBetsy said…
Those are truly gorgeous!!
Joyce, thank you for your SO true comment! It really can be stressful at times. You cannot imagine how much I enjoy my visits here...
I bought blueberries today and am making a pie in the morning using your recipe! I have been dying to try it. So simple and looks so delicious...
LOVE the Halloween countdown button.. :)
Mystica said…
You have a beautiful collection.
rox said…
Oh Wow Jas ! I have not seen any tea sets like this before ! I love that dark colouring . I like the caddy best of all ☺ maybe beginning the journey into cronehood myself or that I love tea sipping so much ☺
I was thinking of you today as I was thinking how really I love that house in one of my all time fav movies Practical Magic . The room where all the herbs etc. are kept . I know you posted about the spellbook before and so now whenever I think of that house I think of You ☺
thanks again for sharing
The Traveler said…
That is a truly awesome pattern! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it myself =).
Willow said…
You have an amazing collection. My best friend's mother has some of these, but they are the author's collection. I've always wanted to know more about them, so thank you for posting.

I wish I had an eye for antiques. I'd love to use thrift stores/antique stores to decorate my house. I just don't know how to shop in such places.
MeganRose said…
Your collection is amazing.
It takes a great eye and great patience to acquire such beautiful treasures I would imagine.