Witch Shoes and a Summer Recipe

Check out my new kicks!

My wonderful daughter (luvs ya Goo) surprised me with these new custom shoes. Great witch hat.

The Salem Witch House is on the side of each shoe.

The back reads 'All Hallow's Eve' with my initials underneath.

As soon as the weather drops below a hundred degrees it might be time to wear these.

Do you like quinoa? We love it. If you have never made it you should give it a try. Above, I have cooked 2 cups of quinoa with 4 cups of lightly salted water. Bring the water to a boil and stir in the quinoa. Turn the burner to low and simmer covered for about 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it sit covered for about another 15 minutes then toss it with a fork and let it cool.

I forgot a few pics. In a bowl, pour 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper, diced red onion, sliced green onion, diced cucumber, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced kalamata olives, 3 grated carrots and lots of fresh parsley. Drizzle in a teaspoon of honey. Add about 1/2 cup of feta or more to taste. Mix this all together

Oh....I remembered to take a pic of the olive addition.

And one of adding the quinoa.

Here it is all mixed together. Do you ever notice how my food always matches my counter top? Weird!

Here is the ring and tamper I used for the crab cakes recenty. I love this tool. You can use it in so many different ways.

I put several large spoonfuls of the salad in the ring and then tamp it down. I'm not sure why but I get great satisfaction out of doing this.

Voila! Cool salad presentation.

You can drizzle this with a bit of balsamic glaze for added color and flavor. You can also add jalapenos and cilantro for a southwestern flavor.

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The Niki said…
Kyyyyuuute shoes!
Lovin' those witchy shoes! Good daughter!

I've never eaten quinoa, so I must purchase the ingredients for this fun summer recipe! I'm sure we'll love it.

Happy Day and xoxo to "Teddy Summer Fun".
Leanne said…
now those are shoes. Awesome! Have fun wearing them
Love Leanne Nz
Pricilla said…
Your shoes are just perfect.

I have had quinoa and enjoyed it - in Hawaii I think.
Autumnforest said…
Yummy quinoa! Those shoes are wicked!
Laura said…
i love love love the shoes!
Dirgesinger said…
That shoes are fantastic! Absolutely great artwork!
I´ve never seen or heard of quinoa before. What does it taste like?

Those shoes are great! Couldn´t be a more perfect present!
Have a great day now!
I L O V E those shoes!
Sharlene T. said…
Point of clarification... did your daughter find these or make these? It's hard to tell because you're such a creative lady, I figured it just went with the genes... they are adorable... did she get you a new broom, too?... I hope so 'cause you can't wear new shoes on an old broom...

I love quinoa and have tried to introduce it to lots of folks... some try it; others, run... don't know why... it's wonderful and this recipe is on my counter! Thanks for sharing...

Twitter: SolarChief
I am so in love with those SHOES!! That's it, I'm going on the Keds website now! :p
Jennifer Rose said…
those shoes are great!! love the hat
Mystica said…
Really cute shoes. I hadnt even heard of quinoa. Is it like couscous?
The Traveler said…
Those shoes rock! What a thoughtful gift.
I have never heard of quinoa in my life. What on earth is it?
Teresa said…
What awesome fun shoes!
Anonymous said…
brilliant shoes. I love your blog, its really inspiring. How are you getting along with your practical magic dollhouse?
Rue said…
Loooove the shoes! It's good that your kids spoil you - you do so much for them!
The Frog Queen said…
Awesome shoes!!!!

Anonymous said…
thanks for following my blog =) I am so jealous that you have THE book from practical magic. I wish there was some more merchandise from the film.. something really amazing like verbena shampoo or something unique.
Jenna Gayle said…
Love the shoes! Me and my hubby are also J.Z.'s :)
Celia said…
Love your new shoes!!! Now you have two great pair of witchy shoes!!! I am just going to have to get me a pair!