Baking and Thrifting

I made 'Those Rolls' again. This time I used cheddar.

And I sat the uncooked rolls on pepperoni "saucers". It's just sandwich sized slices of pepperoni.

Julia Chow was ready to help.

"Come on mama....get moving and drop something on the floor." Pepperoni and cheese pushed this puppy to the edge.

"I will wait patiently for something to drop. I know you aren't that neat!"

"I know the good stuff is sitting right up there over the edge."


Make sure to pinch the ends so they don't open like this when they bake.

And there is the toasted disk of pepperoni. This was actually a big hit with the consumers, i.e., the family.

In case you haven't noticed, I have not been thrifting much recently. Having just cleaned out my garage and basement, it just did not seem right. I've decided to control my thrift shopping and only buy exactly what I need right at the moment. I want to frame some of my antique Halloween postcards and I needed a few frames. I found this pair for $7.95.

However, they were half off so they were an even better price. I always look for frames that include good matting. You can see that these have beveled edges and are double mattes. I'll show you the process when I do the framing.

I also found this very well made vintage glass lamp with a decent shade in perfect working condition. The price: $3.95!!! I'm going to have fun trimming this out.

Look at the detail on the glass. Sweet!

This Asian inspired lamp is in perfect condition and though it isn't vintage, it is rather old and in perfect shape. $4.95!

I really love this one. I am fixing these up for the Blog Tech to sell in his next garage sale.

This is vintage and in perfect shape. Restoration Hardware recently replicated these lamps and they are very expensive. This one works perfectly and has the original cord and it cost $4.95 but was also half off. What a steal! Look at the marble base.

I also found 6 sunflower garlands for $2.95!

I hung them around the potting table and sink area until I can replace them with the real thing!

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Oh my goodness those rolls look so good with the pepperoni!! I am waiting until it isn't so hot to turn my oven on! Love the lamps and the garlands.
Oh my gosh, those rolls look so delicious!!

And what great thrift finds; I love the blue & white lamp :) ♥
Pepperoni and cheese often push me to the edge too, Teddy.
Pricilla said…
The glass lamp is a stunner. 60ies?
love the blue and white lamp!! great finds!
Sharlene T. said…
Yah, I can see that you've cut down on your thrifting... ahem... but I know you are going to do something fantastic with those lamps... so, as long as I can enjoy the process, it's okay... haven't had a chance to make my rolls, yet, but now they are definitely on my list... does the bottom get oily feeling when they're done?... Give Teddy a hug for me... she looks like she's starving to death... drop something, already...

Twitter: SolarChief
I do like those old postcards and frames. And the lamps are great, I especially like the Asian one.

Teddy is so cute :-) Did anything fall on the floor? I sometimes accidently drops something if one or all of my dogs are close :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
gosh i am late today..we have been planting liquidamber trees and some lavenders around the farm ...

teddy (julia chow) is so cute waiing for that delicious piece to drop...makes me laugh..and those look so good..i bet the pepperoni was kind of crunchy...yum yum

i love the lamps...i was just looking at one i have in my closet is so base..i love those lamps i have them in my bedroom and bathroom. the last one...the restoration hardware one...LOVE IT !!!!!

making summer pasta tonight...angel hair with brie, basil,olive oil and this heirloom tomato we have been treating like the HOPE DIAMOND around here...making a whole dinner around that little beauty.....
Anonymous said…

just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.
Please get away from "Those Rolls". If I make one more batch, which I'm going to, I may die. I can not stop eating them until they are gone. I may try country ham on the bottom this time.

Tell Teddy to come to my house and I'll drop anything he wants.