Even Big Kids Like Petting Zoos

My daughter found a bunny, the day was complete!

I am not a big fan of petting zoos. I feel sorry for the animals. I am not a big fan of animals in cages. My kids grew up with asthma, especially my daughter. She spent birthdays and holidays in hospitals more than I would like to remember. Petting zoos were out of the question. I want a tortoise and a goat just so they can do this, sans the cage.

A camel cameo. I was distracted by a fabulous booth and when I returned to Teddy, the kids were missing. ( Remember that 'my kids' are 25 and 26!) I asked my husband where they were and he nonchalantly said...they went to the petting zoo. I panicked for an instant and then reminded myself that they are adults and can take care of themselves.... most of the time. Well, maybe 80% of the time on a good day and 50 % of the time on a regular basis. I hope they don't read this today or I am in big trouble. The Blog Tech will never read it, even if I tell him to a hundred times. My daughter will definitely read it without me even mentioning it to her. I know my kids!!!

A bashful wallaby.

Awwwww....the wallaby has his own little tent.

You don't see many wallabies around these here parts!

I think my kids liked him because they took a lot of pictures.

This wallaby (and I am sure all of them ) sure can jump.

But this pair was their favorite.

As was the zebra and the fawn.

But we almost had to take one of these home. I wonder how Teddy would have liked that?

Kitties at play.

They sure are cute.

Note to self.....wear gloves when you do this with Teddy.

Soon this will be a life size tire.

This zebra would be much cuter outside of this fence. I hope when he is not enslaved at the petting zoo that he has a large area to roam.

***If you are easily freightened and tend to have nightmares, you might want to sign out now. CAUTION!!!!! You are about to see the most ferocious creature of them all!!!

Theodora Puddle Pup. No cage but she has a leash!

Scary isn't she? That blue tongue alone could give you nightmares!

I think she might have found her favorite place. She loves Zoar, Ohio!

She was laying here resting in the shade when she heard the kids coming.

See the tail wagging? You can tell all by reading a Chow Chow's tail.

After her hotdog and donut, she got a drink of water from a cup. She didn't like the cup very much. Chow Chows don't like change. And this one is extremely fussy!

She was a huge hit at the festival.

Everyone approached her so we had to be careful because Chow Chows don't let strangers touch them. They do however pose for photos very willingly!

The rest of the festival tomorrow!


You got me! I thought there would be a snake or tarantula or something after your "Caution" disclaimer, but it was only the fiercely adorable Teddy!
I think that if anyone came to a petting zoo with two tiger kittens (even though nobody would be alloowed to touch them ) would get flogged over here :-) :-) But they are adorable :-)

I´ve never cared much for petting zoo´s either. Rabbits sort of scares me with those hughe front teeth. I always imagine how they gets straight in to my hands :-) :-)

The last one is truly horrible :-) :-) :-) She´s cute as ever :-)

Have a great day now!
Dirgesinger said…
Oh, I thought Teddy was a boy:) But she is cute really! and the little animals...I think it would break my heart to see them in cages. But, on the other hand, if I think about the way they can help big city kids to get in touch with nature and feel responsibility foir animals, then I hope these petting zoos are really keeping these cuties well.
Pricilla said…
I live in a petting zoo....

I too feel sorry for animals that have to travel around and be put on display like that.
I don't have problems with the big, well maintained zoos. but the small ones with exotics in small cages...I'm with you
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Awww, the tortoise and the goat photo is especially wonderful. I love all these pics.

Teddy baby, he LOVES the attention.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
ana_didi said…
Hi Joyce,
Teddy is a girl! I did not understand that. But now I know she has the lovely name of Theodora:)
i know...petting zoos make me sad too...
i loved all the little sweetie-pies though...
and YES! you got me too on the caution..when i saw it was teddy..i laughed...good one !!!

hey, i just got back from the grocery and scored a HARVEST BAKING magazine from land o' lakes and then went to michaels and got a witch candle that is a LED..i know...not wick...but she is so cute flying on her broom with bats...i can't wait for the sun to go down so i can turn her on..she is in my kitchen window....

kary and teddy
Sharlene T. said…
It's a good thing that goat is flexible because he/she could get hurt trying to stay on that racing turtle!... petting zoos are bad enough, but the animals are at least kept from the people... what I don't like, at all, is the pony rings and never let my children ride on one... those poor little ponies... grrr, it makes me angry just thinking about them... Teddy is adorable, as usual, and poses quite well, indeed... come visit when you can...

Twitter: SolarChief
AlphaBetsy said…
I love the goat on the tortoise...that really made me laugh. I hope they all have nice big places to play normally as well.

Teddy is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure she was a big hit.
Teresa said…
I am so lucky my animals get to roam. I have some birds caged for their own safety, but their cages are pretty spacious. I just love the goat and tortoise.
decareis said…
Joyce Hello good day!
I loved your photos, as always!
And the animals are cute, but I agree with you, I'd rather see them released in their natural environment.
I've had bird in a cage at home, but today I prefer to see them loose!
Glad you never too late to change our opnion
The Wizardess said…
I nominate that as the best petting zoo EVER. The animals look pretty healthy & happy. I have seen some sad animals at petting zoos. A few at our local Fairie Festival unfortunately.