The Fall Festival Vendors

This was the first booth I stopped at. This sweet woman grows and dries her own gourds and then paints them.

I really haven't seen anything like these before.

Some of these now reside on my kitchen windowsill!

I really wanted a bird house but he didn't have any big ones.

This woman planted old boots with succulents

I LOVE walking sticks and have a collection of them.

This guy made some really nice ones. Look at the one on the far left. He left shelf fungus on it. I should have bought it.

Instead I bough this one for my daughter's boyfriend's mother. She is a big Ohio State fan. They are called the Buck Eyes and there is a buck eye on top of the stick.

Just what I need....more redware. This is one of my favorite redware artisans so I walked away with a few new pieces.

There is just something so Fall and earthy about it.

This couple makes cement casts of pumpkins and gourds. I bought a large pumpkin last year and added a medium sized one to my collection this time.

I also bought some mushrooms which I will show in another post.

Everything in this booth is hand carved.

I so love this man's work. He makes the most fabulous furniture.

I wanted this chair but I had no where to put it so I passed.

And Amish hat sits on one of the tables.

This fair has a large tent which houses antique dealers. I am really into burlap these days and this recamier was so very tempting but again, I had no where to use it.

Click to enlarge. I liked this sign though I am sure it is not from Ohio!!!

A great set of mirrors.

There were some really nice pieces of furniture.

I wish I had a place for this. This is an old metal kitchen storage safe. It held meal and flour and sugar and such. I was thinking it would be fun to use in my garden but at 975.00, it wouldn't be that much fun!

I saw this wagon and instantly thought...this is mine!!! Then I saw the price tag. At 1500.00 it could wait for someone else. It is a Studebaker though!!!

A nice grouping of chocolate molds and someone's big fat bum!

A lot of the homes in the town were holding yard sales. Some of these pictures are out of order...sorry! We took over 600 pictures.

Another yard sale.

Some nice old chairs.

Pots and kettles.

This couple was selling their woven rugs. I have always wanted to learn to use a loom. I have no use for a new rug so I passed on these too.


Another Ohio buckeye. This time in the form of a weird little chainsaw carved dude.

Another gourd person. This time they were made into birdhouses.

The woodcarvers booth again.

The furniture booth.

Barbecue is always an important part of these festivals.

This guy looks like he knows what he is doing. I think he has done this before.

I really wanted this painting too. How unusual. Two slaves looking at a painting of Abraham Lincoln. The problem was twofold. First of all it cost 375.00. Secondly, close up, Abe Lincoln looked a bit like Mickey Mouse.

There were easily 50 dealers under this tent.

I collect quilts and it was hard to pass this booth by. Plus, I really liked the log house.

Though this gun might be considered vintage, gun laws in this part of the country are very lose.

Another cute wagon but the prices were outrageous.

An antique loom.

Antique handmade doll beds.

Smile Blog Tech. I know you don't want a hair cut but I insist.

Lusting after a few things here.

Love the handmade Indian doll.

I need a new house. I need a new place to decorate.

A house where I could use this bench!

More quilts and potato baskets.

And another wagon. I would have come home with one of these to fill with pumpkins but there was no room in the car.

Look at that wonderful huge green cabinet in the back.


These would have been great for a Halloween decoration!

Poor bear cub.

Really nice old set of spice boxes but way too expensive.

The kettle corn guy. You have to buy kettle corn at these fairs.

And mini donuts. The kids said these were the best donuts they have ever eaten. They bought caramel and pumpkin spice.

This sign was hanging on the donut tent.

And just in case you are out of flints...

***More photos tomorrow. I will show you what I came home with and scenes from where my kids spent all of their time. I will remind you that 'my kids' are 25 and 26!!!

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All the wonderful things to browse and buy must have seemed overwhelming after a while!
Autumnforest said…
That looks like the greatest outdoor market I've ever seen! Wow! I would spend 12 hours at that! Loved the gourds and walking sticks especially.
William Bezek said…
Looks like fun, and the blog tech is a seriously handsome fellow!
Erica said…
Fall is my favorite time of year, hands down. I will be attending more fall festivals because of this post. I want to find some of the awesome items being sold there.

I especially want that bench too!

Thanks for sharing the photos.
That looked like one of the best fairs ever! Lots of crafts but lots of quality one's! Can't wait to see what you bought. I would have wanted something for my garden from that one booth for sure. I know what you mean about outrageous prices as I found that on the Longest Yard sale this year!
Such an awesome market. I would have LOVED to visit this...loved, LOVED the gourds and all those neat antiques. Have a great day!
wow....well, first off..we LOVE the same things..i don't know where to start....that furniture...looks like the chairs..the wagons..darling filled with pumpkins and bittersweet...even cute at Christmastime...the quilts, that HUGE old hooked rug with the dog...the spice rack holder thingy,walking them too..the cement pumpkins..loved the bird feeders...what a FUN show...REALLY nice stuff...even the yard sales looked good..i loved the old tea kettles...

gosh, i wish i was with you...
and the Blog tech is a cutie...

can't wait to see what you got...

what have i been doing this morning? hanging more Halloween night i just can't take my eyes off of it..looks just like we are liviing in a jack O lantern !!!!

more later
kary and teddy
The Frog Queen said…
Wow, looks like just too much good stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us. I do love those spice jars. My indian food spices are in something like that. I just love it.

Kathy said…
I'm not safe in places like that. The temptation to buy would be overwhelming. I'm the same way in yarn stores, too.
Deborah said…
What a great market!! those painted gourds are stunning.
Anonymous said…
I saw so many things I wanted. I am thankful it was in Ohio and not down here in the south because my poor pocket book wouldn't be happy.

Can't wait to see what you bought
I envy You that can go to places like this! QWe have absolutly nothing like it over here! There are so many things I would like I don´t even know where to start :-)

The first gourds could find a home here and those bird houses are soo beautiful!

I really would like most of those chairs, they would be perfect in my kitchen, not forgetting some of those cabinetts. I think I could fit in one or two of the smaller ones :-) :-)

But that coffee sign is the best of them all :-) :-) :-)

Looking forward to more photos!
Have a greate day now!
Pricilla said…
Whoa, it does seem like the prices were waaaaay out of line.

I'm looking for a bench like that for my hallway. Come and decorate my house!

Well, just come and visit. You don't have to just have to pet a goat! or two or three...
decareis said…
Hello Joyce
This fair is a dream!
I encantanda with so many beautiful things.
I loved the painted gourds, the Recamier and the framework behind and beyond ....
I liked the blankets, the furniture, in short, everything! heheheheh
I loved that! You are seriously entertaining. I found myself laughing out loud over the big bum in the picture and the blog tech haircut! Please don't ever stop. You make my day.
Melodie said…
Ohhh,what fun! So many interesting things....I don't think i would have been able to stop my self from buying!
Celia said…
This looks like a fantastic place!!! Sounds like you had great fun! I can't wait to see what you brought home!
Sharlene T. said…
Okay, that doesn't, I'm officially envious of your day... it's hard to believe you were able to walk away from some of those deals... we have very similar tastes and could have gotten into a hair pulling mud splashing discussion about who would get to go home with some of those items, had I been there... I guess it was a very lucky day for you -- well, for me, too...

Twitter: SolarChief
Oh, wow... I don't even know where to begin! Everything at that festival was amazing! Someone would have had to carry me out there! :p
Teresa said…
Wow! My head is spinning just looking at the pictures. I can't imagine how much fun this was.
Wish I was there! I just love the chairs!
Rosemary said…
What a terrific fair. So would break the bank if there.
The Traveler said…
Fall is almost here!
Lovely festival.
Dirgesinger said…
Love the pictures! very atmospheric. And the coffee sign is just awesome - I think I just HAVE TO have a sign like this in my kitchen :P
I enjoyed my trip to the fall festival! Love the gourds.

xoxo to "Teddy Red Fluffs".