Fall Potting Table

When the snows are finally gone in the Spring, one of my favorite things to do is to clean my patio area and get my potting table ready for Spring and Summer. It takes a lot of cleaning but it's so much fun when it is up and running and decorated. Towards the end of the summer, it starts to look pretty rough around the edges. I am tired of looking at the summer decorations and as I dream about the arrival of Fall, there is nothing better than preparing the potting table for Autumn. I have a very close relationship with my potting table. In some ways it is my inanimate twin. It's old and a bit rickety (I think it is actually a whole lot older than I am!). It has strong bones and supports a lot of weight (this is a metaphor, I am not fat). It weathers the seasons, though I know it prefers Fall. It likes to be covered in pumpkins....me too! Well, you get the point. My potting table is a reflection of me. We both need a thorough cleaning once in a while and some new clothes!

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It was time to spruce up the area around the sink too.

So, I dragged out some cauldrons and the owl collection.

This is one of the main reasons I love thrifting as much as I do. I find owls for less than two dollars all of the time. It costs hardly anything to decorate outside and if anything breaks it's no big deal.

So I put the owl collection in and around the big bird cage.

They like it there.

I can't wait for pumpkins and gourds to hit the stores.

I have my large cast pumpkin from last year sitting with the small morels.

Aren't these guys a hoot. (Sorry, couldn't help myself!)

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MeganRose said…
It is amazing! I can not wait to have a proper yard so I can have a beautiful space just like yours!
hey...in the last picture..the owl sitting on the table..is it a beswick? i have the EXCACT same owl...i am looking at it right now...sitting on my bookshelf....

love all of your owls...waiting for pumpkins here too

kary and teddy
Anonymous said…
When I die, my spirit is coming to live in your yard. So, if you see this mysterious, short, long haired spirit out one night, do not be afraid, it's only me. :)
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Sigh... Seeing your pics makes me dream of having a place of my own to do with as I please! ^-^
You have a fantastic set up & I'd never heard of a potting table until now.
Autumn will surely hurry right along to join in with all this fun! ^-^
I just love that table, no matter what decoration You have on it. It must be made out of special wood since it keeps in such good shape despite the weather.

I´ve had my eyes open for a bird cage like that one You have, but I´ve seen nothing like it. I think I´ll have to make one myself (well with help from work friends :-) )
Have a great day now!
Guillaume said…
I love to see the owls again.
Love how you decorate your potting bench. I am hoping to have a potting bench soon.
Tractor Mom said…
Love it!!

Come by when you can...

Teresa said…
If I had such a beautiful space around me, I'd never leave.
Dirgesinger said…
You have a truly magical place out there! All little details are just fantastic.
I love your potting table, and cannot wait to see it in the fall ♥
I LOVE your potting area! You love owls as much as I do :)