Fall Recipes

The Blog Tech says that there are no words to describe these cookies. However, I call them 'a pain in the ass'. These cookies are a lot of work. But I suppose seeing the smile on both the Blog Tech's face as well as my daughter's, makes the effort worthwhile.

There are a lot of steps to this recipe so I usually begin by making the frosting bags. I make one big batch of royal frosting and then separate it into zip lock baggies, add the food coloring and fasten them tightly with rubber bands. You just sort of massage it around to blend the colors.

I roll out the dough and cut out maple leaves and pumpkins, bake them and let them cool.

Then the fun starts....I'm kidding here. The only fun about this part is the first two or three cookies. After that, I want to scream.

Even with a good movie playing on the TV, each time I looked at the pile of unfrosted cookies I wanted to cry.

I suppose I could just frost them all one color.

But the Blog Tech is a stickler for tradition and that might push him over the edge.

These cookies seriously flew out of here faster than Fall leaves on a windy day. Hours of prep work and seconds of consumption. If any of you are crazy enough to want to give these a try, here is the recipe:

I double this because I am a masochist.

2 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
2 tablespoons of brandy (if you are smart you will drink the rest of the bottle while making these!)
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

Cream the butter with the sugar, then add the egg, brandy and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients and mix until blended. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.


1 cup confectioners sugar
1 egg white
Beat until creamy.

The Blog Tech had people over for dinner the other night so I made him one of his favorite appetizers......Southern Cheddar and Red Pepper spread. This might not look or sound appealing but once you take one taste, it becomes an instant favorite.

Shred about 5 cups of cheddar into a bowl. Add about a half of a jar of roasted red peppers diced, grate a small sweet onion.....

Then add about 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1/4 cup of buttermilk.

Add a tablespoon of dijon mustard and a bit of hot sauce. I use sriracha which can be found at Asian markets. You can use any hot sauce you happen to have.

Add some salt and cracked pepper and mix everything together.

Mix it until it is very well blended and creamy.

Line a bowl with plastic wrap.

Scoop the mixture into the bowl and pull the plastic up and over the top to cover it. Then use your freaky veiny hand to push it down to work out the air bubbles. You could borrow mine but I am using it as a Halloween prop.

Refrigerate it until it is firm which will take several hours. Then invert it on a platter and surround it with crackers or a baguette cut into slices. And then if you are like the Blog Tech you keep the whole thing for yourself and share none of it with your guests. Grrrrr......


The Blog Tech didn't share it with his guests? I wonder if that durian fruit caused a personality disorder? You've got to be a changed person after smelling and eating that.
Those pain in the ass cookies do look fantastic! But I would most probably go for one color on each cookie, I´m a bit lazy that way :-) :-)

What kind of cheddar is that? I have never seen such an orange cheddar before.

I´m glad I can find Your recipies on the sidebar here in Your blog, the Southern cheddar and red pepper spread is something I must try.

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
What is the blog tech going to do if you ever go on strike or vacation for that matter?
Anonymous said…
Those cookies are fabulous! I wish I wasn't a celiac.:(
Your cookies are like little works of art!
Dirgesinger said…
Wow, they look so awesome! Too bad I cannot buy so many food colorings here:(
William Bezek said…
Those cookies look like too much work for me....that's a good name you have for them.
I LOVE the way you decorated this cookies. With school starting and fall around the corner these cookies would be GREAT!!! to make for the kids, even if they are a pain in the ass to make. Some things are just worth the pain.
Guillaume said…
Nice recipes. It is very summery where I am right now and does not feel like fall, although it has started looking like it.
Anonymous said…
You spoil that Blog Techy . . . time for him to take you to dinner somewhere really nice.
Debbie said…
I love the look of those cookies!! Bravo to you for all your efforts....especially for your son! Does he know how lucky he is to have you as a mom??? You should be working in a bakery or a restaurant somewhere! By the way....I cannot find your Stuffed jalapeno recipe??? What the heck do you call it on the sidebar?? I googled it and some are made with cheddar and cream cheese and some with garlic and so on. The most basic is the pepper with cream cheese stuffed into them and bacon wrapped around that. Is that yours?
Melodie said…
What patience you have to do all those cookies!
Sharlene T. said…
You see? THAT'S why we don't have Halloween year round... you couldn't handle it... so, for you and you alone, God has seen fit to only schedule a single Halloween... well, truth is, he did put it awfully close to Thanksgiving and Christmas and all their attendant cookies... that said, I'll take two dozen of these for the holiday, thank you very much... come visit when you get the frosting off your knuckles...
Amanda said…
looks fantastic!! can't wait to give it a shot!!
The Blog Tech and I have the same culinary tastes, I believe; everything he has you make, makes my mouth water!

Those cookies, although tedious, look absolutely beautiful! I simply have to make them one day! And that dip... yup, like I said before-- mouth-watering ♥
The cookies are amazing - I admire your patience!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Many hugs & smiles for the recipes!!! =D
I can't wait to give them a shot! I sense a good deal of baking in my immediate future... ^-^
Debbie said…
Thanks Jaz for the recipe on my blog! I will be making those stuffed jalapenos! I found a funny video of a woman making them with her husband taping it! YOU inspired me to make them....my God with all those pictures you have....I was drooling every time I saw them!
a.rogue said…
yum - I have to try that dip! And I have my own freaky veiny hand so I am fully prepared!
thanks, Alice
Rosemary said…
Loving your blog. From the Halloween Octoberish collectibles to the wonderful recipes. So enjoyable.