The First Fall Festival and a New Witch Giveaway

The winner of the fortune telling card giveaway is: lilylovekins

This weeks giveaway is for this very cool metal witch sign. It was done by an artist in Florida. It is approximately 13x9 inches. To enter, leave a comment on this post. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway will be posted at that time.

I promised you a lot of pics and here they come! It will take several days to cover this trip. Let me start out by showing what the entire driving part of the trip looked like. Two solid hours of this.

And then we ran into this! No warning signs, no detours, just this. Can you see the road continues about ten feet from these signs? We had to drive miles and miles out of the way to get around this.

Fortunately, we saw some of these.

This is Amish country my friends.

If you click to enlarge the pic you will see that they were not too pleased that we were taking pictures of them.

Sorry lovely Amish guys, I couldn't help myself.

These signs were all along the drive.

After driving forever through the winding farm country we descended into the picturesque village of Zoar, Ohio. This is the courthouse.

We were early and easily found a parking place next to the Zoar Hotel.

It is still in really good shape for being so old.

It is right across the street from the Zoar Store.

I love this little bed and breakfast.

It is located right on the main street. Isn't it wonderful? You can almost picture horse drawn carriages going up and down the street.

Zoar was founded in 1817.

The historic buildings are now private residences but are labeled with signs describing their original use.

German's from the area around Wurttemburg separated from the Lutheran church. This had dire consequences at the time.

They fled Germany and landed in Philadelphia.

They were embraced by the Quakers who loaned them money to buy land in Ohio.

This house is for sale.

I want it! It's on the market for $209,000.00. It was the original tanner's house.

The German separatists found this area and settled it.

They named it Zoar after a story in the bible about Lot.

About 200 people settled here.

They had a very difficult time surviving in 1818 and 1819.

Apple trees line the streets.

The settlers decided to form a commune.

They all donated their property and in return, the society provided for them.

They ate together in one massive dining area.

Teddy is licking her chops because she smells hot dogs cooking. And yes, she got one!

Corn was growing in these fields last year but because of crop rotation, this year it is planted with soy beans.

There was a communal laundry where everyone brought their clothes to be washed. It is still here.

Zoarite women could run for office and vote.

Zoar prospered economically.

They sold their excesses to outsiders.

The community was entirely self-sufficient.

In the late 1800's the children, who were now adults, had no memories of the early tough times.

The railroad had a stop here and travelers that stayed in the hotel started buying homes in the town.

The Zoarites were exposed to outside influences for the first time.

There are still many of the originally buildings which have not been restored and they add to the ambiance of the town.

The Zoarites saw no reason to maintain the communal living lifestyle.

Grapevines grow along most of the picket fences.

So, they dispersed.

During the festival you can by all sorts of good things to eat and dine under the apple trees.

The Zoarites bought their property back and that was the end of the commune.

This town has been embraced by people that are very hands on preservationists.

The homes are very well maintained.

This is the original school house where all the children were educated.

Even a falling down barn has charm.

Almost all the garages are decorated.

The gardens are impecable.

Look at the size of those 'elephant ears' in this yard.

These are the community gardens.

They are fashioned after the original gardens from 1819.

People that live here still volunteer to maintain them.

This is the back of the old communal laundry. It is now used as a broom makers shop.

Many more pictures will be posted tomorrow so stop back to see some of the vendors and their wares!


Laura said…
I could so live there...such beautiful homes and gardens! So much character!
Please enter me in the drawing...i love that sign. I'm already a follower.
Sara said…
Oh I love all of these pictures. I have always wanted to visit Amish country by the way. And the horse and buggy sign... just love it. Zoar... what a lovely little town. And an interesting history. Thank you for sharing.

And love the giveaway.

What a beautiful town! And such interesting history it has!

It´s so unlike how it is here in Sweden even if there are a lot of tree houses there too. The price for that house that is for sale wasn´t that bad to be honest. Hmmm, where can I get 209000dollars quickley :-) :-)

I´m not surprised that the Amish family didn´t look to happy when You took a photo of them :-) I don´t know if You know why? In the bible it says that We should not make an image of Good and since christians beliefs they are the madein the image of Good that tabu should go even for pictures of humans. Well at least their faces. Some approve of being photographed from the back.

I can imagine that Teddy loved that hotdog :-)
I´m looking forward to more photos!
Have a great day now!
oh how i wish i was with and little teddy...LOVE all of it.....those brick sidewalks...all the charm of the village...the apple trees and the horse and buggy...the Happy Teddy got a hot dog....teddy would have too..( he just had discovered the PURE JOY of applewood smoked bacon...just the last 2 days..we gave him some yesterday...and he got some this morning too...we have a BACON monster on our hands !!!)
we are taking teddy to gopher glen today for apples...

thanks for taking us on the trip to the festival...oh..and YES ! i want that house for sale too

kary and teddy
Jennifer Rose said…
those are great pics to see :) i would love to live in houses like that
The Niki said…
So neat! The pictures are wonderful. I'm surprised that women could run for office and vote.

Also, Amish! Excitement.
Fabulous photos and what a very cool place to visit! I love history and a good fair!! Love that witch sign so please enter my name in the drawing. You know I am a happy follower!! Teddy looks like she had a good time also!
Dirgesinger said…
Absolutely awesome pictures! I am so very far from this kind of world, but I really enjoy reading from them, and its much better to see some pictures too. Thanks a lot!

And please enter me to the giveaway!

I can't wait for October to come to make some witches brew myself - this time with my little baby witch due at the end of September - just in time for Halloween season to begin:)
Becky said…
What a lovely and educational trip. I would love to be entered into your drawing for the witches sign.
Angela said…
I love the sign, so adorable!

Great pics, I always look forward to your outings. You go to the coolest places.
Texmom said…
Love seeing these pics and looking forward to more. Please include my name in the drawing for the sign.
Anonymous said…
I love your pics of the Amish Country especially of the ones where they didn't look happy you were taking their pics. LOL

Please sign me up for your giveaway.


Lisa said…
What a lovely trip. Thanks for putting so many pics up!
Suzie said…
What a fantastic trip and narrative! A HUGE Thank You!!!! I love all of the houses and buildings. They are so picturesque!

Some of the more conservative Amish still believe that photos will take away their soul, and if someone tries to take a photo of any of the members of the communities in this area, they will try and hide their faces, or turn completely around. That is why commercial shops in the area sell Amish dolls without faces. When I worked at the art gallery, we had two oil painters who lived in Amish country in PA, and they always painted their images with the people's faces hidden by their hats or bonnets, or from the back.

Since that man kept looking at you, and made no attempt to hide his kids' faces, I doubt that he is of the old Ordin.

You have offered another fantastic gift for someone! You keep coming up with such wonderful things to share! Congratulations to all of the weekly winners!!
Guillaume said…
Pretty atmospheric place. Nice setting it would be for a horror movie.

I cannot wait to drink Autumn beers. There are so many of them here in England, and so many with names related to Halloween. Funny you mention cider, as I am going to visit Brittany soon, the "country" of cider. Apple is of course the fruit of autumn, it is also the fruit most associated with the supernatural.
PhoenixWitch said…
Oooh! I want in on this contest, that sign is awesome! I'm already a follower as well.
Judith said…
Great pics! and I would love to add that sign to my collection. Please enter me! I'm already a follower. :)
tournesol said…
Love all the pictures, looks like a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing. Please enter me in the drawing, I am a follower.
Nydia said…
What a trip through History you gave us here! Loved all the photos, each has its own pace and meaning... Thanks for sharing, I can see you had a blast! :)

Kisses from us.
Eliza said…
What a fantastic looking place. Great photos. (even if the Amish don't approve)
Rue said…
These are such great pictures! What a lovely town.

What was the festival's theme? Was it just a town celebration, or an Apple Fest, or...?
Pricilla said…
Whoa, not cheap to maintain those houses. Having lived in a 1904 I know this...
BleuMoon said…
Wow - such a beautiful journey - thank you for sharing the photos - Again count me in for the giveaway!

I would love to win the witch sign. I am a follower too. Now I want to go there for a trip with my family. Thanks so much for the wonderful pics and history. You learn something new everyday:)
Marjorie said…
I want to go on a trip with you--you always seem to have such a good time and see such beautiful sights! Count me in for the giveaway.
Barb said…
Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures. The only thing I don't like about life here in the Pacific NW is the lack of beautiful really old homes. Here, 1900 is OLD! Please enter me in the drawing. That would be a great addition to my witch collection!
Millie said…
What an amazing place. You are such a great tour guide.
AlphaBetsy said…
What a beautiful town and such fantastic history. My family is german/ pennsylvania dutch, though I am not sure of where we settled and moved. Thank you for sharing!
Melodie said…
What a great tour! It is like stepping back in time!
pastrywitch said…
Neat bit of history, and what a great sign!
Oh my... what an absolutely beautiful town!! So utterly picturesque (I thought that was only possible in New England! :p) I can't decide which house I like best! ♥
Deborah said…
I loved your pictures. I haven't been to Ohio Amish country but you have made want to go! Please enter me in your giveaway.
Mystica said…
What beautiful, serene pictures. Its almost unreal. I've just come from a weekend trip to Chennai which is a 360 degree difference to what you have portrayed. A bustling, busy city with hardly a tree in sight!
What a beautiful and interesting place - thanks for sharing.
Birgit said…
Great photos as always -- thanks for sharing. :)

If I were the lucky winner of the sign, I would love it to be sent to my friend Elena in California. She is a big Halloween fan and would get a kick out of it. :)

-- Birgit
Rosemary said…
Zoar is an interesting and pretty town. Loved the tour. Enjoying your blog.
Kathy said…
Excellent travelogue! I love the way the history is interspersed with the pictures. Makes me want to get out more.
Amy said…
Lovely place and great photos. Thanks for sharing.
Jenna Gayle said…
I dream of going to an Amish community! They'd probably look at me funny, too, since you know I'll be taking pictures!
bison61 said…
I enjoyed the pics and I love the witch sign!

tiramisu392 (at)
TheBlakkDuchess said…
What wonderful pictures, and what an amazing town! =D I'm so glad you got to go for a visit & hope you really enjoyed it there. ^-^
meeyeehere said…
I want to be entered in a drawing that lets me move right next to you!! I am gonna have to take pictures of my town so everyone can see why I am trying to leave Clarksdale and Mississippi altogether!
Soraya said…
Beautiful pictures, as always :) That's so cool you got to go to Amish Country :-p When I lived in Philly we never ventured up that way. Just over to NJ :-p
And how could Teddy NOT get a hot dog :-p heh
Thea said…
definitely add me to the list for the witches sign! love it. very me. i love how you decorate your house. very original. thank you for sharing your home with us. i live in virginia and its been so hot and summery here - not one fall festival yet. i'm yearning for an antiques show. thanks for your pictures from your trip to zoar. t
Lovely trip, I would love to be included in the giveaway this time. Thanks The Olde Bagg
Cheryl in Kentucky said…
Just found your blog--what a beautiful town!
Corrine said…
What a beautiful little town. THanks for the pictures I loved looking around.I'd love a chance to win this cute sign.
capecodgirl565 said…
Love all the pictures of Zoar. It is truly a lovely place which is now on my list of places to visit. I am a certified witch-a-holic, so please enter me in the giveaway.
Joyce said…
Loved the pictures from your trip. I am certainly glad that Teddy got to go and dined on a hot dog. teehee
Since my co-workers are always me where I parked my broom, this would certainly add to my office walls.
Thank you