Harvest (Lammas)

Yesterday was the pagan holiday of Lammas. This is the early harvest when you are supposed to bake bread with the earliest of the harvested grain. It was the first day in weeks that I didn't bake some sort of bread. Bad pagan! I've never been good at following rules. But I did harvest what was ready in my garden. Looks like it is time for another tian.

I dug out my glass silo.

And I filled it with corn.

I put out my Halloween redware.

And a few Halloween decorations.

This is a vintage Kron owl light.

I lined up the steel witch boot scrapes, the carved wooden witches and a Halloween sign.

One wall done, many more to go!

I know I am starting early but I look at it as just having more time to enjoy my favorite season.

Black cats and a pair of sculpted hands.

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Melodie said…
You have so many really cool things...my fav was the hoot owl with the glowing eyes!
missababy said…
I love it especially the skelly picture. In CA it never feels like fall, always summer ug. This is the season I always get depressed here because my bones knows its fall by my body and mind says hey it sure doesn't look like fall.
Rue said…
Oooh! Does this mean I can pull out my decorations? Woo hoo!

Wait...where did you find candy corn? I know you don't like sweets...so is this from last year? Surely the Blog tech would have eaten it for you?
I LOVE the owl lamp! I have been a bad pagan, too. We aren't doing our celebrating until Wednesday, but I have planned to make the rosemary bread!

we MUST have the SAME DNA...we just have too...if ever i found a KINDRED SPIRIT ...it is YOU....

last night i was putting out some of my Halloween lights...i have the tiny orange lights around my kitchen window....doesn't look so good in the day...but last night...as my lampost came on...i went out and looked inside..and the downstairs glowed like a jack o' lantern...teddy was sitting at the kitchen door..i came in and said...TEDDY..we live in a pumpkin !!!!

i agree...if we love it so much...why not start early and ENJOY it .....

kary and teddy
p.s. i LOVE your redware...i only have one redware Fall piece..it is a turkey...and i love it
p.s. you inspired me...tonight i am making the filets with red wine sauce out of vincent price...and a TIAN....and vincent's caesar salad !!!!

do you put guyere on top of your tian or plain?

Pricilla said…
Those boot scrapes look....a bit unnerving.
Kathy said…
Great decorations! Makes me excited for Samhain now.
Sara said…
Love the decorating. You have so many goodies. xx
Marjorie said…
Early? It's August already...I'm late this year, I still have to dig my stuff out of storage.
The Frog Queen said…
What a beautiful collection! Love the hands. Thanks for sharing.

I do like that Halloween sign in the window and those hands are just too cool :-) and I have never even seen a glass silo before :-)

I hope You will get some autumn temperatures soon too!

When I came home after my trip I realised that I had no bread at home, so now I´m baking. I usually never bakes during summer but needs has no rules ase we say over here. Today it will be a tomatoe and basil bread. I hope it´ll taste good :-)
Have a great day now!
Wonderful collection!

Happy Day & xoxo to "Teddy Red Fluffs".
Sharlene T. said…
Okay, now I am feeling really guilty -- but, I have my rosemary bread rising, so I'm a little ahead of you... I'll put up my little pumpkin and witches mask and know that, if I really feel the need to surround myself with exquisite Halloween items, I can just hop on the plane (excuse me, my Broom) and visit you!... you are the true Halloween Queen and I am humbled by your decorating ability... absolutely adore the frame skeleton...

Twitter: SolarChief
magikalseasons said…
Beautiful Harvest and enchanting home too! I'm only getting a handful of cukes and pole beans. I've got loads of cherry tomatoes though.
pastrywitch said…
Making filets and red wine sauce out of Vincent Price...my my my. My artist brain is both quite entertained and a wee bit disturbed;)
I am also a bad pagan. I baked nothing, unless you count all the baking I did at work.
greekwitch said…
No, you are not starting early. It could have been worse... you could have taken out the christmas decorations!lol
hamms said…
your windows are gorgeous! And the width of your sills! Do you live in an old house? Makes the decorations look that much better ( :
Thanks so much for sharing!
William Bezek said…
Hello Georgeous Vegetables! We celebrated Lammas by going to a Medieval Faire...what fun and geekery!
Anonymous said…
You are hilarious! I LOVE that you are decorating in August!!!
Lammas blessings to you, Jaz!
Teresa said…
Yesterday is the first I've actually taken the time to bake bread in ages! I actually did something right. I must say your boot scrapes are way more interesting than mine--very cool.
Have I mentioned that I absolutely love your blog, and this post in particular? Makes me so happy to see some Halloween decor again :) ♥
Tractor Mom said…
Can you come and decorate my house for Halloween? I start after Labor Day when I finially take the flags down from Memorial Day.

Come by when you can...

Celia said…
LOVE this post!!!! I can't wait for fall to get here.....it won't be long now.....50 more days I believe....not that I'm counting or anything.
Lisa said…
You're my hero.

I get all excited about Pagan holidays until the actual day and then I just blow it off. What is with that? Love all your decor!!