How Do You "Treat" Your Friends?

I treat mine with double chocolate brownies!

And fresh from the garden tians.

And fresh rosemary bread!!! I have a friend that is a horrible cook. She also does not read my blog! She had house guests coming for an overnight stay and was fretting terribly about how to feed them. So, I offered to make dinner for them. I dropped it off when the bread was still warm. She emailed me this morning telling me that her friends were terribly jealous that she had someone that would cook like this for her. I told her that I must have done a good job then!

This is the $3.95 lamp from my thrift store trip last week. I painted the metal parts and gave it a good cleaning.

This is the original shade that came with it. I just dusted it off and added some trim.

And this is the new shade I made for the Asian inspired lamp.

The Blog Tech is having another garage sale so I made a few small garden totems for him.

I found another owl light on ebay to match the one I already have! Now I need to find a spot to display them.

I made two batches so have a few brownies on me!

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What a nice thing to do! You're clearly a wonderful friend :) ♥
The shade for the Asian lamp is gorgeous! Makes that lamp look like a million bucks!
rox said…
Oh I so want brownies ! it is really autumny here too and I am thinking pumpkin pie teatime on friday !
I love halloween too not with scary stuff but souls and leaves , and coolnness and cemetaries to walk in with cripsness under our feet.
It was my Gramma's birthday so I love that day so much ☺
I have not heard of a tian so I am going to google it right now ☺
you are the bestest ! and my 9yo still loves Teddy so much everytime he walks in here while I'm on your blog he wishes he could hug that fluff a muffin ☺
Pricilla said…
That is hysterical that you found a matching owl lamp.

Gotta love eBay!
Guillaume said…
I am all in favour of being treated with brownies...
Your friend is really lucky to have You as a friend :-) After reading Your blog for some time now I´m convinced that the dinner was delicious. The bread in itself is delicious!

I really like the asian lamp! The dark shade makes the blue-white shine.

Have a great day now!
Deborah said…
I wish I lived closer so you could cook for me> Everything looked wonderful. What is a tians? Love the lamps.
Tractor Mom said…
So when can we come by to get the brownies?

Come by when you can...
i wish you lived right around the corner...looks wonderful..

and i LOVE the owl lights !!!!

off to make a run at Michaels

I really, really, really have to move next door to you. Yes, I'll let you know after I make the brownies, one batch I hope.
Sara said…
Oh yum! If only someone would cook for me. :) Actually, my hubby cooks for me quite often. Those brownies looks delish.
You are just the best friend and cook! The brownies look so yummy! You have been busy!! Love the white lamp!
Teresa said…
I'm lucky enough to be close to my mom for those cookies and treats. Yours look delicious, however. The owls are just a hoot!
rox said…
Oh wow Jaz! I just looked at the tian ! I had no idea lol , ok from the pic here in this blog post I thought those black bits were raisens ! I assumed it must be a dessert thing !
oh I so love olives and now want to try this new found dish . I shall be back to copy instructions ☺
Thanks a bunch
Your friend is very lucky! I swear I sometimes smell food when reading your blog :)
Love the owls!
Awe! That was so sweet of you! I just baked chocolate chip cookies for someone the other day. *^_^* Being nice is fun!
Burning Moonlight said…
MMMMmmm! It all looks delicious!

And I wish I had a friend like you!
That sure was a sweet thing to do!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful friend you are! I wish I had a friend who cooked for me ;o) I'm the one who usually cooks for other people....
Love the garden totem, too.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful garden totem! I absolutely LOVE your dog! He makes me smile! Just want to give him big hugs!
Divaeva said…
*laughs* I am going to try and make zuchini bread this evening with z huge beautiful zuchini a friend gave me from their garden. Usually gifts like that breed fruit flies... in which I am VERY good at. I want to make something happen with this zuchini and you my friend...give me inspiration! thank you!
Suzie said…
I think that you are the most thoughtful neighbor I've ever heard of, and most definitely more thoughtful than any I have around here. We quit having our block party because it got down to the same few couples year after year, which is rather sad.

It is really something that you found a matching owl! Quite magical, really. .

Good things happen to you, because you do such nice things for others.