The King of All Fruits

I will be putting up a short post today because the Blog Tech and I are having a Gastronomic week and this morning we explored the nether worlds if our local Asian district. I will post more tomorrow after I edit my way through the myriad of photos we took. We are making another trip at the end of the week and will document it as well. I don't know exactly what kind of job I have done as a mother but one thing I am proud of is the fact that I raised both of my kids to be adventurous eaters. They will try anything and everything. They are constantly reading about new foods and seeking them out. Today, the Blog Tech took a big step......he bought a durian. Durians are from Southeast Asia and are called the King of All Fruits. However, they have the reputation as also being the smelliest of all fruits. They have been described as smelling like a cross between stale vomit and rotten onions. My food hero, Anthony Bourdain describes them by saying that after you eat them, your breathe will smell like you have been French kissing your dead grandmother. The outside of them resembles a spiky, barbed football and it has been recorded that people have died after having one fall on their head. The Blog Tech will be documenting his exposure to the durian and hopefully, as long as it doesn't hit him on the head, we will be showing you pics of it tomorrow. If you would like to see a smell test done on one of these fruits, click on the following.

Here are some new magazines that just came out in the stores.

This is a cookbook I just bought after reading about crocodile bread. I am hoping to experiment with making it in the next few days. It is a very unusual bread recipe.

This is a slag glass compote I found a few years ago. These are rather rare and perfect for holding Halloween candy!

This is a small brass cauldron with two witches kneeling on either side of a cauldron over a fire.

The opposite side has a witch on a broomstick flying in front of a crescent moon.

This is a Victorian locket with a gold spider and spiderweb. This is a really nice rare piece. Click for a closer look.

This is a brass letter holder depicting two Welsh witches spinning yarn.

And lastly, a Westmoreland glass cauldron ashtray.

Hope you liked show and tell today! I can't wait to hear about the Blog Tech's taste test!

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Pricilla said…
So why in heaven's name would you want to eat something that smelled that badly?

To say you did?

Crocodile bread?
Well, all I can say about the Blog Tech and the durian is: "you're a braver man than I, Gunga Din." Can't wait to see how he likes it. I trust you'll try some too?
oh that blog tech is a brave man...can't wait to hear about it...

love those Halloween magazines...

my cool summer took a turn for the hit over 100 degrees here flip flops melted when we (stupidly) tried walking downtown for feet are still HOT !!!!

loved the show and tell and all the Halloween...
FULL MOON tonight !!!!!
get out your broom
mine is all ready to go...
Thmini2 said…
Ohhhh! After seeing that video I don't think I would even want to cut it open. Disgusting! LOL. I hope he opens it outdoors! It will be very interesting to see if he or you can even try a piece after smelling it. Either the first person to try it had no sense of smell or he depended on it for survival!! Taste must be exceptional! Good luck! Hugs, Teresa
cinderelly said…
i must say i wondered as prisilla did, "why?" must smell QUITE nasty!
I have wanted to try Durian for years, but they are just impossible to find here. The smell may have something to do with that I´m afraid :-) :-) :-) I´m looking forward to the blogtecks comments abouit it!

THat slag glass compote is like a color explosion in my eyes and I really like it!

It´s rather cold here now and it´s raining like crazy. I wish I could send some or all of it over to You! We´ve had enough as it is now :-)

Have a great day now!
Sharlene T. said…
Just, why? Can't imagine trying to serve that to anyone -- unless the vitamin content was a year's supply in one Tablespoon..
I think the durian was the only food that Andrew Zimmern wouldn't eat on his show! Can you believe that?!

And yay for Halloween magazines! Thanks for letting me know they're on the shelves; I'll be getting my hands on some very soon! ♥
Amanda said…
i just joined your blog and it's wonderful!! I too am a HUGE halloween lover so i truly enjoy all the neat stuff i've seen so far! Those halloween books are wonderful, i too have a couple of them myself. Great blog, look forward to following!! Cheers! Oh your recipie looks so delicious!!
Dorkys Ramos said…
Wait, what?? Halloween talk already?! No thanks. I'm dragging this summer out as long as possible! Good luck with the stinky fruit!
i am tired of 110 degrees...

the little circle cutters..i honestly can not remember where i got them...racking my brain...
if i see some i will get them for you and send them off....
Teresa said…
I just love that brass cauldron. I'm not sure I'd want to try something that sounds so icky. What on earth do you do with them?
Debbie said…
Why, why, why would he want to eat that smelly stuff! But! Seeing reading about it WILL be fun. Must be the devil in me! Love the Halloween items you are coming up with! You are on a roll my dear and we get to watch! Love it!!
The Frog Queen said…
My sister in law is from the Philippines and she will not touch durian. She says that most hotels have signs up that say you cannot bring in inside it is so offensive. So brave you are indeed! :D

Nydia said…
As I said on your later post, no way I can eat durian fruit, Period.

Now, I loooved your show and tell! The cauldrons are lovely, but everything is lovely here (except Durian fruit, lol).