Magic is in the air. I just wish the air was a bit cooler! I don't judge the change of seasons by the daytime temperature. I look at the nighttime temps. Until we have nights under 60 degrees, it is still summer to me. Most of our night's are still in the upper 60's so we aren't even close to open window weather yet.

Whenever I see one of these old Jack O' Lantern candles at a thrift store I pick them up. Most of the time they cost less than a dollar. Sometimes you can still find them in their original cellophane. They make me feel so nostalgic!

I might have more cauldrons than anyone in existence. I really wonder if anyone owns more than I do. I just love them. These are all metal except for the one on the right. It is glass but painted black. I sometimes wonder why there are so many cauldrons out there. Are there lots of witches that I am not aware of?

This one with the toads is one of my favorites.

The lady and the man and the three Jack O' Lanterns are hand carved by a wonderful Vermont artist named Karl Neubauer. You can google KarlArt to take a look at his work.

Every year when I pull these two out for display I look at them and think...these guys really look like goofy bastards. So now that is their name: The Goofy Bastards! The witch hat and pumpkin are actually napkin weights. You sit them on top of cocktail napkins to keep them from blowing away.

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rox said…
lol those two do look like they must be from a skit where they run around and bump into each other ☺
the toads are my fav pic in this post ! it has been 6c here a few nights back definately on its way . I know I try keeping the windows open at night when it is about 4c and it is pushing it ☺ but I just love that crispness to the air at night drifting off to sleep . I so crave the cottage when it is cool like that .
The Goofy Bastards rock!
faerwillow said…
~oh i think there are more out there than we will ever know and realize!! i l♥♥♥ve cauldrons...i have only a handful as they are not the easiest for me to come favorite sits on a stand that you put a candle under it to warm it! and as for you wooden pumpkin peoples...they are great!
our temps this week are falling into the 60s by day and 50s by night...change is coming...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Sharlene T. said…
My cauldron is always busy doing, well, cauldron things (oh, gosh, I love that book I won!)and I don't want to remove it's power by photographing the essence... (good witchery BS, don't you think?)... love your stuff, just love it... come visit when you can...

Twitter: SolarChief
Ohhhh, the one with the toads is my favorite as well! I usually don't get out my fall stuff until Oct 1, but you have me motivated to do it NOW by showing all your groovy stuff!

To answer your question about the Monster Burger bun, I found it at Kroger, marketed as jalapeno-cheddar pull-apart bread. It was all I could find in that size and shape that wasn't a super-heavy sourdough or such. I should probably make my own, but my bread-making success is hit or miss.

Such cute little goodies!

I'm currently planning on making ten homemade gravestones for Halloween.... hope this works out! :)
Pricilla said…
I like the one with the toads too.
Just what do you brew in all of your cauldrons? heh
I never stopp getting amazed over all cool things You have! The cauldron with the toads are magnificent!

And is it possible not to love the Goofy Bastards :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
erin cracks me up too...she is making headstones...too funny

LOVE all of it..especially the cauldrons. i only have a couple of them..use them on the top of my vermont castings woodstove for simmering my witches brew.....

can't wait to fire that up !!!!
The Frog Queen said…
A cauldron with toads!!! Oh the frog queen loves that! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Leanne said…
OOh I am watching the night sky & temps too - but for different seasons, we are coming out of winter into spring.

Love Leanne Nz
Celia said…
I just LOVE all of your Halloween/Fall decorations!!!! I am having such a hard time "getting in the spirit" because it's still so hot outside......I just can't wait for cooler weather!
Guillaume said…
Where do you find all those things? I wish I was still a kid sometimes, and I could have those little figures and play Halloween stories with them.
Tractor Mom said…
Can't help but fall in love with the Goofy Bastard's!! I wish I had them!

Come by when you can...
Millie said…
I do think all the cauldrons are wonderful, but the toads are the cutest! I kind of like the wicked thing also.
LisaDay said…
I love the napkin holders and Goofy Bastards are, well, goofy.

Suzie said…
What wonderful collections you have! You must corner the market on all wonderful pieces, because I can't even find such delights! They must rightfully be drawn to you!!