Party Prep

Julia Chow was more than happy to help me out with all the prep work for the party. My floor was immaculate all day!

I made Scotch Eggs. Of course I forget to take pics of half of the stuff I made and I forgot to take a pic of these when they were finished. They are hard boiled eggs wrapped in sage flavored sausage then rolled in cracker meal and baked at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. You cut them in half and serve with hot sauce. Take my word for it, they looked great and tasted better!

At my daughter's request I made Rice Krispy Treats. I don't really enjoy making these because let's face it, they aren't very challenging and melting the marshmallows is boring to say the least. However, they were a huge hit as usual. I double the marshmallow part of the recipe which makes them much better than if you follow the traditional one.

I it is again! I baked a loaf for both kids. This bread should be baked for it's aroma alone. It could be sold as an air freshener. I took two loaves of this to my friend the other day and she said that her house smelled wonderful for two days.

I think I made a thousand of these. At least it felt like I did. They are worth the time and effort. Stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese, Lil' Smokies and wrapped in bacon. People eat these like peanuts. They can't seem to get enough of them.

A shrimp platter for the diet minded....if there were any of those!

Two 7 layer dips. One for the party and one for the Blog Tech and his house guests.

Pumpkin tortellini with a browned butter sage sauce.

More of the poppers.

Hamburger sliders. I also made ham sliders which I forgot to take pics of. My daughter made a red devils food cake, buffalo chicken mac and cheese, fried chicken sliders and that's all I can remember though I know there was more. I cooked for 12 hours. She told me everyone had a blast and most of the food was eaten. I am taking a break from cooking today!

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Rest oh weary kitchen queen, rest!

As always the food looks so good!

Good job!

Happy Day of Rest!

xoxo to "Julia Chow", on the job again!
Guillaume said…
Those burgers look niiiiiiiice! The rest too, of course. Rhetorical question: why am I always hungry when I read your blog? I always get in the mood to make eating excesses.
i'm hungry now...

we love l'il smokies...i always cook some up when we make fondue in the FALL and WINTER !!!!!

i have to try the popper thingys

i made little chicken sandwhiches last night too...i made tasha tudor's baking powder biscuits and put the chicken inside..actually, it was my ...really it was Gourmet magazine's recipe...this recipe doesn't seem Gourmet is just cheese-it's crushed in the cuisinart..then chicken strips brushed with dijon, rolled in the cheese-its and baked...kid food..i had my neice ella we made these...and teddy LOVES them...

spaghetti and meatball today and making foccacia...

but i am tired ....

at least it is AUGUST....yipeeee

i am building a fire in the woodstove got cold here last night and the weather channel just said a record low in SLO tonight..oh darn...

kary and teddy
I have never heard of Scotch eggs or Rice Krispy treats before. But as You describe the scotch eggs I think I would like them :-) The rest I know and love :-) Your kids have a great mother!

Take it easy today :-)
pastrywitch said…
Out here the Scotch eggs are deep fried - oh, the crispy, greasy goodness.....What was I talking about? Oh, yes. They're delicious, if somewhat disastrous for one's cholesterol. So I only have them at the annual Highlands Games or if I go to the Renaissance Faire.
I agree about the rice krispies treats - they are in no way interesting to make, but people do love them. I think they'd be better made with Chex Mix instead of rice krispies - more texture, and a much needed hit of salt :)
You are the best cook! I would love to come to one of your parties! I made scotch eggs once and they were very good. Love to Julie Chow and good job girl!! You oh cooking Queen deserve a rest.
Pricilla said…
Aaaah, have been seeking pumpkin ravioli recipe ever since I had best meal of my life of same.

Have not been able to duplicate.
Would you share the tortellini filling recipe?
Melodie said…
Now I am hungry! I know I don't have anything here to snack on near as good as all that looks!
Sharlene T. said…
Wow! You deserve every second of rest you can get... I am definitely going to have to try those poppers... you are so right about that bread, I love the smell and sometimes I feel that's the only reason I bake it, so that my house smell good...

Twitter: SolarChief
Divaeva said…
mmmm..I <3 scotch eggs...i am going to have to try making them one day...
Sara said…
Everything looks so good. I've always wondered about Scotch eggs. They look delish!
Everything looks amazing! I would love the recipe for that pumpkin tortellini ;) ♥
decareis said…
Yum! What a delight!!
I gained just by looking! hehehehe
I'm sure it was a great party with so many delicacies.
Good day
No wonder Teddy patrols the kitchen!
The food looks delicious!
greekwitch said…
Teddy looked very happy at that pic. I guess you dropped a lot of food huh? Brightest blessings*