A Spellbook Giveaway and More Thrift Finds

The winner of the witch sign from last week is: Anastasia Send me your info and I will mail it right out. This week Teddy chose another spellbook for the giveaway. Bewitched: Tatania's Book of Love Spells. If you can't use it yourself, I am sure you know someone that can!

An introduction to the magic of love.

It is bound in burgundy suede and looks beautiful on display.

The possibility of the magic of love is there for everyone.

To make magic work you must have a very strong and concentrated mind. Magical transformation is realized by fixing your sights on a matter and drawing it to you, as powerfully as a magnet. This book will teach you how to achieve this.

To enter: leave a comment on this post. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway will be posted at that time. Good luck!

I am very excited today. Tonight is the first NFL preseason football game. I am mad about football! The whole family goes off to the game but my tradition is to stay home with Teddy, build a good luck fire in my fire pit and settle in to watch the game.

So even in this raging heat my fire pit will look like this tonight!

I neglected to show a few of my thrift finds from the other day. I am a sucker for baskets, especially old ones. I picked this one up for a dollar. This has to be from the 50's because we had one just like this when I was little. We stored our toys in it.

I vacillated over this candle holder. I finally bought it for 2.99. I think once it is cleaned and adorned with the right candles it will make a nice Fall piece.

This is interesting. I paid 4.95 for it thinking it is a yarn holder for knitting. I was going to paint it.

But once I started cleaning it, I saw that it is hand made. The colors are good and you can see all of the original nail heads so I decided to use it the way it is. Sometimes you just have to slow yourself down from whipping out the spray paint. This actually looks like it could have been used as a manger for a large nativity set. I will definitely use it for yarn.

This is an example of a piece of furniture that really needed to be painted. One more sanding on the top and it will be complete.

This yellow casserole was 99 cents.

And I found this cute little bittersweet sign.

If anyone has any cold weather they can send to me, I would really appreciate it. I'm melting!!!!


Kimberley Paige said…
Another football fan here! It's almost time to set my ringtone to the Monday Night Football theme! LOL! Unfortunately for me, I'm a Chicago Bears fan living right in the heart of Eagles country - born and raised here too! But I can't wait for football and fall weather! it's almost here!
oh, i almost hate to mention this...but i am sitting in the long johns again this morning with the lake tahoe sweatshirt on...
yesterday i stacked my firewood in a cute pile...and tonight we are building a fire...this morning when i looked out all of the garden was WET !!! it drizzled last night..and it is cold here in california...no summer here this year...last night we took teddy for a walk after supper and watched the clouds rip in and the cresent moon...was very friday the 13th....spooky.
btw...i LOVE that candle holder...got a halloween off of it..you could paint it black and put in dark orange candles...wrap the base in bitterwsweet...and love that bittersweet sign....
out here in california bittersweet is like pure gold..i have seen women get into wrestling matches over it. i like it too...but i am not going to wrestle over it...the only thing i would wrestle over is TEDDY !!!!!
loving the football here too :-)
Sugar said…
Yay football!!
I love all your "findings" I went thrifting yesterday and found tons of great deals..Gotta love the Halloween shelf! lol
I Love that spell book!!!
No cold weather here in GA but hopefully in a couple of months. I am ready to bring on fall decorations. Love the 'manger' and it will look fab with yarn in it..
love your thrifting finds! esp the yarn holder :) Thank you for the contest, the book is beautiful!!
Divaeva said…
I love your firepit... we have a small one here on our patio and we get that little thing pretty roaring at times!
Anonymous said…
WOW! Cool blog.
I fell in love with your twin crow find this morning and returned for more!
I will continue to follow.
I still could use some love in my life...
AlphaBetsy said…
Fantastic finds!! Thrift stores are the best places. :) Enjoy your fire and pre season football.

Oh...and the book looks gorgeous and I would love to have it.
Pricilla said…
Hmmm, a strong mind.
What if you have no mind?
Nydia said…
Congrats lucky winner!
Your firepit looks beautiful! And that candleholder is so cool!

Count me in again for this spellbook, it seems to be so great!

Kisses from us.
Tracy DeLuca said…
The yarn holder could be a holder for fire wood. Like to stand near the fireplace and hold the kindling? My grampie used to have one similar to that. Although I'm not sure how big it is by the pics....

I always love seeing what you find at the thrift store. I wish we had any decent ones around here!
BleuMoon said…
I love the candleholder - painting it black and adding some cobwebs with dark purple candles would be so neat - Thanks for letting me visit!

Anet said…
You have such a great eye for thrifty finds!
Oh and sorry no cool weather here in Michigan... it's hot and humid, blah! I'm ready for fall:)
Hello again!
Congrats Anastasia on a fantastic win!

No cold weather here either, balmy, hot and rainy, but I am sure it will be here before we know it.

Hugs to Teddy.
Lin said…
We are dying in the heat in Chicago too. Bring on fall already!!
Millie said…
I could certainly use a book of love magic. We only have stinky boys here! I love the look of the fire pit. Hope you don't melt tonight.
Now that book looks mighty useful!
I love the yarn holder. I'm trying to send cool weather over to you, but it is very resistant :( Hope the football was fun.
Congratulations to Anastasia!
I never saw bewitched, but this spell book looks real nice.

That candle holder is reaaly nice! And that thing You will use for yarn is beautiful! I came to think on babies when I saw it, but it is to small to be a cradle I guess.

I hope it was a good game!
Have a great day now!
Marie S said…
I never find stuff like you do when you thrift!
Must be where I live.
Please enter me in the contest Teddy.
Have a great week.
Corrine said…
You can have our winter weather! I'm so ready for some summer heat.
Babs said…
Hi there from the UK. We are having the opposite weather to you, even though it's summer here! It is sooo cold at the moment. I love your ideas for re-utilising items. I'm happy to find somebody who thinks the same as me. At the moment I am turning 4 old armchair feet into candle holders and making a witchy clock out of a breadboard! I'll post them when they're finished. Babs x
Love the little round table! Nice fire pit as well...

Chris said…
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Debbie said…
Oh I just love coming here! You have so much to look at. Please sign me up for the LOVE spell book!! I need all the help I can get~..~ Great finds at the thrift store! You are a great shopper with a good eye for a bargain. I wish you lived closer....we could be bargain hunter buddies!! I have barely gone to any yard sales this year.
Jennifer said…
My sister could use that book, please enter me in your giveaway. I am already a follower of your blog.

The weather has been so hot here too that it was 86 degrees here today and it almost felt downright chilly after a couple weeks of 100 degree days.

Cool fire pit, I would like to have that here. Would be nice to sit outside by the fire and listen to the coyotes howl at night I think.
Birgit said…
Love is in the air... :)

-- Birgit