Teddy's Favorite Time of Year

Teddy loves it when the decorations start coming out.

I think she picks up on my energy. I also think she is ready for cooler weather!

I love these little figures. They are only a little over an inch tall.

I can't remember where these came from but they have wonderful details considering how small they are.

I keep them in my cookbook cabinet all year long and they never cease to make me smile.

This is one of my favorite paintings. I bought it years ago at an auction. Click for a closer look.

This German set is made from cast iron.

My palmistry hand is out all year long in my library. Click for a better view of this too!

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Anonymous said…
I love the things you find and have. Everything amazes me.


Love that grinning black cat!
LisaDay said…
I don't blame Teddy for being excited about the cooler weather. That's quite the few coat she wears.

Tractor Mom said…
I swear you and Martha Stewart came out of the same molds! You not only bake and love thift finds, but you have the same type of dog!!

Loving seeing all your great Halloween decorations! We make Halloween a big deal around here because my oldest was born close to Halloween!

Come by when you can...

Love the cast iron set! I am looking for my own owl light now....

The Frog Queen said…
Lovely pieces. And I do so love the posts with Teddy pictures :)

Loking forward to fall!!!

Guillaume said…
I want that painting!
Sharlene T. said…
Sorry, Guillaume, I think that was my painting -- in fact, I'm positive... I just need to let it hang in my living room for a few months (fall would work) to make sure... of course, getting it from Jaz, now, would be next to impossible with guard Teddy around... must. think. of. something...

Twitter: SolarChief
love it all.....i have to get in my truck from vermont that is upstairs TODAY !!!!!

kary and teddy
rox said…
Oh Jaz I love that painting so much ! do you know that artist ?
The hand is cool too and of course once again we love Teddy ☺
I do not know if you saw this site yet but I thought of you
it is a blog party about the practical magic movie .
who knows maybe I found it via your blog lol but just in case you had not seen it I thought I'd pass it on . I am really loving your autumn posts . It is helping my soul stay calm
thanks so much .
Debbie said…
I thought of you today when taking photos of my dying garden! I have many pumpkins and little squash in the shape of pumpkins and I thought..."who would love this? well Joyce would!!" I don't know anyone as excited about them as you!! I love your palmistry hand. I was trying to look at my hand and match it up. Great post and I signed up for the spell book!!
Awww :) My Lola loves Halloween-time too. She was even born on October 28th, and is a calico with black, white, and orange fur! Hehe ♥
I love all your wonderful decorations! I'm with Teddy and ready for fall.
Rue said…
Beautiful Teddy pics!

Love the painting of the witch with her cauldron. Must pull out some more things here too!
Jessica said…
Your collection is adorable! I wish we were getting some of that cooler weather here in Florida!
Jennifer said…
Awww...I love that second picture of Teddy. She could not be more cute if she tried. That little cast iron set is really cute with the little black cat and owl sitting there.
ana_didi said…
Ohh like much when you post pictures of Teddy.
I feel an immense desire to give her a hug.
Well ... I know she would not like that ...
but I venture to take a bite so :)
I love the witch picture. Does it have a name?
Yart said…
Your witch painting is absolutely amazing. Do you know who the painter was?
Suzie said…
That painting is awesome! I thought at first that maybe you had painted it. And more wonderful collectibles1 I'm so happy that you are sharing them with us. .I can just imagine going into your home. .my head would be constantly turning every which way!

Do you remember what was your very first Halloween piece? Do you still have it?

And yes! That darling Teddy no doubt picks up your enthusiasm. .she also knows that seeing these things means that cooler weather is coming. .she has experienced it enough times, to recognize the signs and remember. .