To Market, To Market

This was my sunrise this morning. The durian adventure will be posted tomorrow because #1: the Blog Tech made a video of the experience which he will be editing today, and #2: he has a migraine which may or may not have been brought on by the eating of the durian and #3: we are heading out early to a far away market so the video will stand in for tomorrow's post. It is over 10 minutes long and though he says it is worth watching, you can fast forward if you don't have the time to watch it in it's entirety.

Candy corn breakfast pizza for everyone this morning.

To make it, just cover pizza crusts using provolone cheese in the middle, surround it by cheddar and then encircle that with american cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Cut into wedges to serve.

We traveled to our favorite market to shop yesterday. There is not much you can't find in this place.

This is just one of the pasta aisles.

Part of the olive oil area.

It is very rough around the edges. A lot of people won't travel into this area.

A new building mural in progress.

Most of the original buildings still stand and few have been improved since they were built.

Most are no longer used for their original purposes.

An endless flurry of workers unload supplies to all of the stores.

A complimentary glass of homemade wine is not necessarily a good thing here. This is not Napa Valley and the chance is very good that the wine has been made from dandelions and is downright nasty.

The Blog Tech in action.

If you do venture here to shop, you will find the best prices in the surrounding area.

Are you brave enough to eat here?

Cookie cutters anyone?

I alway stop by this shop just to see what is new.

The sad thing is that I think I have all of these utensils.

I am waiting for this sign to change to: Time for Warm Apple Cider!

People stand in line for this on their way home from work.

We stopped here to buy the durian.

Those shelves you can see through the window are filled with different types of soy sauce.

Every alley has workers on loading docks.

Parking is a free for all! And you better never even think about taking someone's spot.

Surprises meet you at every turn. Backing up skills are often required.

The workers don't necessarily like the shoppers and this guy was literally gunning for me when I took his photo. I was almost wiped out by watermelons!

Many homeless people live here and they frequent the dumpsters.

***Tune in tomorrow to see the durian video and if you don't have time to watch it in it's entirety, fast forward. The Blog Tech has informed me that it is worth watching. I can't wait to see it.

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Sharlene T. said…
Dandelion wine (mine) is delicious, light, pale yellow, clings to glass and about 21% proof... my secret is to only use fresh blossoms not ones the bees have been to or all the honey will be gone. Will have to put up the recipe next year when I make some more... and, wait until you see the tea pot I have for fall... heh heh heh
I'm awaiting the durian video with bated breath. Seriously, that seems wise given its, shall we say, odiferous nature!
sharlene makes dandelion wine...i am going to have to check her out...i even have a kitty named dandelion...

loved the that olive oil section..i have a BIG THING for olive oil...and i never knew there were so many different kinds of soy sauce...

i would have loved to cruise those markets...

can't wait for the blog tech's video...

i'll check first thing in the morning

kary and teddy
If the blog teck says it´s worth seeing I believe him. I will see thw whole video :-)

I would love to have stores like that close to me, even if I perhaps wouldn´t want to live there :-)

Have a great day now!
Chrissykat said…
I laughed out loud at the dandelion wine thinking you were kidding...then I read the others comments & quickly found out that there actually is a wine made from dandelions! Learn something new everyday. ;)
Pricilla said…
My question is: was the durian worth the migrain?
Melodie said…
Looks like you all had quiet the adventurous day!
Candy corn pizza?!?! Okay, now I'm really moving in with you!!

Can't wait to see the durian video! :)
Tractor Mom said…
I love these types of places to shop!

Come by when you can...
William Bezek said…
High Five, Fellow Foodie!
Teresa said…
Wow that is quite the shopping area. I haven't made dandelion wine, but our homemade wines are pretty good. Love the candy corn pizza!