A Day In The Life of Teddy and Her Treats

This is the "time for a treat" look. It CAN NOT be ignored. Whenever I see this, my response is: Okay Teddy, treat time. Let's go get one. She knows only too well where her treats are kept. The are literally about 15 feet from right where she is sitting in this picture.

Notice the tail is down now. When chow chows lower their tails, it always means something is wrong. This lowered tail means Teddy is unhappy.

Why is Teddy unhappy at treat time? Because she has to walk into the house to get it. Chow Chows like to be waited on.

First she has to stop for a drink. I'm coming mama....hold on a second okay?

Come on Teddy...mama has your treat.

Notice how this is sort of the opposite of running and being excited.

Slowly I walk...step by step.....

Treat contact!

And an extra piece. Isn't this exactly how your dog acts when given a liver treat?

As I get ready for Halloween I was noticing how many things that are permanent fixtures in my abode actually look like Halloween props. I truly am surrounded by Halloween all year, intentional or not!

I mean, this piece is a bit scary.

The broom is always close at hand.

My witch cups are always on display.

Not sure what to say about this.

This etching hangs in my living room. A naked headless body going through a hula hoop with vines growing out of it is a bit strange.

Witch balls. Bet you didn't think witches had balls. We have BALLS baby!!! Big balls!!!

And the crows by the Celtic crosses keep watch over some seriously freaky etchings.

Come to think of it, I might not have much Halloween decorating to do!

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Pricilla said…
Big etching is erm, unique to say the least.

Hubby bought me a wine cooler to cure my cheeses. He is on the good list again.
Guillaume said…
Where do you get all those nice things? That jar with the satyr (the God Pan? the Devil?) and that broom!
look at that face...don't they just melt your heart...i can't stop looking at Teddy....

love all your Halloween...especially those witch cups...

i am in FULL DECORATING mode as of today...

Happy September 1st !!!
kary and teddy
Dirgesinger said…
Your house looks AWESOME!I especially love the wrought iron (?)bird cage (?) with the cross and the glasses. Oh it MUST be nice to live in a house of full time Halloween decor:)

And Teddy is sweet:):)
Aww, I love seeing Teddy's adorable little face ♥

And I adore your witch cups! They're so cute!!
Ooooo, love the crows 'n crosses!
Jennifer Rose said…
love love love that broom :D
and Sky acts that way for gravy bones lol does anything for them
Anastasia said…
I just love your Teddy posts.

I have to say that broom is beautiful.
Anastasia said…
I just love your Teddy posts.

I have to say that broom is beautiful.
That is one seriously freaky headless painting. Do you know the title or the artist? That is just too cool....

I can´t say my dogs behaves like cute Teddy :-) They give high fives wether I want it or not and have big troubles sitting still :-) :-)

That broom is really beautiful and I came to think of druids when I saw the big cross and glass thingies standing on that bird cage, why I don´t know to be honest.

I do like the two ravens beside the beautiful celtic crosses!
Have a great day now!
Sara said…
Goodness, Teddy is a sweetheart. What a face!

Love all of your decor. xx
Kathy said…
My chihuahua/pomeranian does the same thing with his tail but he adds the doe eyes to go with it and I'm lost.

I'm so amazed by your collections. You find the greatest things on your adventures.
Zoey and Me said…
That is a very serious looking broom you have in one of those pictures. Who rides it?
Penny said…
Your broom is so beautiful - almost to pretty to ride on.

I also love your witch cup and saucer.

Autumnforest said…
I could spend weeks in your place and never get enough of the smells, the fluffy Teddy and the totally cool stuff--love those vases!!!
Eliza said…
Wow I LOVE that broom, where did it come from?
Sharlene T. said…
Who couldn't resist that look?... but, Teddy, you must show just a touch more enthusiasm for a treat... must I send my Angel so she can show you how to twirl?... Jaz, I just bought an iron birdcage and turned it into a table... great minds... great minds... come visit when you can...
Erin Maria said…
I'm new to your blog and I have to say it is my new favorite!! Your dog is adorable!
Cute Teddy! I must say my dogs are anything but slow when treats are doled out.
Love the birdcage - you have so many beautiful things.
Anet said…
I can never get enough of Teddy!
What a cutie:)

I love your broom and the witch balls are lovely.
You really are surrounded by Halloween all year long!
LisaDay said…
I love the witch plates. Glad to hear Teddy grudgingly accepted her treats.

Debbie said…
Your house is beautiful and so unique...like you ~..~ Those cups ARE kind of scary but for some reason I am drawn to them....like you apparently were. Have you ever told the story in your blog about why you are a witch and why you love Halloween so much? I think it's fascinating.....and I LOVE that broom and the witch balls are beautiful. Of course witches have balls and I am sure they are much bigger than some men I know!! Thanks for all the tips on cooking...I appreciate it. I just MAY make your baked ziti too! By the way....that Teddy is just so human! Love that dog. Now...my dog...who is a Jack Russell...does not act coy or quiet when I mention treat! He is jumping and flipping all over the place!
Leeanna said…
I love your blog! Soooo many wonderful, beautiful things to see here. Oh The West Point Market has an online mall. THEY HAVE KILLER BROWNIES!!!! I'm in heaven. *dances away* Tra, la, la, la, la
TheBlakkDuchess said…
omigod... You have my dream broom!!! =D
And that tea cup & saucer are just too awesome... And all the art you have hanging... I love it all! ^-^

Funny... I was just thinking how I'd like my house to be Halloween-y all year round... ^-^
Jennifer said…
Teddy is so cute, I really enjoyed the adorable pictures of her. I still think she needs her own blog. :)
Kimberley Paige said…
Since Mabon is right around the corner, any chance you could do a Mabon-themed post with recipes, decorations, etc.? Your collections, garden photos and decorations are truly inspiring! Keep up the great work!
Tara said…
I just can't get enough of your Teddy! My apologies though.....I think I referred to Miss Teddy as a "he/him"...my apologies to the cutest furry princess!

Love your home decor too!