Fall Market and Thrift Finds

This is what I did with some of the things I bought at the market.

On the way to the Fall market we passed my favorite thrift store. I found this cute deer to use in my Christmas decorating. It was only $2.95.

It was half off day and I got these small casseroles for less than $2.00.

I picked these up for the same price. These are perfect for individual Shepard's pies.

This fondue set has never been used and my daughter needs one so it was a great deal for about $4.00. I love half off day.

I don't normally like this sort of stuff but in Fall colors with wheat sheaves, I couldn't pass them up. $5.95 for the set.

At the market I found fresh apple cider and cherry cider. The cherry cider tastes like liquid cherry pie.

Fresh Amish eggs.

This is the best popcorn ever. It is hulless and each kernel pops very small.

Chocolate dipped pumpkin Peeps.

Amish rolled butter and local honey.

Just picked red potatoes. I bought some really small ones.

And some larger ones too.

Just picked onions! I see clam chowder in the future.

Time for more oven roasted tomatoes.

And a beautious basket of mini pumpkins.


A glorious white pumpkin.

A neanderthal looking Hubbard squash.

Is it just me or does this squash look like a chicken?

Then I woke up this morning and found this.

Time to get out the squirrel gun.

I will be participating in a Practical Magic Blog Party on September 25th. If you are a fan of the book or movie and are interested, click on the button on my sidebar. I will be showing pics of the spellbook from the movie. I have the original and I also have Sally's umbrella. All sorts of people will be putting up posts that day so it should be lots of fun!

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Sara said…
Liquid cherry pie... oh my! I may be drooling a little right now. lol

I'm looking forward to the Practical Magic Blog Party too. I usually do not take part in blog parties, but I couldn't resist this one. :)
You found some wonderful thrifty finds...my favorite is the little covered casserole dishes..they look like Pyrex and they are fab! Also love all the produce from the market! Love Fall!
Pricilla said…
Hmmm, never thought to press cherries. Will have to remember that when I have them next year now that I have my new toy.
Laura said…
$4 for a fondue set that has never been used? i've got to start shopping at thrift stores!
i'm excited for the practical magic blog party... can't wait to see what everyone does!
Joanne Kennedy said…
OK don't think to poorly of me but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw what was left for you this morning. Being a big animal lover I am I thought to myself "Yummy wild life food". :)

You sure did get some great things at the thrift store. Lucky gal!
What a beautiful display You had done with the pumpkins and corns! I can imagine that looked like paradise for squirrels. I really like the ravens in that display too.

I´ve tasted rather many different ciders, but never cherry sider. But it sounds delicious :-)

Are the Amish products more expensive than the rest? I guess they are since they use no tecnology what so ever really. But I wouldn´t hesitate buying it anyway. I´m a big fan of the Amish :-)

I haven´t seen Practical magic or read the book either so I really don´t know what it is all about. Perhaps I should look after the dvd when I´m out shopping.

Have a great day now!
wow...i loved all of this..LOVE that fondue pot. we always make it in the Fall and Wintertime too....

love all the thrift shop finds. i have got to hit a few thrift shops...really like tha Fall colored wheat bowls...

and what can I say...what a SCORE in the pumpkin department...that farmstand looks adorable. where is it? what town?

i am hitting our Avila Barn today with my sister-in-law and niece...

they better have pumpkins...making pizza tonight for football and pumpkin bread too.....
Such amazing finds! I'm in love with those wheat-sheave casserole dishes, and the bottled cider! ♥
Tractor Mom said…
More great finds! We grew our own popcorn this year. We tried to see if it was ready, but it's not quite dried out yet--plus it rained last night! I love the white ghord! I thought it looked like some type of bird too!

Come by when you kill the squirrels...
Guillaume said…
I love cider. You can drink it more easily than water.
Sharlene T. said…
Wonderful finds!... that middle casserole looks just the right size for squirrel pie, if you get my drift... plenty of onions and potatoes... it's all there... such a beautiful display, they must have figured it was for them... you've started me back into a bad habit... thrift stores... aren't you ashamed!...
Teresa said…
It does look like a chicken! I'm so sorry your beautiful display was snacked on, but it looks like they really appreciated it!
Lin said…
Uh oh. I didn't mean to giggle, but I did when I saw your corn eaten. I guess the squirrels liked your display of fall bounty too and it made their tummies growl. ;)
Dear Joyce...you have made a trip to the market a fantastic affair.
All the everyday things we might buy seem like a fantastic adventure! Not to mention your wonderful finds!
Life is good, isn't it? :) Just a few more days and we are finally there officially. Sept 1 and I am on my way no matter what the weather!
Rosemary said…
Impressed at your thrifting skills. What a pretty setting with the pumpkings , drat the squirrels . Wonder what you will create with that huge chicken hubbard.
decareis said…
Hello Jaz
I've been researching the "buggy" and not seen anything like that photo.
The card was from Portugal, but it can be ordered in any part of Europe.
In the photo I have, I could not read the mark
Debbie said…
Wow!!! Joyce you have been busy!! I am in awe of your Octoberness!! I have gone over each picture twice....I love it...love it...love it!! I guess I am truly a fall person. These summer people!! Bah...humbug! The air is fresh and cool!! What's not to like eh? Ohhhhh.....clam chowder....yes! Of course in Maine we call it Clam Chowdah! I will be out of the loop for a while. My kitchen is under construction ....not the entire kitchen but most of it. New cupboards and sink and countertops will have to wait but my floors and walls will be looking new! We are taking lots of pictures. Meanwhile....give those squirrels hell!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
The cherry cider looks & sounds sooooo good... Mmmmmm...

What a fun bunch of stuff you got! ^-^

I can't wait to see you pics of the spell book! How ever did you managed to get a hold of it & the umbrella??? @_@
Too awesome!

Divaeva said…
oh yum - I have to find some of that cherry cider!
Divaeva said…
oh yum - I have to find some of that cherry cider!