A New Giveaway, A Surprise Gift and A Fall Market Trip

The Blog Tech felt cheated that he missed last weeks market trip so we headed back to the same place yesterday. I made up a gift basket filled with things I bought along the way and some Amish items I bought at the market.

* I forgot to mention the winner of last weeks giveaway. It is: Leathra

The basket is filled with some decorative mini Indian corns, a honey bear, two sacks of Amish popcorn, biscotti's, a pack of dip mix made locally, Amish candy, and a box of Bell's seasoning. I've been having trouble finding Bell's for the last couple of years so when I saw it, I stocked up on it. It is a must have for your thanksgiving stuffing. I will be adding a few more items to the basket before I wrap it.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday. Saturday the 25th is the Practical Magic Blog Party Day so I will be posting a special giveaway on that day.

What can be better than an unexpected gift? Look what arrived in my mail yesterday! This was sent to me by my blog buddy and my favorite Halloween artist William Bezek. He makes the most amazing art. If you haven't visited his site, click on the the link below and check out this his work. Plus, he writes the most entertaining posts.

William Bezek

Why do pumpkins with faces always look like my father? This little guy now resides with a bunch of his friends. I just hope the Blog Tech doesn't eat him by accident. The BT is only semi awake when he arrives here each morning.

For all of you who are looking for a Fall fix, I give you more pics of the farm market as seen through the Blog Tech's lens.

I find it fascinating to see the same place photographed by the two of us.

If you look back at my pics from last weeks visit to this market, you will see that they are very different.

The BT's are much more artistic.

I photograph these places through a shopper's eye.

He is much more observant of his subjects.

Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins....I just love to be able to say that!

I had to restrain myself from diving into these bins and just rolling around in the gourds. I mean, kids get to do this with those colored balls all the time. I feel I am entitled to jump into those gourds after a year of anticipation? I do slightly fear institutionalization so I took a pass. But it was tough.

Indian corn amazes me. I could stare at it endlessly. It is such a natural work of art. It is so beautiful I would like to wear it as jewelry. But once again, the fear of being locked away because I have Indian corn dangling from my ears stops me in my tracks. But maybe in the privacy of my own home?

Of course I would wear the small ones, not these giants.

I have a chicken/egg fixation. I want chickens so much and I vacillate on acquiring them each spring. I am constantly seeking fresh eggs so I was thrilled to find these at the market.

The green and blue eggs come from Araucana hens. They are sometimes called Easter egg chickens.

I baked two more loaves of the no knead rosemary bread. The recipe is on my sidebar. Brunch this morning will be slices of this, toasted and served with sauteed mushrooms, zucchini and onions and topped with sunny side up Araucana eggs. Sigh......egg bliss!!!

On the way to the market we discovered a small town which was holding an Oktoberfest and I will be posting lots of pics from it tomorrow along with some great photos of the countryside. Stop back for another Fall fix!


beautiful photos as always... the rosemary bread looks so good... love the signs of fall... pumpkins, mums and other things... and to top it all off a wonderful giveaway... thanks
Mina said…
What a beautiful basket! Please add me to your drawing. I just love your blog and share your excitement for the many wonderful gifts from nature at this time of year.
Wow so much to say! The market photos are amazing. I would love too just look at the pumpkins and gourds and Indian Corn! Makes me feel quite festive! Love the gift basket so please enter me in this giveaway! I like how you show how you see something and how the blog tech sees it. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to do some fall decorating!!
Melodie said…
What a great giveaway! I just love all the fall pictures...sigh...I can't wait for the season to start here!
Amy said…
Thanks for the shot at that awesome basket! The market looks lovely, wish I could go too.
Leeanna said…
Count me in on the giveaway hon. I also can't understand how you don't buy everything in sight. I would be penniless. Love the new look on the blog.
I just love all your pics! I am so ready for fall! The gift basket looks amazing as well! The brunch recipe you are making sounds amazing! The Salisbury steak last night wowed here at my house! It is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!
Thmini2 said…
Those pictures are gorgeous! Fall has so many colors. Please enter me in the giveaway.
TMCPhoto said…
Pumpkins! This year we'll be carving our second jack-o-lantern and I'm itching to narrow down our design!
I have seen the most strange thing hanging in peoples ears so I don´t think a couple of mini corns would be noticed especially much :-) :-) :-)

Lucky the one winning this new giveaway!! That is something special! I looked at some new baskets in a store yesterday and they costed around 22 US dollars!!! They looked much the same as the one You show today. Perhaps one size bigger.

I wish we had markets like that over here! Pumpkins, gourds and indian corn en masse!

Have a great day now!
What an awesome basket of goodies. Pick me pick me.
Texmom said…
Little by little, we are getting changes to fall here in Texas. I can, at least, live vicariously through you. Please enter me in your giveaway contest.
Becky said…
I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! My SIL is a follower as well and I talk it up on FB all the time. Your recipes are so wonderful and your give-a-ways are AWESOME! Count me in for a chance to win.
Becky in SC
Pricilla said…
Pricilla is most in favor of today's post. All that lovely hay and corn.
Judith said…
LOVE IT! enter me!
Nydia said…
You know I can't resist your giveaways... But this is huge, being from Brazil will be elligible? I understand if not!

Ooohh... That pumpkin is the cutest!! Bezek's art is absurdly amazing, this must have been such a cool surprise! :)

I wish we had something like this here in Brazil, I would love to see baskets and baskets of pumpkins like those! I love my country, but a bit of my soul is defintely foreign, lol!

i laughed when i saw the Bell's seasoning...my pantry is locked and loaded with it too..i have one box in my kitchen window so i can stare at it in anticipation....

ALWAYS put it in my stuffing too..

man, we are out of luck out here in CA. in the pumpkin department....they say it was so cold this summer that finding a pumpkin is going to be like finding the Hope diamond....huh????
meeyeehere said…
I do follow you and would just love to be counted in. I really love your blog,it makes me feel happy and wintery
Oh! And please enter me in the giveaway! Who won the love elixir book?
Anet said…
I would love a chance to win the lovely basket of goodies.
You have me in such a fallish mood:)
The pumpkin from William Bezek is just adorable!
Millie said…
What a great giveaway. I must say the Blog Tech does have a wonderful creative, artistic eye. Great fall post!
Dirgesinger said…
So it seems that Autumn season has officially arrived to You:) Very nice pictures! And that little pumpkin guy is adorable:)

Please enter me in the giveaway:)
debbie said…
I would love to win this giveaway. We just went to the farmers market and picked up 4 pumpkins and several gourds.
Chris said…
Amazing and beautiful photos...as always! So many folks enjoy this wonderful blog with so many wonderful things to look at, recipes to try and inspiration to embrace the new fall season coming our way...no matter where we live!

Oh and please pick me for that wonderful basket of fall goodies!
tournesol said…
What a wonderful market! Great pics. I would love to win the basket, please enter me, already a follower.
Creepy Glowbugg said…
I am so envious of your fall images. There is only a slight hint of it in the air here today. Those photos of the gourds were beautiful, and the Indian corn is spectacular!
Oh! Your meatloaf receipe is on the menu tonight. Can't wait! Thank you for sharing such hearty and delicious receipes. My creativity lies far from the kitchen, so I appreciate the tips.
I'd also love a shot at winning that cornucopia of market goodies please.
One last question: Is that an actual historical Salem Witch house that you live in? If so, lucky you! It is stunning!
Yalco (Chris) said…
Thanks for another taste of fall where you are. Lucky for us Blog Tech needed a trip to the market. Looks like a great place. We have a few similar roadside markets near us. (As well as the Madison farmer's market on the capitol square.) Planning a visit soon. I am so ready for everything autumn -the colors and then smells, apples & cider, pumpkins and of course, HALLOWEEN!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures as usual Jaz! Please enter me in your drawing! Oh, and I agree about your desire to go dive into the gourds! They are beautiful!
Shannon P. said…
The basket looks amazing. And that pumpkin is adorable.

I'm a follower.
AlphaBetsy said…
Gorgeous photos!! I am reveling in the fact that it is finally fall. I would love to be entered in the giveaway and I am a follower.
Suzie said…
Oh my. .where to start! I have SO much catching up to do!! I'm right with you in that bin of gourds! They are just starting to show up here in roadside stands and open air markets, and I start hyperventilating just seeing those orange orbs. .what is it about a pumpkin that looks and feels SO great!?

A HUGE congratulations on receiving the gift from Will! His artwork is beyond belief, and that JOL is precious! I know that it has become an instant treasure in your Halloween collection!

It sure is good to be able to sit down and read your blog again. .I feel like I've been away forever!!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Blog Tech! I want to win so pop my name in for the draw. It looks like an amazing basket of goodies.
I'm already a follower.
rox said…
Wow Jaz I love those pics from the market You are so blessed to have such places to visit .
I would love to enter this give away please and will pop in of course for your practical magic giveaway too.
I so love Your fall cooking posts ☺ Thanks so much
VintageSage said…
What a wonderful giveaway! I'd love to enter it! Oh and that adorable pumpking you received....I love him! I love his face too. What a great gift! I would have given anything to see you roll around in the gourds. :))
SharleneT said…
Count me in... what gorgeous photos, today!... and, yes, there is a definite difference between your pix and the BT's... they're both wonderful and serve your purposes very well, indeed... fall certainly makes you think of pumpkins and all those wonderful holiday smells... yummy! Come visit when you can...
Debbie said…
Oh Joyce!! I am in heaven my friend!! Love every single picture on this blog!! That basket is divine....I am praying I win it!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!! I want it!!
cute basket! I'm so ready for Fall. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
Oooh, I'd love to win that prize! :)

Lovely pictures, by the way ♥
Farmgirl_dk: said…
What a basket of beautiful eggs!
And just think, if you get chicks in the spring, you can have your very own fresh eggs every day starting in, oh, end of July/early August...
Just sayin'...
Erin Maria said…
It all looks so lovely! *swoon* I love Fall!
My lovely Life said…
Yours blog is wonderful. I look forward everytime u post something. I love the fall salad. My sil and I are gunna try it! I would love to be put in the running for the Basket full of treats!
Holy yum! Definitely tossing my hat into the ring for this giveaway. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :)
elash78 said…
Love your blog! It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy :-) I love all the pics. Please enter me in your giveaway too!
Birgit said…
It's always a treat to visit your blog -- thanks for sharing so much of your world!

Thanks also for the chance to win such goodies. :)

-- Birgit
Such beautiful photos of fall splendor! Your brunch sounds and looks devine!

The Salisbury Steak was a big hit this weekend! Very nice gift basket! Pick me, pick me!!!

Max's Mommy said…
Great pictures! And I really like your fall background!
susitravl said…
Gorgeous Photos - I can't wait for fall. It is still in the 90's in Kansas but should cool off soon.

I'll be making your apple cake (without parchment) for my husband's work potluck lunch on Thursday. Wish I could keep a piece for myself!

carma said…
yes, that is an odd pumpkin face! Great pics...and giveaway
faerwillow said…
~coming in at number 50!! yikes...what a wonderful basket filled with goodies...you know your heart is so l♥ving to always be giving to others...how sweet you are! i l♥♥♥ve your little pumkin and look forward to taking a look at his work...best wishes to all and blessings always to you~
CathyH said…
ohmygosh..that bread looks so good I can almost smell and taste it!
MoonbeamDancer said…
Ok, now I am hungry! Beautiful pics. Now I am in the mood for fall.
Karen said…
I`m a noobie here, but I now follow- love your blog, Jazz, loving all things autumn !! Count my name in on the drawing!
apinkdreamer said…
hi! wonderful givaway! please! count me in!!!