Pumpkin Seeking and a New Giveaway

The winner for last weeks fortune telling giveaway is: Anastasia from Deep Inside My Broom Closet. Send me your info and I will ship it right out. This week's giveaway is for this spell book of love elixirs.

Everyone can probably use a little boost in this department.

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I took a day trip and went on a pumpkin seeking mission. I was successful!

Ahhhhh........what a beautiful sight.

This was the cutest farm market.

Gourds galore!

Mini pumpkins too.


And beautiful corn stalks.

Freshly harvested new potatoes.

Every kind of squash imaginable.

Decorated for Fall.

Giant Indian corn.

Teddy was as excited as a little kid.

When it was time to leave she laid down on the parking lot and wouldn't budge. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to leave.

Tomorrow I will show you what I bought.


Sara said…
The sight of all of those Fall goodies make me a little giddy. I wouldn't want to leave either. :)
Congratulations to Anastasia!

I wish we had farm markets like that over here. Some of it may be sold at gardencentres but at a price that is way to high! I simply have to start earlier next year with sowing my pumpkins and perhaps some corn and squashes too :-)

Have a great day now!
Leathra said…
Please enter me in your contest! You're right--we could all use a little boost in that department! ;P
Birgit said…
I wish I could go to the market with you...

Oh, and thanks for the chance to win the book!

-- Birgit
Dirgesinger said…
Congratulations to the winner!

By accident I have found two Halloween paper lamps today in a shop and I feel myself so happy because this is not at all common here:) usually You cannot find any Halloween-related things anywhere:)
Chris said…
Hello, me again...have been trying to find your e-mail or find out where I can get a couple answers to a couple questions I have. I'm not very familiar with blog correspondence other than leaving comments...Do you answer in the comments? I have a couple recipe questions and about the give away. Love your blog...your photos and recipes are Wonderful! Thanks for all the inspiration and fun filled stories!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pumpkin pics. Harvest season is so stimulating.
Millie said…
I must say I love when you share your outings. It keeps giving me more ideas and motivation as I plan my own farm market. I am jealous because our wet summer has not been good for my pumpkins.
Divaeva said…
It was indeed a fantastic fall day! <3
Pumpkins! and gourds. and all types of squashigoodness. I just love autumn. Please send it here.
Pricilla said…
Hmmm, what did Teddy find?
a boyfriend?
Shannon P. said…
Yes, I could use a little help in the love department. lol.

The pumpkins look great.
debbie said…
That looks like a really nice market. Our apples aren't doing well in this area.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
What fun! =D
So glad you all had a good time, and I can't wait to see what you bought! Ah, I just can't wait for my favorite little family farm to open their doors in October... ^-^
Anonymous said…
Your market looks wonderful! Our market only had one vendor with pumpkins last week. Hopefully they will start to show up soon (pumpkins and gourds).

Have a great Sunday! :)

AlphaBetsy said…
That book looks gorgeous. I would love to have it. That farmers market looks amazing. All those beautiful pumpkins and gourds.
Autumnforest said…
I don't blame her! I wouldn't want to leave either! That's funny--squirrels getting the corn. I thought that was actually an artistic display. hee hee
Fantastic finds! Love the autumn colored casserole dishes with the wheat--wow!
CathyH said…
Hi! I've been so busy! Set up my art at a couple of local fairs, even played guitar at one.
Beautiful photos and I love farmer's markets. Soon it will be apple time, sure you will have some recipes to share :)
Tammie said…
I looked at the recipe in the book you are giving away, oakmoss oil and pheremone oil..... wow, i have never seen those before. Looks like a wonderful book. You sure know how to find treasures when you are out and about, this post is overflowing with them!
Cool book, and what a HAUL from the farmers' market!

Hi! I am entering! I am excited! What a great trip to the market it turned out to be for you! I really need to get down to mine but it will be closed tomorrow :(
Love the photo's! Especially the Indian corn! I'm also a new Follower!