Treasures From the Fair

I bought this great witch bowl made by David T. Smith from Turtle Creek Potters. It says: When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers it's Halloween.

And I bought this wonderful large covered pot made by David too.

It reads: When harvest time is near - work on brave boys and never fear. You shall have cyder and beer beef and pudding and sing merry cheers.

It has wonderful detail work covering it.

These are the brooms I bought from the wonderful broom maker, Jim Rantala.

The one in the middle is made from a tree limb. (

Aren't these something?

The stems are from real pumpkins and they are made of velvet and stuffed with small beads so they are rather heavy.

I love the moon and tree on this sign.

I haven't figured out where to hang this one yet.

This one sits above my garden room door.

These fabric candy corns are cute!

A few pumpkin stands.

And lots of pumpkins and gourds. Check out those snake gourds!

The mini pumpkins decorate my tomato cages.

Isn't this one cool?

Teddy does a pumpkin inspection.

Mrs's B's 31 days of Halloween begins on Friday. If you aren't familiar with it, click on the button on my sidebar to read all about it. She organizes a months worth of giveaways and you can enter each day to win something. It's lots of fun and there are some great prizes. I made this basket which will be given away in the beginning and then I will be putting together a Salem basket from my trip which will be given away at the end of October.

And in case you think all of these fairs have stopped me from cooking, you would be wrong! I have been whipping up the usual and even tried a few new things. Today I am baking apple pies which I will share with you tomorrow along with the recipe. This is THE BEST apple pie recipe so stop back. Also, this is a new roll recipe I made yesterday.

These rolls might be the best I have ever tasted. They are made with Pernod and toasted fennel seeds.

After they bake they are pan fried in olive oil and then served with cracked sea salt sprinkled over them. The Blog Tech has eaten about a dozen of them so far. They were a huge hit here. They are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. And the fennel and Pernod makes them smell and taste heavenly. The BT said that biting into one of these is like falling in love.

I almost forgot, I bought these very realistic looking battery operated candles which flicker and placed them in my thrift find candle holder.


Creepy Glowbugg said…
Just awesome stuff! I adore that huge pumpkin in the chair and those signs are fabulous! I would love to tag along with you and the BT on some of your adventures sometime! Looks like great fun! I may try my hand at taking photos of the sight and smells of the countryside when I venture up to Apple Hill next month. Thanks for the inspiration.
Adsila said…
I love all the stuff I seen. This is my favorite time of year.
Love everything, but the ugly Witches.

Is it ok, if I don't care for ugly depictions of Witches?

Gentle hugs...
Jenna Gayle said…
Wonderful finds!! I'd love to have a big sign like the one with the tree and moon, but the best I can find is something in Michaels (made in China of course!) Sadly I don't know of a nice fall fair down here. Maybe it's because we pretty much go from Summer straight to Spring! LOL!!
I think that your trip to your fair was far more successful than mine... maybe I need to come up north. Love all the finds... esp the large crock and velvet pumpkins.... You always have such wonderful finds.... the food as always is so tempting... waiting for the recipe as always.... yum....
I want to be you when I grow up...

What wonderful purchases!
Laura said…
Wow I love everything you bought, what great treasures!!
Robin Larkspur said…
Love love love the velvet pumpkins and what a great idea for displaying the mini pumpkins...may I steal that idea for my own yard? Okay, I will, thanks!!!!!
Those velvet pumpkins looks so cool! I like the other pumpkins too of course, especially the one in the chair.

The signs are great! Especially the Salem inn!

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
The velvet pumpkins are great.

The hubby doesn't like anise so the pernod is out. Me, I eat black jelly beans 'til my mouth turns black.

But prefer sambucca. Not that I can drink any more. When I did my father introduced me to the stinger and that was it. I loved that drink.
Thmini2 said…
You are the queen of cool finds!!! I don't know what I like the best!
Guillaume said…
So many lovely things, especially the witch bowl.
Anonymous said…
i heart red ware.
Teresa said…
So many beautiful things! I admit I grew snake gourds last year expecting those cute things you found. I had huge anacondas growing across the garden!
Corrine said…
Oooh what fantastic treasures. The crock and bowl...just delicious, and everything else right down to the battery candles. Oh and I enjoyed the glimpse of your garden too :)
Incipient Wings said…
what a spellbinding post!!!
I dont know where to begin...
love the brooms,
the bowl is adorable,the rolls look delicious.
and it looks as though your witch and my witch could be cousins.
ive never seen a snake gourd before.
truly incredible stuff, thank you for sharing with us.
JoAnne said…
Oh I love it all!!!!
Jennifer Rose said…
i love that bowl! :D so many great things
Jennifer said…
Great post! The weather is hot and the grass is green here but your blog always reminds me of fall! I have grown birdhouse gourds and luffas but no snake gourds. Interesting! Love the broom made from a real stick too.
I LOVE that bowl in the first pictures... SO beautiful! ♥
Laura said…
you always have the best finds!
You found so many awesome things. I love the bowl and the signs and the pumpkins and and and.... everything!
Mystica said…
I haven't known anything about Halloween till I started reading your blog. It has been an interesting ride for sure!

What I love though is the last item, the battery operated candlesticks "which flicker" how realistic can you get. Thank you for sharing.
rox said…
wow Jaz you find the coolest stuff !
those pumpkins are so unique !
what I truly love though are those signs . they seem so old and spiritual feel . I love this time of yr. the wind , the change in the air , things growing and moving on .
Thanks again for sharing You always make my day ☺
Love the bowl and pot! The velvet pumpkins are lovely, too. What treasures you find!
Debbie said…
Love it all Joyce and especially your son's comment about the rolls....what a romantic!! You lucky girl....those gourds and pumpkins and jars and everything!!!
i loved all of this...really love the redware and that Salem Inn sign...the pumpkins, gourds, and those ROLLS...gosh those look so good...

the heat FINALLY broke out here in this dry old dust bowl...this morning was cool and actually felt like Fall for the first time this year !!!! last !!!
Rosemary said…
Wonderful items. My fav if the broom fits....... LOL.
Fabulous velvet pumpkins.
You always find the most awesome stuff!

I have to agree with Rosemary, one of my favorites is the "If the broom fits..." sign. That is priceless.