Amish Trip Part 2

Broken Deutsch?

There are lots of B&B's scattered throughout the area.

I just never get tired of seeing the buggies.

Another Amish farm.

Pumpkin field....YES!!!!

The animals on this farm were treated to lots of leftover produce from the farm market. Their pens were full of cabbage, corn, pumpkins and anything that was not fit to be sold. They looked very content.

This is where their food comes from.

At least the stuff that doesn't sell goes to a good cause. It's like a farm animal food bank.

The size of this farm is amazing.

Check out this Amish guy carrying water to his horse. Click to enlarge the pics for a closer look.

Nice beard! He was selling birdhouses and feeders.

Cheese central!

Lot's of Bavarian happening here.

This is the mural over the front door.

The restaurant across the road.

A small Matterhorn.

An Alpine cottage with a water wheel.

This is the park next to the cheese factory.

A milk truck leaving the factory. The air smelled like cheese.

Even their mailbox matches.

Inside the cheese store you can purchase cuckoo clocks.

Large and small.

An Amish girls passes out samples for everyone to try. Their most famous award winning cheese is their Swiss cheese.

You can watch the cheese making process through the windows behind the counter.

Big cow bells.

It seems that every shop in this region sells cheese and sausages of all sorts.

Amish dolls. These are the tourist version because real Amish dolls do not have facial fixtures. That is thought to be too self absorbed for their religion.

However, they do keep the Amish girl dolls separate from the Amish boy dolls. I was so tempted to put two of them together somewhere but thought better of it.

Very large bottles of Maggi and spices of all kinds.

The Amish are also known for their fudge.

I had trouble getting Teddy back into the car. I had to bribe her with cheese.

Berlin, appropriate in a very out of scale way.

Amish restaurants are everywhere too. Most of these restaurants serve the meals 'family style' where you sit at long tables with other patrons and the food is served on large platters and everyone helps themselves. Sort of like a sit down smorgasbord.

This was interesting. And Amish truck.

If you wanting a potting shed or barn this is the place to visit.

I am planning on where I can put one of these conservatories next spring.

How did they get those pumpkins up there?

The little Switzerland of Ohio. Who knew?

I think I would change my name. I know I would.

A brick factory.

Since I was driving I was unable to get pics of the ovens. They had huge outdoor kilns for baking the bricks.

The office is also an advertisement.

I bet this house has kids. Notice the decapitated head on the left.

Almost every single house is decorated.

Another who knew? Custer's first stand! Is it just me or does Custer look like Sam Elliott?

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Robin Larkspur said…
LOL, it IS Sam Elliott! Great photos as always, now I need some fudge.
I would love a tour of Amish country. Now on my to visit list!! Thanks for showing us!!
Debbie said…
My lord girl!! Where do you find the time for all these trips! Just gorgeous....all of it! Sorry I have not been the middle of a reno still....getting real sick of it. Hope all is well with you and yours.~~.
My grandparents came from Switzerland so I've really enjoyed all these photos! Now I feel like yodeling.
Jennifer said…
What a fun post! I really enjoyed all the pictures and the "Sam Elliot" Custer made me laugh. Wish I lived close enough to visit, looks like such an interesting place!
Pricilla said…
I think the coo coo clock shop would drive me coo coo
decareis said…
The photos are fantastic!
I'd love to know a place.
And this place is an invitation to the sin of gluttony! hehhehehe
I salivate. I love cheese!
Anonymous said…
Perhaps a bit to much Switzerland for my taste :-) :-9 But I do admire that huge cuckoo clock with the deer head on top :-) Where on earth does that fit in :-) :-) :-)

I think I too would have wanted to put a couple of boys and girls dolls together :-) :-) :-)

Wonderful post today :-)
Have a great day now!
Sharlene T. said…
Wonderful pictures, today. Sure did bring memories back... Used to hit Amish country every summer... Thanks for sharing... Come visit when you can...
Jennifer Rose said…
"However, they do keep the Amish girl dolls separate from the Amish boy dolls. I was so tempted to put two of them together somewhere but thought better of it."

lol! I wouldn't have been able to resist :p
William Bezek said…
Der Amish roadtrip is goed!
I Wonder Wye said…
Quaint place. I had a client in Lancaster PA and loved visiting the Amish town...
Birgit said…
The first sign would be DER BACKOFEN in German. :)

Oh, how wonderful all those photos are! I like the -- for me -- Disney-version of Bavaria. :)

And -- yep, that's Sam Elliot. ;)

Jaz, CONGRATS on winning the T-Shirt in Mrs. B.'s 31 Days of Halloween. I was so happy for you when I saw that morning that you won. You definitely deserve such a treat. And -- is there a chance of seeing you in your new T-shirt?

mamaof7 said…
I would love to be in your giveaway! Your pictures are so beautiful,and your love of chows is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
rox said…
Oh Jaz I want I want !!! I am a sucker for Amish ... who wouldn't be !! That buggy , those cuckoo clocks ! and then those cute little dolls !
Adventure boy say " oh Teddy " he loves your Teddy bear dog ☺
he also say he now knows what his big brother Wise Owl would love to do
have a pumpkin farm !!
yes he would ☺
I will pop in later to say official thanks Jaz ;-)
I looked at the bread recipe and of course also saw the english muffins ! you are keeping me busy ;-)
oh man, i almost missed this post...guess we were gone taking teddy out to lunch for his cheeseburger..i loved seeing all of it...the farmstands, the houses all decorated..i wonder why nobody seems to decorate least i do.... loved the cheese shops....
what did you get?
sam elliot...too funny.
Wendy said…
Fudge, cheese, pumpkins, and lovely quaint objects to wonder over everywhere you look! I empathize with Teddy and would have to be bribed to get back into the car too :) Thank you for taking us along with you.
WHAT BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! I am now a follower of your blog, and I would love to be entered in your awesome giveaway. We have a small Amish community that is slowly growing bigger here, but nothing like this. i have to see of my priorities next Summer. Thanks for sharing. blessings, linda