Another Trip and the Ultimate Taste of Fall

My goal is to make everyone so sick and tired of country farm markets, pumpkins and all things Fall that by the beginning of November you will be praying for snow!

That is me doing pumpkin cartwheels.

Is this place cute or what?

The Blog Tech is doing what the Blog Tech does.

Every inch of this place is decorated.

Click for a closer look. These little fairy houses were the cutest things ever.

They even have furniture and decorations for the inside of each house. I was very tempted to buy one but could picture the destruction by a certain chow chow if the squirrels happened to choose the tree that I attached this to.

I bought some gorgeous mums planted with prairie grass which I will photograph when they bloom.

No smoking anywhere these days especially in barns or near straw!

Speaking of smoking, there was a lot of 'pot' happening here.

This bear looks like he could use some.

This is the dining area decorated with plastic Halloween tablecloths.

The original 'calculator' invented by Burroughs.

Magical Mushroom Sandwiches!!! First of all, ignore those stupid cherry tomatoes I placed on the plate to add some color. I was in such a hurry to take a pic of this sandwich before the filling oozed out that I knocked them around and didn't even notice them until I pulled up this pic. For me, this sandwich is the ultimate Fall treat. I rarely eat the food I make but I never pass this sandwich up. I only make these once a year and everyone anticipates their arrival.

I bought a bunch of fresh mushrooms at a market the other day. I new it was time for the sandwiches.

First I washed and dried all of the mushrooms.

Then I diced them into a very fine dice and sauteed them in butter until they softened. Then I added some flour and stirred to cook off the floury taste. I added some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. When this mix becomes pasty you start to add whole milk.

I used 2 pounds of mushrooms because I was making sandwiches for my troops! You could easily cut this recipe in half. I used 2 sticks of butter and about 3/4 cup of flour. Then I added about 4 cups of whole milk.

At this point it is a bit soupy.

Cook it stirring constantly until it starts to thicken. Remove it and let it cool. It will thicken even more.

Then go make some white bread.

I slice the bread and spread butter on the outside of two pieces. Then spread the inside with the mushroom mixture and grill them like a grilled cheese sandwich. These would be great with gruyere added but I am a purist and like them with just the mushroom mixture.

Yes they are oozy and a bit messy but so totally worth it. They taste like biting into Fall.

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Millie said…
You can never make me beg for snow! I love seeing all the pumpkin farms you go to. Keep them coming!
You rarely eat the food you make? What do you live on, air?

Yesterday we went to buy our 3 pumpkins for Halloween before they all get picked over. The atmosphere at Super Store was not QUITE as festive as the lovely Halloween markets and fairs you go to!
Sorry! I won´t get tired of these pumpkin farms since we have nothing like it over here :-) :-) :-)

You are so right! Those sandwiches are heavenly :-) But I choose chanterelles or Hedgehog mushrooms if I can get some or have in my freezer :-)

Have a great day now!
Liz Mays said…
I'm not sick of it yet! I'm just inspired!
Wow, the pumpkins and the fairy houses....I thought, "how can this post get more perfect...just not possible" - then the mushroom sandwich!!! OMG! I must try are the best!

As always, thanks for sharing.

caryn said…
I found this blog off Christer's blog. I'm not too into pumpkins but Halloween is my favorite holliday. Then there are the mushrooms sandwiches. Then I started digging in older posts and discovered clam chowder and many more. I'm not sure my diet needs to know about you but I'm glad I finally came over here to read.
chib said…
7th of October this year I will be in New York, I will look around to get the pumpkin from October farm!!
Very nice, I mean for everything posted here Joyce!
Good work!
Sharon Lovejoy said…
WHAT??? "I rarely eat the food I make." But why??? It all looks so divine. I can almost smell the aroma wafting up to Maine.

Love to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
Anonymous said…
How can you not eat your cooking? I'm licking my screen over here.
Those fairy houses are adorable! I want one but my dog would pee on it.
Guillaume said…
Strange, I blogged about mushrooms recently (in French). Mushrooms are very much associated with Autumn in my psyche.
I love that Dining Area!!!!! Love the look of it, and how the eating is European style. Must be a fantastic place!

And your Magical Mushroom Sandwiches look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond delicious! Oh be still my heart!

Gentle hugs...
loving all of these pumpkin farms...just wish i was with you...

and my my..those mushroom sandwhiches look so good...
i cooked mushrooms last night to put on some pizzas...i like nothing on my pizza...john, however is another story..the whole kitchen sink goes on his. so much for my A16 Pizza Marinara. i told him about it..i tried, i said REAL pizza in italy only has sauce... or maybe 3 slices on fresh mozzarella to just barely a BLANK STARE on that one.....o well.......
Tractor Mom said…
This looks too yummy! I'll have to try this.

Come by when you get home from all these cool road side markets...
Unknown said…
Can't speak for everyone but I never get tired of your trips. I'm out in SoCal and we just don't have things like's sad.

That is the most unique sandwich I've ever seen and the bread looks wonderful.

I don't know if you ever make it but if you ever make plain old chicken and rice, make a blog of it, I can never seem to get mine right too salty and seasoned or too weak, but I love it so...nothing fancy, just good and yummy.
Julie Ferguson said…
I will never get tired of seeing your fall/Halloween pictures. I just love them. That mushroom sandwich looks so delish. I just might have to make myself one or two.
Lin said…
oooh, I love that place!! And that cute little pot man! And those fairy houses!! Wow! Didn't know where to look next. :)
windchild said…
"Speaking of smoking, there was a lot of 'pot' happening here...This bear looks like he could use some..."

I burst out laughing!!! I think I scared my boyfriend when I did, but then when I explained he laughed too. Yes, yes I think that bear could use some... ;p
Anonymous said…
Bravo, what phrase..., a magnificent idea
I would like the blog techs job!

I'd never tire of pumpkins and fall. Snow on the other hand....not a big fan.

I've never seen mushrooms cooked and served on sandwiches like this. Looks delicious!
Mother Moon said…
oh my goodness.. what a sight for first t hing in the morning... mushroom sandwiches... I have never.. but now I will have to try them.... all I can say is yum....

purchased a big box of peaches the size of softballs yesterday... trying to think of what I can do with them... any ideas...
Anonymous said…
What a great place! I love those fairy houses. Mushroom sandwiches? YUMMMMMMMM!
JoyceAnn said…
Those sandwiches look delicious , I've got to try this recipe.

~ Peaceful Autumn Blessings ~
rox said…
Oh my goodness ! I cannot show ds14 or dh those pics until I buy mushrooms ! they absolutely will go mad for those sandwiches !
I like the calculator but burroughs always creeped me out .
I want to find the pen of Jack Kerouac ☺ I think I just have a thing for french men my dh got me with that handsome roman nose ☺
now I need to fit mushrooms into the schedule !
Tournesol said…
Oh I love all your posting of Fall and the markets! I want to go find some here. Although I love, love snow and winter too! I've tried a couple of your recipes, they were great. I have to try the saurkraut one for sure, husband loves it and I never have even tried it, he would die if I actually made it myself. And homemade buns? You are amazing.
Anonymous said…
Those sandwiches look divine. I adore mushrooms!