The Best Spaghetti You will Ever Eat and a Bat

This might be the first time in history that those two topics are juxtaposed!

The Blog tech went to a horror festival in Erie, Pa. and all I got was this crummy bat. Just teasing...I love my bat BT!!!! Thanks for thinking of dear old mom!

I don't even know where to start when describing this recipe. It is just the most outstanding spaghetti recipe ever.

I began by making my bolognese sauce. The recipe for it is on the sidebar. You can use any kind of spaghetti sauce you like.

I sprayed all of the ramekins with cooking spray.

Then I boiled the spaghetti just until it is al dente. Do not overcook the pasta because it will continue to cook in the oven.

Mix the sauce with the spaghetti. I used about two pounds of pasta. You can cut this recipe in half to make less.

Melt too sticks of butter in a heavy pot.

Add a cup of flour.

Whisk the butter and flour for a few minutes.

Add some salt and pepper and nutmeg.

Stir in about 2 quarts of whole milk.'s the nutmeg picture.

At this point your spaghetti should look like this.

Next stir in a log of goat cheese and some grated asiago or parmesan cheese.

Mix half of the cheesy bechamel mixture into the spaghetti.

Starting to look good?

Place the spaghetti into the ramekins. I made one large one and several small ones.

Top them with the remaining bechamel sauce.

Sprinkle them with parmesan cheese. Place in a 375 degree oven and cook until golden on top. Approximately 30 minutes.

Don't knock this until you've tried it.

This takes spaghetti to a whole new level.

Everyone that tried this agreed that they had never eaten better spaghetti.

You should try this soon.

My leaves are beginning to change!

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SalemMomma said…
That does look like the world's best spaghetti! Gotta try it, thanks for sharing the recipe.
Pricilla said…
Like a lasagne without the fuss
William Bezek said…
I have a beloved framed taxidermy bat over the door of my studio, welcome to the "ewww you're so weird" club.
I'm trying this now. There is no way that it can be anything but fabulous. I did cut the recipe in half.
Kathy said…
I love all your recipes because they are so doable. And affordable. I am definitely going to try this one.
Is it a real bat? Cool!

With those ingredients it can´t be anything than delicious!!

Have a great day now!
Chris said…'re trying to kill us here! :) Looks divine! My favorite part of the day is twilight when I go out to watch my batty people come out!
Incipient Wings said…
I bet it smells so good in your house...(sigh)this looks amazing and I'm going to try it TODAY!!!!
thank you for this...and the nice to say you got a bat as a gift!
the title of this post is hysterical...very clever.
Sugar said…
wow that does look yummy!
and that bat is awesome!!
Sharlene T. said…
I can't do this until after the play because they won't get me a different corset but it's on my list! How can you go wrong with butter, milk, cheeses, pasta... gol-doggies, this looks yummy! Come visit when you can...
Guillaume said…
Those spaghetti look great. I haven't had gratin spaghetti in ages. And the bat looks nasty.
TMCPhoto said…
Yes yes yes! to the spaghetti that is.

I'm sitting here with my mouth all watery.
Tractor Mom said…
I should know better than to look at your blog before I have had supper!! Now I'm really hungry!!

Coem by when your not busy in the kitchen...
Adsila said…
I am drowling right now. I want dinner at your house, yum!
Nice bat. You'll be the envy of the neighbourhood this Halloween.