Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Octoberfarm!!!

A marvelous witch from Marblehead.

I got my pumpkin kettle out to make....

Bat stew with eyes of newt. (Beef bourguinon with pearl onions)

And spiderweb rolls.

The signs are all in place.

As well as the witch paintings.

I made myself a crown this year.

A crown for a crone.

And my Halloween jewelry is out of it's case.

I bought these at Laurie Cabot's shop in Salem!

Then I found this acorn bracelet to compliment the others.

Oops....this is the top of my crown. The leaves are made of velvet.

My pumpkins are lined up on my porch roof.

And it might be a scary day if I catch the squirrel that did this.

And this.

My custom Ouija board is ready for tonight.

And Teddy is wearing her spiderweb cape.

She really is enjoying this.....really!

My Indian corn is arranged...

alongside my pumpkins.

The witches in the garage are ready to celebrate.

The countdown to this evening has begun.

My batmobile is ready to go!

The gardens are showing their best Halloween colors.

The paths are carpeted in leaves.

A cushion of leaves on the chair.

It is a crisp, gloomy perfect Halloween day.

All of the doors are open to let the Fall smell waft through the house.

And a fire is burning in the fire pit.

The candy is all bagged and ready for the revelers.

Teddy loves laying amongst the leaves.

She can't wait for tonight.

365 more days until the next Halloween! Damn!!!

Have a fun night doing whatever you choose to do!

***I have a big Salem giveaway going on at Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween today. Just click on her button on my sidebar to go over and enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow on her site.


nitebyrd said…
What a fabulous blog you have!
petoskystone said…
teddy looks ready to receive some treats! such gorgeous photos :) lovely crown. the witches painting is quite striking.
Samhain blessings to you, jaz! Enjoy your most favourite night of the year!
Anonymous said…
That crown is really beautiful! Came to think of the Ice queen in the Narnia story :-)
Have a great night with the ouija board!
Happy Halloween!
magikalseasons said…
Happy Halloween! Enchanting tour wishing you a bewitched evening!
Autumnforest said…
I'd tell yu to have a wonderful Halloween, sweetie, but it appears that you ARE Halloween. Thanks so much for always making me feel in the mood and like I'm visiting the home every Halloween!
Nydia said…
Ah.. Do I have to say how much I love your Halloween posts? ;) I adore how you keep the witch alive in your beautiful home. Thanks for this fantastic post, and also thank you for the amazing, generous giveaway at Mrs. B's party!

Have fun tonight, and have a blessed Samhain!

Kisses and love from us.
Ann said…
Everything looks marvelous. The making of a perfect Halloween. Love the bracelets. Teddy looks fabulous in her cape.
Cottage Tails said…
Your autumn garden is stunning,I could feel the autumn chill. Where as here in NZ everything is warming up with spring.

Enjoyed your photos & post.

Love Leanne NZ
Kathy said…
I wish I lived on your block. You've made this season even more exciting than Christmas used to be. I've enjoyed all the preparations so much I might have to do some myself next year.

DaleTheDoll said…
Tonight, if you hear something scratching around your window, something making the dogs in the area bark, hear a little faint giggle, it's just me coming for a visit on All Hallow's Eve.
tournesol said…
Happy Halloween to you, everything looks Perfect!! (just love that Teddy, too cute!)
Incipient Wings said…
this was a gorgeous post as usual...
Those bracelets are incredible.
Have a Happy Halloween!
The Captain said…
Will you adopt me please?! I just love your home and your gardens and your recipes and ...

Happy Halloween to you, Teddy, and the blog tech.
TMCPhoto said…
Beautiful. Your mask is fantastic and it will go fabulously with your jewelry.

I always love seeing your garden, it looks spectacular with its carpet of leaves.
Marie S said…
Happy Halloween to you and Teddy, Jaz!!
Blessings all over you and yours.
Sus said…
Your blog makes my day! Hug your sweet pupper for me!
Anonymous said…
Samhain greetings! Sometime, would you be able to share your crown making 'tutorial'?

Love the custom ouija board - have fun tonite!
neroli said…
OMGoodness, where do I start?? I love your blog! I love Teddy with her face that just screams for kisses and I love her darling cape! I love your crown; your bracelets; your Ouija board! I love your house and your fabulous decor, your mouthwatering food AND your festive cookware, your gardens and your SuperStar worthy batmobile!!! I am SO happy to have found you via Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween!!!
BelladonnasJoy said…
Your post takes my breath away and fills my heart with joy!! I knew that today would be special at your blog. Thanks for all the pretty pictures of your festivities for Halloween. It makes me feel like you're just nextdoor. I was born on a Sunday Halloween 10 minutes to the witching hour. There's no party, but it makes me feel like there is one on your blog. This old witch has alot of work to do yet!! Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain Jaz and to all the folks here on your blog!! Have fun!!
A most bewitching Halloween/Samhain to you Jaz! :o)
BelladonnasJoy said…
Jaz, I agree with Autumn forest. That's exactly how I feel about your blog too!!

I forgot to say that I love the crown you made and I adore Teddy too. I love your bat stew and especially the bright orange dish.

I love your blog,every single one you post is gorgeous and homey. Thanks so much for sharing!!
Your pictures are gorgeous and your crown is to die for, I would have worn that to chuch this morning. I have my pumpkin pot on the stove also, but full of chili.
Have a wonderful and safe Halloween.
everything is just so gorgeous! The mantle looks like a model home!
Faerie Sage said…
Happy Halloween/Samhain!
Blessings to you on these chilly magical days of the year, may the passing of the old year sweep aside all your fears and worries and the coming of the new bring you joy, happiness & honour.
Mel Mel said…
What can I say? I love everything about this post! Made me feel like I was there celebrating with you. Have a wonderful and fun Samhain!
Oh Pooh!

I want to come to your house, for Halloween/Samhain!

How fun Halloween is at your house. Pretty pumpkins, yummy stew and spider rolls, bright autumn leaves, gorgeous jewelry, and the crown - WOW!

Now Teddy, I would love to shower her with kisses...in my mind, I know better than to approach...
nonetheless, she is darling in her spider cape. She seems to be enjoying the cooler weather.

Happy Happy Halloween, be safe in the bat mobile and party down.

xoxo to Teddy Halloween Princess.
Birgit said…
And Happy Halloween to you, Joyce!

Anonymous said…
Me too! I wish I could come and visit. Your place looks wonderful. I love the witches paintings. Have a wonderful Halloween with hugs and sparkles for you all - WG
Mystica said…
That jewellery specially the acorns is so unusual. Love the leaves and Teddy looks scrumptious!

A happy Halloween to you and all at home.
Tammy said…
I have so enjoyed all your Halloween posts, thank you!

May you enjoy a blessed Samhain, and a joyous new year!
Debbie said…
Oh my gosh it's finally here!!! Your absolute favorite time of the year.....it looks like you have covered all the bases....left no stone unturned....crossed all you T's and dotted all your i's. All the witches and pumpkins and colored leaves and jewelry and food and ???...you have left NOTHING out!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY FRIEND!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TONIGHT?? A COSTUME FOR YOU TOO?? PICTURES PLEASE!!
Guillaume said…
Happy Halloween! I wish we could celebrate it as big here!
I Wonder Wye said…
I knew I had to fly by your house tonight to see the fab decorations, and they did not disappoint.....enjoy the fright night, ghoul friend...
What delicious treats! Those rolls looks yummy (I love bread). And your crown is gorgeous. Happy Halloween to you! Enjoy your evening. Theresa
Laura said…
Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to you and Teddy, Jaz!
Happy Halloween to you all!
Everything in this post was simply beautiful :) Hope you had a wonderful evening! ♥
Millie said…
Samhain blessings to all of you at October Farm from all of us at Eden Hills!
decareis said…
It's all very cool!
I felt like eating bat stew! hehehehe
Suzie Ridler said…
I can totally relate, how can it be over already? I love seeing your Halloween world. It's wonderful!

And I have fantastic news, you won the Little Monster Cookbook!!! How's that for adding a little more Halloween joy to the year? You can see the post here. Congratulations!

Just email me your address and I will mail it to you when I can. You can reach me at sueridler at gmail dot com.
Mama's Thyme said…
I grew up in Marblehead! LOL So I guess I'm the "other" witch from there :-) Beautiful blog, and all the pictures of your yummy food are making me hungry!
Shaiha said…
I hope that you had a Blessed Samhain and a Happy New Year
Anonymous said…
Why does it have to be over? Just seeing your pictures has me longing for next year! I try to keep a little bit of Halloween all year long. Teddy is just huggable cute. My daughter and I get such a kick looking at her all dressed up for Halloween!
Mina said…
What marvelous decorations!