A Patient Puppy and a Twist on a Breakfast Standard

Teddy likes to get drinks out of the ponds in the lower garden.

So several times a day you can find her sitting by the gate.

She waits and waits and stares at the house until someone notices her. If it takes too long she barks a funny little yip that always means....I want something!

As soon as I open the gate she heads for the pond.

It doesn't matter that there is a perfectly fresh bowl of water sitting right on the patio. She prefers her water flavored! There are fish in that pond.

When she is done with the drink and a quick look around for 'bad kitties', she heads back up the path.

It's a long haul for a little chow chow.

Since they lack the extra joint in their legs they have to bunny hop up steps.

Except for the last step where she has to slow down before she enters the upper garden.

A chow chow would never go running wild into an area. She enters cautiously in case the 'bad kitties' have moved to the upper garden while she was getting her drink.

And then a couple hours later we do it all over again!

Breakfast anyone?

I don't like sweet things for breakfast. I like steel cut oats. I don't like steel cut oats covered in brown sugar or maple syrup. This has posed a predicament in the past. Recently I had the idea to make savory steel cut oats. I put water in a pot and added sea salt, black pepper and fresh rosemary.

Then I measured out some oats.

I added them to the boiling water.

Then brought them to a slight boil.

Soon they begin to thicken.

Once they are at this stage I give them a good stir and remove them from the heat.

I let them sit for about 15 minutes until they look like this.

While they are setting up I diced vegetables I had on hand. You can use whatever you like.

I sauteed them until they started to brown. I cracked some sea salt and pepper and some garlic powder on them.

I put some oats in each bowl.

Then fried some free range eggs.

I topped the oats with the vegetables.

Then topped them with a fried egg and some crumbled bacon.

No more maple syrup for me! These would be great served with sausage or ham and even topped with black eyed gravy. The variations are unlimited.

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BeMistified said…
OMG your dog is so freaking adorable!

Breakfast, yes please:)
Anonymous said…
Teddy is so cute! Maybe she needs a doggy door in that gate!

Enjoying your blog!☺
Autumnforest said…
Oh, that Teddy! She is such a patient girl. I love your steel cut oats idea. I am a freak for them and usually end up putting in cranberries and brown sugar and walnuts, but they are so like grits that I want to do something else. What a brilliant idea! I hate sweets for breakfast too. Syrup makes me nauseous, even the smell of it.
Robin Larkspur said…
Cute story about Teddy this morning, what a girl and her trips to the pond.
Anonymous said…
Cute Teddy :-)
I´m afraid that my dogs wouldn´t sit patiently waiting for some one to open the door. Either they would try to open it themselves or run around like crazy until I got out to open it for them :-)

I just can´t eat anything fried to breakfast. I love to make rye flake porridge. No sugar but perhaps som unsweetened jam of some kind :-)

Have a great day now!
Teresa said…
Teddy is so cute and spoiled! Not that there is anything with a spoiled puppy!
Teddy looks so darling....that back end...so fluffy....and that face...she is just adorable...

i just had the julia child sea scallops for breakfast...me no like-ee sweet either. god, that is a delicious recipe. very rich.

oh, and i guess this is appropriate...being my Teddy is named after your Teddy..My teddy bunny hops the stairs too...it is so cute
Birgit said…
Gosh, I wish I knew the magic words to make you fly over to my kitchen for whipping up such a breakfast! :)

-- Birgit
William Bezek said…
Wow, I'm going to try the breakfast recipe...we eat oatmeal almost every day.
The Captain said…
That sounds really good! I love the grassy steps to the lower garden. Our Peekapoo does the bunny hop thing sometimes too.
Farmgirl_dk: said…
Ha! Teddy has such personality! I love that (semi) patient face, waiting at the gate. Roxy, my farm pup, will totally bypass every pool and fresh water bowl in her vicinity for a chance to drink directly from a hose. No matter where she is, no matter what time of day - if she hears me running the hose somewhere, she comes running! She likes it best when the hose nozzle set on "sprinkle" as opposed to "jet". lol
Fish-flavored water, huh? Yummmm.
I eat oatmeal for lunch- made with broth and having various vegies added. I like sage in them so they taste a bit like stuffing. Your egg on top idea is great- It reminds me of the Korean dish bibimap
Faerie Sage said…
Looks amazing! I love steel cut oats as well, and my partner would die and eat up breakfast every morning if I put this in front of him! Thanks for the idea!
Rue said…
Teddy is such a taskmaster! You've got to be in good shape to keep running up and down those steps with her - lol!

Nice use of oats - it looks like a nice change of pace from sweet oatmeal!
Sharlene T. said…
It's nice to have a well-trained master and Teddy has done the job superbly!... I'm not a sweet eater at breakfast, either, and this sounds delish... Will definitely give it a try... Come visit when you can...
mrsb said…
That is my kind of oatmeal! Yummm!

And no matter how much fresh water is setting out, my cats like to drink from the toilet. *sigh*
Pricilla said…
Sorry. I can't do my oatmeal without raisins. Raisins and milk and a touch of sugar.

Only way I'll eat it.
Incipient Wings said…
another great idea,
thank you!