The Rusted Witch

For those of you who follow this blog, you know how I am always searching for the most unique, interesting and unusual everything and anything. I found it in Salem this year. I have been visiting Salem yearly since I moved to Boston back in the mid 70's. I pretty much know what to expect each year when I arrive. Stores come and go and you can always expect a run-in with a mean Wiccan. Not sure why but October brings out the worst in some of the Salem Wiccans. This year as I was strolling through the pedestrian section of Salem, I came upon this.

At first I walked by. Then I backed up and studied it closer. Hmmmm...In what at first appeared to be a pile of junk I saw a broom, boots, cauldron and a witch hat. Now I was interested. I studied it and studied it and could not figure out what it could be. I continued on my way and went into a nearby store.

When I emerged a few moments later the pile of junk had turned into this vision of awesomeness!!! (click to enlarge all pics for a closer look!)

What could this be, I wondered? I have seen living statues all over the world. They are quite the thing throughout Europe. I have only been mildly interested in this form of busking in the past, mainly because most that I have seen have been really bad. Not this one! I am afraid that my photos do not do this justice. This truly looks like a large rusted metal witch. Until she opens her eyes.

When you drop a tip in the cauldron she lets out the most perfect noise. It is something like an EECK!!! I've been practicing it at home and scaring the bejesus out of Teddy. I scared it out of the Blog tech this morning as well. Thank god it is not the run of the mill cackle. The sound is as creative as the costume.

I'm not sure you can appreciate this without seeing it in person but this girl works with the precision of a professional athlete or dancer. Every move is done with practiced grace.

Occasionally she will turn and wave to a passing tourist trolley.

But most of the time she stands completely motionless.

She surprises people posing next to her to have their picture taken. I could have spent hours just watching her work. She is completely enthralling.

I went into another store and when I returned I saw this. Oh no!!!

Come back beautiful, wonderful witch!!! Come back Cady!!! And she does just that every day in October.

When I grow up I want to be Cady Vishniac.

*Do yourself a favor and visit Cady's website at:

You can check her schedule and see if she will be appearing anywhere near you. You can also see all of her other characters.

She has a video so you can see her in action. And you can hear her wonderful EECK!!!

And if you can afford it, drop the kid some coin. She is worth every penny!


Melodie said…
Oh my goodness! That is sooo cool! What fun to have time to sit and watch her surprise some unsuspecting passers by!
Thank you for another unique and fantastic post!

I know, it sounds like the same thing, over and over, with my comments. But I do really, really enjoy your blog. How else to say it? :-)

Why are some of the Salem Wiccans, mean, and looking for run-in's I wonder? Or is it just an act? Not a very smart act I'd think but...

Gentle hugs...
Debbie said…
Ok...I got confused for a minute there. I thought that was YOUR car back up and you purchased Cady!! Now I see that this was NOT a robotic witch but a woman inside the costume and is that her standing next to the car on the right?? Very....VERY COOL!!!!!
faerwillow said…
~oh my goodness...she is magic if i have ever seen it before! her costume is gorgeous and the way she is standing perched up with her stick...truly unbelievable...oh i can't wait to go over to her links...thank you so for sharing...much l♥ve and light to you and yours~
D.Suplicki said…
Wow, that is just too cool! I went to the website and watched the video too, she's incredibly talented!
Adsila said…
So cool, she looked like a wood carving!
Well darlin', this southern gal has never, ever, ever, been so captivated by a witch. A totally original and compelling idea for a greeting witch!
I loved it.

Have a super great day!


xoxo to October Farms one & only, Teddy EECK Autumn Fluffs!
Rosemary said…
Very impressed at how unique this busker is.
rox said…
wow !!!
I am going to click on the website now !
Anonymous said…
Normally I never notice those living statues, but this one would definitely catch my eye :-)

She would probably do great in either Stockholm or Gothenburg during easter over here (if the weather permits it of course :-) ).

Thanks for showing her here! Now I´ll visit her site!

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
That was very cool.
A new career on the horizon?
I will check this out for sure. I love her look and your description is fantastic.
Aelwyn said…
That's awesome! :) Thank you for sharing!
very cool indeed...loved it...
off to her website right now...

5 days to go :-)

kary and teddy
cold and windy here today and we are LOVING IT !!!!
Sharlene T. said…
Thank you for the gorgeous picture of this very talented young lady BUT, for the life of me, I can't figure out how you weren't able to bring her home with you for YOUR garden! You're a very clever witch, yourself, do something! She's perfect for the lower garden, and Teddy would love her... Thanks for sharing and have a great day!
Autumnforest said…
I want that job--where do I sign up?
The Frog Queen said…
Thanks so much for sharing that!! How cool is that?!?! I do so love this time of year!

Thanks again!

Kallan said…
Wow, What a find!! I watched her video twice.. that's amazing! I wanna be her too!
Sandra Evertson said…
A Most Excellent Post! Thank you so much for Sharing her with us!

Sandra Evertson
greekwitch said…
You are the most wonderful,sweet,endearing person in the world. Thank you for the most amazing and beautiful surprise. I saw the envelop under my door and i was so excited when i saw your etiquette. I loved the golden leaves. You made my day. It was awful before that. I woke up and saw that Phoebe had peed on my couch...again! And then came the post card. Have a blessed day, a wonderful vacation and a spooky Halloween.
Oh, and lots of kisses to Teddy!
Ann said…
Very very cool. Thanks for sharing that.
Jennifer Rose said…
she looks great :D the first time I saw a living statue, the dog thought it was fake and freaked out when it moved lol
greekwitch said…
I would appreciate the help.
Here is the thing. Phoebe was the most frustrating puppy i have ever had. The usual training methods did n't work to get her housebroken. I had tried everything(at one point i peed a little on a thing that puppies are supposed to go and pee because a dog trainer suggested it would help her learn). For me to get there you can imagine the frustration! As the months went by she finally got the idea. But she also did both one and two in the house all the time. So i compromised by taking her two walks a day and keeping a diaper thingy laid on the floor to do her business 24-7. The thing is that whenever we have forgotten to put the diaper on the floor she went to the couch not to the floor i can actually clean it up. Sometimes she uses the couch even if the diaper is there. Especially if i leave her alone for hours.
So, in our daily routine is cleaning up pee and poop and to hope that they will be on the floor.
Some suggested to get her neutered. That it would help her relax.
Tell me what you think. I am willing to try anything.
Now that is indeed the cat's pajamas!! I would love to have seen that in person. I hope she's there next year. I wonder how much she makes in tips? I wonder if she does actually makes a living from it, or if she does it just for the sake of the art! Fascinating! :o)
Anonymous said…
She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I know it will be awhile before I will actually get to see her but it was sure nice getting a taste of her here. - Hugs and sparkles - WG
Joane said…
I have got to get to Salem in October one of these days...

thanks for sharing!
Divaeva said…
how utterly awesome is she!? There is a gargoyl guy in Quincy Market that is much like her that we have to stop and vist every time we are in Boston. I can't wait until Sunday to check her out in person...
Teresa said…
That is amazing! I'm impressed with anyone that can sit or stand still for more than two seconds!
Hi Joyce, I have seen human statues in NYC at the art museums, but nothing like this presentation - very captivating and unique.
That's pretty cool! Would love to see her. It's funny watching the people react when she touches them.
greekwitch said…
My bad! I should have clarified that Phoebe is indeed a dog. A cute, loving dog that is part...pure evil!
AkasaWolfSong said…
Wow Jaz....she is simply amazing!
I so enjoyed watching her in action, lol.

What a great way to interact with can see they love it too!

Thanks for sharing that with us!
Birgit said…
How very interesting -- I am off now to check out the link. Thanks once again for sharing this! :)