Salem and the Beach House

I'm back! Thank you Blog Tech for filling in for me! Now I pay for my time away by playing catch up with everything around here. Like grocery shopping....I just returned from the dreaded 'back from vacation' grocery shopping. It took hours. I have lots more to post from Salem and will do so all of this week. I discovered one of the coolest things you will ever see and will devote a whole post to it tomorrow. My head is still spinning from it and I can't wait to show it to you.

The house on the left is where we stayed on the trip.

It had views of the ocean from every room.

The house is literally built right onto the rocks at the end of the beach.

The breakfast room looked right out over the beach. Teddy loved to sit here and watch everyone on the beach.

There are homes ringing the entire bay.

This is Teddy telling me it is time for a walk.

This is puppy heaven. Dogs run and play on this beach all day long.

These are the rocks right off the deck.

When the tide was out you could walk on the rocks and search for sea creatures in the tide pools.

Way off in the distance you can see twin lighthouses.

We watched people surfing here when the water was rough.

The full moon reflected on the ocean.

A small lawn area to sit and watch the gulls fly by.

I just don't get the huge cement lion. Why?

A granite staircase leads to the beach.

You can see how the house sits on the giant granite boulders.

Back in Salem the witches are still showing their colors.

If you didn't bring your own costume you could rent one and have your picture taken in it.

This place is truly morbid. They had death photos on display from the Victorian era.

I made my daughter stand by this guy.

But then he did this.

And my daughter quickly disappeared.

I passed on a reading. I like surprises.

A very tasteful and appropriate cape and hat for the holiday!

Caped dudes abound.

As well as cloaked ones.

*Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the remarkable!

***And remember to enter the special Salem giveaway by clicking on the Teddy's Treats button on my sidebar.


Gorgeous beach house. I am glad Teddy enjoyed the trip also. Love the orange and black cape!!
Joyce, that is a dream place to stay on a vacation! How on earth did you find such a spot? Just gorgeous!
Salem! given me the surprise of my life...when I opened my mailbox on Saturday! WHAT a treasure!! Then I opened it and beautiful orange and golden leaves drifted to the floor...and trailed behind me all the way in to show Sweet Husband! I love it! And the envelope with the post mark on it!!! I will never get to visit there in my lifetime..but I have this! It's going in my scrapbook and the tiny golden leaves of fall will be glued falling around it...THANK YOU, Joyce!! Thank you so much! I don't care if you sent out a million of those, it made me feel so special!! What a surprise!! And inside it is hand written by you..and I actually think you MADE them yourself! HOW beautiful!! Never in my life have I been sent such a precious card for Fall and Halloween!
I'm sending you a HUGE hug..and again, THANK YOU!!
Farmgirl_dk: said…! Now *that* is an amazing house! It looks like you could've had a team of folks overnighting there with you (you should have made that one of your giveaways! lol). What a magnificent place.
And the stone lion? Why, to welcome sweet Teddy, of course. I couldn't help but immediately notice the similarity! :-)
Awesome photos! That house is amazing!!!
Pricilla said…
Aaaah, reminds me of home. Although not the rocks. not many rocks on the beaches of NJ. heh

Glad you had fun.
Dirgesinger said…
I loved the lawn chair the best. These days I miss that kind of quiet calmness so much!:)
love the house...just beautiful...and i LOVE my card from the golden leaves...i have it sitting in my kitchen windowsill so I can constantly see it...i love it so much...all the way from Salem...and YOU !!!

i am so happy you are back home...but i sure enjoyed going on the trip with you...i had a wonderful time...

now, let's do some Fall cooking

kary and teddy
A truly magical place to stay. Gorgeous views of the water, and the full moon on the bay, stellar photo.

The Salem trip was fun for me too!

xoxo to Teddy Halloween Queen.

Happy day!

Welcome home......
Debbie said…
Joyce!! Welcome home! Can't wait to see what you are going to show us and the photos are so cool. Your daughter is lovely. You are so lucky to have a daughter and a son who seem to adore you. Glad you made it back safely and that gorgeous house looks like one of our Maine homes on the ocean in Portland or Cape Elizabeth!
Divaeva said…
Wow! What a fanastic beach house! Does someone you know oen it or is it rentable by anyone? We are looking for a kicking place like that for my sisters and I....
Wendy said…
That ocean is beautiful. I can just see the spirits of women walking the widow's walks waiting for the husbands to come home from the sea. As for the cement lion...Some people have delusions of grandeur ;) Thank you for all the wonderful pictures.
Robin Larkspur said…
Welcome Home! We missed you, but thoroughly enjoyed BT's postings. And I agree with Farmgirl_dk about that vacation house giveaway!! LOL!! Thanks for enlivening the blog-o-sphere with your great OctoberFarm!
Joane said…
Lovely house...(sigh) I miss Salem...thank you for sharing.
rox said…
Oh my that house & Teddy must have been in doggy paradise ☺
Jaz I just stopped by to let you know I dedicated a thank You post for You on my bloggy blog .

Thanks so much again as it really made my day ☺
Ann said…
What a great place for a vacation. It must have felt like heaven with that awesome view. Wow, that would be nice to get up every morning and look out at that over breakfast.
Teresa said…
Oh, what a beautiful house! It looks like the perfect place to spend a vacation.
Mystica said…
Thank you for the pictures. With you I am touring America!
Amazing house! How lovely to be able to sit and watch the everchanging sea.
And thank you so much for the card - it is the first Halloween card I've received - ever! I*m putting it in my special book afterwards. Hugs!
Jennifer Rose said…
that is a gorgeous house!! would love to spend a night there, well, would love to spend my life there. its perfect being so close to the water :)

I find victorian death photos really interesting. not really sure why, i know i wouldnt have been able to sit next to a dead body tho blagh:p
What a fantastic rental!

Complete with view of the Full Moon over the ocean.

Ohhhhhhh, be still my heart!
You have won an award! Come to my blog to pick it up!
Birgit said…
What a dream house -- such beautiful views. And, of course, it was just wonderful to see more of Salem.

Say hi to your daughter -- very brave of her to pose next to the creepy statue! ;)