We made it to Salem but have some technical difficulties. We are waiting to get our wifi connected and then I will be up and running! Meanwhile, I will show you some pics of Skaneateles. This is the entry to the old opera house.

All the store fronts are decorated for Fall.

The windows are filled with Halloween decorations.

An add for massage therapy. Weird!

Rubber cowboy boots.

Skaneateles Lake

Of course, Teddy had to take the plunge.

And a drink.

You can cruise the lake.

The gazebo is decorated for Fall.

The park looks gorgeous this time of year.

The restaurants are ready for the colder weather.

My favorite house is decorated for the season.

Lovely gardens.

Chestnut Cottage is also one of my favorites.

This was a millinery shop in the 1800's.

Teddy love this park.

You can tell by the wag of her tale.

Mansions along the lake.

All of the village houses are decorated.

Everyone rakes their leaves toward the street and the municipality vacuums them up.

A typical Skaneateles street.

This mansion overlooking the lake was donated to the Christian Brothers.

What a waste!

These large homes overlook the lake.

This looks a lot like my home except for different colors.

I am off to try to straighten my wifi out! Hopefully I will be up and running tomorrow.

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Autumnforest said…
You always manage to find the beautiful and quaint. I wish we had that here in AZ. I want to jump into your pictures.
Robin Larkspur said…
Entering your giveaway! Hey you were just up the road from my house, just less than 30 minutes away. We enjoy Skaneatelas alot, too, especially at Christmas when the whole village participates in a Dickens Christmas. Hope you get the wifi up, dying to see Salem through your eyes!
I am enjoying this trip! What a pretty place! Love how everyone has decorated.
Are rubber cowboy boots for kinky cowboys? Oh, guess I'm thinking of latex. Never mind.
Wendy said…
Those houses are amazing!! And I'd avoid any massage place that had Barbie as the masseuse and client. Teddy fits perfectly in with the season, she looks like a little, round golden fall leaf. Still sighing with envy at all the beauty.
Pricilla said…
If you saw my mud season you would understand rubber cowboy boots.

Rosemary said…
A lovely town enjoyed the tour. I could quite happily live in the quaint hat shop.
Jennifer Rose said…
I so want to live in one of those houses! the one with the dark gate has my dream porch on it
Anonymous said…
I remember Skaneateles from Last Years photos and it is really beautiful. Perhaps Elegant is a better word. It´s decorated but not to much or to little :-)

I must visit that town if I ever start to travel again :-)

Have a great day now!
Great pics! What gorgeous homes too. Looks like a beautiful place to live.
Barb said…
I lived in upstate NY for several years. Your great photos have taken me back! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
These pictures are lovely!! I don't know when I will ever get to Salem in the future so seeing pictures like this truly give pleasure to my soul! Thank you - hugs and sparkles - WG
Hello there!

I am having such fun on your trip!

The homes and village all decked out for the season and Halloween! I love it!

Teddy is her always adorable self.

Have yourself loads of fun!

xoxo to Teddy Autumn Fluffs.

Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
The gazebo roof looks like a witch hat...neat!
Hi Joyce, rerturned to your blog for a revisit and glad because the fall colors and decorations on your trip are so similar to the ones we are seeing on our road trip through Maine. After 3 weeks we are finally seeing lots of fall colors on trees the wind has not cleared of leaves. Lots of decorations in small towns along the way too. Really enjoyed your photos of the large homes along the lake.
Divaeva said…
fantastic home pics - as always! Funny thing is - I bet I would ride by your beautiful home and take pics :)
Teresa said…
I just love those rubber boots! This all looks so beautiful!
Like others have said, I feel like I'm on vacation with you. Fabulous pictures. I say more power to the Indians!

Don't let Teddy get too tired. Looking forward to Salem.
Chris said…
That typical Skaneateles street looks just like the one I grew up in in Michigan. Much more modest homes than the mansions I must say though but tree lined and no more beautiful than in the fall. Back then...I'm in my 50's now...everyone used to burn their leaves...not good for the air quality but does anyone remember that wonderful smell wafting through the neighborhood? Of course we jumped in huge piles of them before they were burned!!
Thanks for taking us all on this wonderful fall trip and bringing back fun, fall memories too!
Big hugs to Teddy Bear!
It looks like your home...except for the I am off on a search for a photo of your there one? I know you are very is there one before I go through a stack of back post. :) (That's the lazy in me talking..but that I think about it...with you it would be an adventure!!!
I loved the photos ...and agree that the one that was donated is a total waste. It should have a large family in it, laughter...dogs...*sigh*
Oh wow! Thank you! Thank you for the virtual road trip!

And good luck with the techy difficulties.

Gentle hugs...
yep... me too..feel like i am on a new england vacation....LOVING all of is my favorite part of my day...OH.... i wish i lived there..... California just doesn't decorate...bummer
Aine O'Brien said…
If you want a reading I can recommend Beverly Andersen - she reads at the Pyramid Book Store in Salem. Both my husband and I had a reading with her and we were just in awe.