A Trip For Teddy

On one of our recent trips we stopped by a lake to take Teddy for a walk.

It was a crisp Fall day and the colors were starting to show on the trees.

The lake was exceptionally low do to the drought we've experienced.

We arrived quite early in the morning and the water was very cold.

I know my long time followers are rather familiar with what a pip Teddy is.

She doesn't get any less pippy with age.

Chow Chows usually do not like water. They are quirky when it comes to water. If there is the slightest bit of dew on the ground they will not set a paw out of the house on it.

But large bodies of water have a magnetic attraction to Teddy. The colder the better.

And once she goes in it is nearly impossible to coax her back out.

She totally pretends to not hear a word you are saying. Teddy has selective hearing.

Who me? You Talkin' to me?

I can't hear a word you are saying.

No, I am not ready to come out of the water yet.

In fact, I don't even know the person at the end of my leash.

Teddy always tries to shake the water off while she is still in said water.

It's as if she wants to be in the water but still stay dry.

Mmmm...this water tastes good.

And I am still not ready to come out.

I think I will just drink the whole lake.

Tugging is never a good thing to do to a chow.

They just don't tug.

What do you think I am fishing for using this bait?

The only reason you see this very reluctant departure is because I handed the leash over to the Blog Tech and I got in the car and drove away.

Mama....don't leave me.

Come back mama...come back.


oldblackcatboo said…
OMG!!! I LOVE this post!
I laughed out loud over the photo about fishing with her as bait!
This is SO CUTE!
Thanks Teddy! for putting a BIG smile on my face today!
I needed a good laugh! :)
Anonymous said…
Probably some of the cutest captions ever. I couldn't help but keep laughing. Such a cute little chow chow.
Jenna Gayle said…
LMAO!!!! One of our dogs is the exact same way! She loves the water! She once swam to the other side of the river and just stood there looking at us until we walked off and then magically she was right behind us!
Awww :) What a little doll! ♥
Teddy is so cute :-) But I guess that this is the only time she can feel anything cold :-) That must be impossible otherwise with that fur :-) :-)

By the way, did You ever find out what was wrong with her when she got sick? I´ve been meaning to ask that a long time now. I´ve also been meaning to tell You that I love the Salem house here in Your blog :-)

Have a great day now!
Jennifer said…
Awwww! This post is just so adorable and brought a smile to my face and at the same time, a tear to my eye because it reminded me of my old, now passed dog Kody. He was a German Shepherd/Chow cross. He didn't look like Teddy much, he took more after the German Shepherd (except he had that adorable colored tongue!)but he would behave just the same way if he got in water. We have a pond on our farm and he would LOVE to go swimming, where he would swim around in circles and develop his OWN severe case of selective hearing! LOL. Thanks for the memory and the laugh.
Oh, Teddy! *shakes head ruefully* You're so funny!
Guillaume said…
I love a dog who loves water.
Pricilla said…
And I thought you said Teddy was a girl....selective hearing. That's a man thing. heh
Sharlene T. said…
I loved this post! Was beginning to think Teddy had been relegated to the back garden whilst you were off visiting pumpkin patches and baking pies... what a fun day for everyone! Our lakes are pretty low, too... but, that will change, what with the rains we've just had... great post, thanks for sharing...
Teresa said…
How funny! She is quite the independent minded one until she is going to be left--funny!
Autumnforest said…
I'm a cold water dog too. Can I come back as Teddy in my next life? She getes to be around your amazing cooking and go to fun places. I promise I will come out of the water when you call--well, maybe by the 10th call.
TMCPhoto said…
Funny, I've started using that trick with the Peanut and the elevator after play dates. Instead of running to the end of the hall in the apartment complex where our friends live she rushes to get into the elevator so I won't leave without her.
Lisa said…
Your Teddy is one precious pooch. Your post has my giggling away. I am a total dog LOVER! All your photos are beautiful! I'm visiting from Incipient Wings and want to congratulate you on your blog award. Have a great weekend.
Wendy said…
I used to be a pet groomer and Chows were always so indignant when it came time to primp them. They are the most "cat-like" dogs I have met and I adore them..Teddy is such a queen and looks like a big lion in the water. She's beautiful!
Ketutar said…
LOL I'd say it's SHE, who's fishing for company in the lovely, cool lake :-D
Anonymous said…
Tugging a Newf is not effective either.
Mystica said…
What a beautiful post and kept me smiling throughout.
LisaDay said…
Poor Teddy.

Mama Bee said…
I love the Teddy dialogue. Such a cute pup!