A Vineyard Visit and Oktoberfest Food

We took a day trip to a vineyard a few days ago. The leaves were just starting to change in this area and the air was nice and crisp.

It turned out to be a mini farm which thoroughly excited Teddy.

There were very noisy guinea hens wandering the property.

This one was not too happy to have a camera pointed at him.

There was a small cafe serving gourmet treats and you could buy a bottle of wine and drink it on this patio.

The goose points the way.

There was a charming little bakery and gift shop.

It smelled heavenly as they were baking when we arrived.

They had apple from their orchards for sale.

Everything was decorated so nicely.

Apple plates on the wall.

The last of the summer flowers were overflowing.

Teddy liked the llama and the donkey. They did not like her.

This little guy flat out hated Teddy and would stomp and snort when she came near.

Teddy really liked the guinea hens a lot...a little too much.

They came down from their perches and had a stand off with her. Twenty guinea hens vs one chow.

It was time for her to return to the car which was not a simple task. Teddy wants to go back for another visit real soon. She wants a rematch with those birds. She also would like to be let off of her leash.

We sampled some sauerkraut recently at an Oktoberfest we attended and were very disappointed. The people that made it had rinsed the sauerkraut before cooking it and with that it was devoid of flavor. I promised the Blog Tech that I would make him the good stuff when we returned home.

First I made homemade hot dog buns.

I bought a bunch of different sausages in Columbus. Some are knockwurst and some are bratwurst.

I did not take step by step pics of this because my camera battery needed to be recharged. There are a few tricks to making good sauerkraut though. I saute' diced onions in bacon grease. I add S&P and and dried thyme. Then I add a few pork steaks with the fat, smoked pork chops and a couple of smoked pork shanks. All of this tames the sauerkraut and adds flavor. I use fresh sauerkraut, undrained and add some beef stock. This gets covered with a lid and cooked in a 325 degree oven for several hours. It is done when the meat falls off the bones.

Once the sauerkraut is done I place it in a pan and top it with the sausages and return it to the oven for about 30 minutes. Never do the initial cooking of the kraut with the sausages in it or the flavor will be leeched from the sausage. I throw the shanks away and shred the other pork and leave it in the kraut. You have to be careful to get the bones out. You can see chunks of the meat in this picture.

Then I butter and toast one of the buns I made.

Add some spicy brown mustard and it's instant Oktoberfest! We love sauerkraut prepared this way so much that we eat bowls of it plain too.

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faerwillow said…
~such a beautiful place...you truly make the most of your days enjoying life as best as you can! inspiring one you are...

on a side note...two things...the biscotti was unbelievably amazing...unfortunately it is all gone...and the men in my home indulged in the cob corn last night...my oldest was quite intrigued with that there popcorn...thank you for bringing such sweetness to us...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Teddy seems unfazed by all the rejection from the geese, llamas, donkeys, goats, etc. She has a strong self-image.
Chowz Creations said…
Love the head shot of Teddy. That is an expression of total Chow contentment. Your comments make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. Thank you.
Autumnforest said…
Strict diet--starving this morning, sitting in the freaking desert working. I never thought I'd be so jealous of a dog. Hee hee
Wendy said…
I love reading about Teddy's adventures..I think she should have a book written about her. She makes me laugh and I always enjoy traveling into a different world when you blog about life and the beautiful country side around you.
I can imagine that Teddy loved those birds :-) My two would too, especially on a plate well cooked :-) :-)

Thos apple plates fitted my taste. I had a tea pot looking much like that once. But I learned that a high price doesn´t mean that they have high quality :-) :-)

What a nice place! I think I would love to have a meal there :-)

Have a great day now!
Pricilla said…
Goats don't like dogs. Dogs chase goats.
Goats are prey. They don't like anything they think might eat them. They are basically wimps...
oh..looks like my kind of place..the floors in the bakery are the kind we had in our house as kids....

loved seeing what you're cooking..always looks so great...

and 25 days till Halloween !!!!
huh???? can it be true???

kary and teddy
Guillaume said…
Sausages, sauerkraut, apples, lovely sights. I wish I experienced the time on these pictures...
What a charming place to visit. I know you are as happy as I am that our time of year is finally here!! Finally!
Gorgeous photo's ...and now I'm hungry...
What a beautiful place to visit. Your homemade hot dog rolls look amazing. The meal must have been delicious.
What a beautiful place to visit. Your homemade hot dog rolls look amazing. The meal must have been delicious.
CathyH said…
Nice little farm. My mom had guinea hens. I loved their dotted feathers. Seems to me Teddy was very polite to the hens! Love your method of cooking sauerkraut, I never knew how to to it! Thanks!!
Teresa said…
That winery/farm market looks just beautiful. I'd love to know how many and what kind of wines they have.
rox said…
Oh Jaz take me take me next time You go !!!
well you'd probaly have to squish in my dd24 too
I so want to visit Amish country one day. We did drive thru it in a couple hrs on our way to Hamilton last yr for dd 29 wedding but just from a car window is not the same thing at all .
I so love all your fall stuff Jaz ! thanks
lov rox
rox said…
Jaz I am wondering if for your mushroom sandwiches bread is the recipe the same as your roll recipe ?
we are going grocery shopping tonight and thought'd I'd make the sandwiches tomorrow for diiner but not sure about the making the bread .
Your bread appears to slice so nicely , do you have a recipe ?
maybe I should've emailed you but then thought maybe others are interested in your sandwich bread too ☺
thanks , rox
Chris said…
What a charming place...who could ask for more? Animals, wine, fresh baked goodies, flowers, food, beautiful scenery!!
Guineas are master tick eaters too! Poor Teddy, she just wanted to play with everybody!
What a lovely place! I could see myself on that patio with a bottle of wine...

The dog and kraut look amazing. Love the buns, too!
Anonymous said…
Guineas vs. Teddy, that reminds me of the time out little MuShoo met guineas. Being a city cat he didn't realize they were as big as him. He called them up to the house (he can call birds) but accidentally got caught in a corner by two of them. Poor little fella is now terrified of those 'dino-birds' as the Beau calls them.
BookOfMoon said…
I always read the recipes on here and drool over them. I swear, if I wasn't trying to get healthy for my wedding, I would cook all of them!

Your recipes are definitely comfort food. Yum!
Dragonfly said…
Oh your trip to the vineyard looks lovely. I'd love to have a nose around that little gift shop and bakery. Teddy looks like he was having a great time. I'm hoping to get my own Teddy boy very soon as I've just lost my lovely Bruin Bear. Only mine will be a Sussex Spaniel, my frind use to have a chow and he was a great big softy, your Teddy looks just the same.
Joane said…
I love your blog but, I swear I'm getting fat just reading it! Your recipes are fabulous!
Joane said…
I love your blog but, I swear I'm getting fat just reading it! Your recipes are fabulous!