Why Teddy Likes To Go To Salem

The Bastian of fried clams and steamers....Woodman's!

We head here right after we leave downtown Salem every day for lunch.

We love eating here but Teddy loves it even more.

There is a nice grassy area that looks out over the marsh.

You can sit at a picnic table and eat your lunch.

Teddy waits patiently for her food.

And here it is! Not a single morsel of this lobster touched human lips.

Only about 6 of these steamers made their way into the Blog Techs mouth. When it comes to steamers and lobster, the humans fall to the bottom of the totem pole.

I quickly de-band a claw.

And quickly grab a clam. Teddy's patience wains.

Oh yummy yummy mummy!!!

Yes I will have another please.

I'm ready just drop it in!

I close my eyes in anticipation.

But I keep my mouth wide open.


Mama is so brave to stick her hand near my mouth.


I know there is more food up there. I might be short but I am smart.

I can still taste that clam juice on my lips.

More please....I am a little Oliver Twist puppy.

Oh wow...here comes the good stuff. Lobstah, lobstah, lobstah!

Just drop it in. Down the hatch!

Oh my God this stuff is good!!!

Absolutely delectable!

I can hardly stand the shear joy of this crustacean.

Oh....mama just dunked another clam for me.

Here it comes.

Thurp thurp thurp.....

I'm feeling pretty good but I still have room for more.

I wonder if Da would miss a few fingers?

Maybe if I sit here and stare straight at mama the whole mental telepathy thing will work.

Or maybe if I just keep my mouth wide open they will throw something in it.

No, this is not puke. A good imitation though. We were so busy feeding the pup that the Blog Tech's pumpkin milkshake blew over from the wind. I quickly wiped it up before Teddy saw the mishap. I am sure she would have preferred to clean it up herself!

Teddy likes lobster so much that she eats the tiny legs with the shell still on them. She likes to think of them as lobster french fries!

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Teddy is one lucky girl to have a Mama and Da like you to feed her such yumminess! I love the look on her face as she is waiting and slurping and enjoying! Yes I can see why Teddy loves to go to Salem!
Anonymous said…
She´s so cute :-)
I´m so lucky because my boys can´t eat those things, the farting would be unbearable :-) :-) :-)

Could You please send me a mail because I´ve lost all mail addresses when my old internet account ended today (within the same company!!!) For some reason they forgot to mention that my mail account also ended even if I have wireless instead!!

Have a great day now!
Thmini2 said…
So Funny! The expressions on her face are great! LOL Wait a minute she eats better then me! Can you adopt me please!
i am sitting here with teddy and we are laughing out loud....so cute..that face...just sitting there...waiting...love all of the pictures...

Buddy LOVED seafood too.every new years eve we have a crabfest..and we always got crab for Buddy too...just like Teddy gets...but my puppy Teddy has no interest in crab...but he can sure gobble his way through some prime rib. i had a 4 lb prime rib that i made the other night...and he ate half !!!

pumpkin carving tonight

kary and teddy
Joane said…
Lucky, lucky Teddy!
Ann said…
Lucky Teddy I don't think I will let my Duke see this or he will be insisting that he gets some of that yummyness too
Melodie said…
That is a pick nick just suited for Teddy!She'll be wanting to go to Salem every week!
Anonymous said…
Teddy is SPOILED!
Jennifer Rose said…
awww that is so cute :D she can have my lobster, i'm not a fan blagh
I love it! When Henry (our doggie) stares at us like that we think he is trying to use the power of his mind to make us drop whatever it is we are eating.

I must not let him read this blog or he will start demanding seafood. lol
Chris said…
I've been to Woodman's as well! A few years ago, I took a two week road trip through New England, and checked out as many seafood places as I could (we're from Texas, hard to get good stuff here.) They do indeed have amazing stuff! I'd forgotten about them completely until your pics brought back my memories....yum yum yum. I'll have to try and find my pics to share on my blog.
Pricilla said…
Ha ha.
I haven't had lobster i years.
Lucky Teddy!

Nice to see at least a PART of your hubby.
OMG, I have never seen anything so cute and amazing! It was a hoot for me to scroll through this clam and lobstah food fest of Teddy's.

You be's a good, good, Mama!

Have a good evening.

xoxo to Teddy the Clam & Lobstah Queen. :))
Mina said…
Wow! Lucky Teddy. She eats better than I do.
BelladonnasJoy said…
Thanks for the beautiful pictures as always. Teddy is so cute, and it's nice to see her treated too!! Simply adorable!!
Aww, she looks so content! And I'm not surprised: that food looks DELICIOUS! ♥
Dirgesinger said…
This dog is awesome, i would love to caress her sometimes:))
Lucky Teddy! The photos are great - you can see how she is enjoying her food. A real Happy Meal :)
Wendy said…
Teddy, you have such excellent taste! And you represent the finest of "Chows" :)
Chowz Creations said…
Thank you for sharing your trip. While I'm not a traveler, I would like to explore Rockport.

Hugs to the precious Teddy girl.
Shaiha said…
Oh I am so glad that I read this at work or my asian dawgs would have started demanding lobster