Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

I am in that "tween" place now. Though Thanksgiving has not yet arrived, I am chomping at the bit to get my Christmas on. A few Christmas decorations have managed to find their way alongside my pumpkins and pilgrims.

The Japanese Maples leaves have turned a glorious red.

The last of the Fall colors are clinging to the trees.

A carpet of leaves covers the pool.

I made this wreath this morning. It's so simple I wasn't going to post it but since today is the Blog Tech's birthday, I am going to make him dinner. I have to start working on it so I thought I would throw this up as a quick post and show you how to make an easy Christmas Wreath.

You can either make your own base wreath out of evergreens or buy a plain one.
Right now Michael's has it's Christmas stems 40% off. I bought an assortment of green poinsettias.

Sorry for the blurry pic. Bend the flower stems just below the flower.

I like balance when decorating so I put two of the same flower on either side of the wreath.

Then I added two of the darker green flowers on opposite sides. These could be wired in place but I didn't bother. If you snake the stem into the wreath it will hold it in place.

These flowers were rather large for this wreath so I only used four.

I cut some small red poinsettias from clustered stems and placed them between the green ones.

A very easy wreath.

I think these look better than most of the pre-made wreathes you see in the stores.

You can use the extra leaves from the stems to tuck between pine cones to make a nice winter arrangement.

Now I must devote the rest of the day to the celebration of this very important day! The BT had a piece of his cake for breakfast and has already opened all his presents.

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A great representation of both holidays...beautiful fall color still holding on but also time to start gearing up for the winter holidays!
A most Happy Birthday to the BT, which I'm sure it will be with his mom helping him celebrate!!
Happy Birthday to the Blog Tech and Happy Birth Day to you! After all, you did all the work!
Wendy said…
How beautiful! I agree with you that wreaths you create yourself are more magickal and meaningful than prefab ones. Great job..
Pricilla said…
Oh, I misunderstood. I thought it was yesterday.

Well I sang already and once is enough for the eardrums.
I hope he has a wonderful day!
Wishing the blog tech a very happy birthday!

Have a wonderful dinner!

The wreath is beautimus!

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs!
Anonymous said…
I like that wreath! Many of the ready made are usually over done, but I like them when there isn´t to much things on them.

Tell the BT Happy Birthday from me!
SharleneT said…
Happy Birthday to Blog Tech! Beautiful wreath and I agree, home made are much prettier -- (well, other than those old computer punch card wreaths!) Enjoy your day! Come visit when you can...
Your wreath is beautiful. I actually do have two bases made, not decorated yet. I'm too busy making UBER CAKE.

It truly could be the best cake I've even eaten, including Death By Chocolate Cake. Y'all have whatever you want for Thanksgiving I'm having Uber Cake and don't even care about the turkey.

Happy Birthday BT. Enjoy your cake, I am.
Incipient Wings said…
I thinks it's gorgeous!
you are so clever.
Happy Birthday blog tech!
Mystica said…
I am surprised that you have cake left over to eat on the actual birthday!
Ann said…
What a pretty wreath and how simple to put together too.
Happy Birthday to the blog tech. Hope he enjoyed his breakfast :)
Suzie said…
BT was a thoughtful son even before he was born, knowing that his Birthday would give you something to focus on, and celebrate in this lull between holidays, during this grand holiday season!

I fully expected fireworks to be posted today, and was not disappointed to see the gorgeous red flare in your very first photo!

The wreath is gorgeous, as usual! You definitely have that magic touch!

I'm sure that the dinner and celebration will be extra special, and am wishing you all a very joyous day!
Amanda said…
i can't wait to try one! looks super easy, yet very beautiful!!
Happy birthday to BT! This wreath is so amazingly lovely!!!! Thank you very much for showing how to make it. :) So elegant and classic. Theresa
I Wonder Wye said…
I never want to rush the days because after Thanksgiving it all seems a blur and suddenly it's January...happy BD to BT!
Lois said…
It's so difficult for me to imagine Thanksgiving not even past yet for you. Our Canadian Thanksgiving always arrives at mid-Oct if not earlier... Yule stays firmly away in my home until Dec 1, but I'm thinking about colours and cookies, and where to put the tree. Enjoying your posts immensely! Lois from Ontario, Canada.
Pallas Renatus said…
Just had to stop by and say that I'm in total envy of your house! Want! =)
Your wreath is beautiful. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Kristen said…
Happy belated Birthday! Sons and daughters are a treasured gift! Those wreaths are beyond beautiful!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that carpet of leaves on the pool...great looking wreath too. Teddy and I are enjoying going through that SPECIAL box you sent us. We LOVE everything in there.....i think the Stonewall Blueberry Jam will be on our toast this morning with Christmas Happy to have you guys as Buddies....

Have a wonderful Birthday Day
sending love,
kary and little Teddy
AkasaWolfSong said…
Beautiful Wreath Jazz! Maybe I can make one after all! Yours looks so easy!

Blessings on the gentle winds to you for sharing! :)
petoskystone said…
the BT has his priorities in order! a happy birthday to him :) lovely wreath.