I know I have posted my recipe for granola before but for new followers I thought I would show it again. I made a huge batch of it yesterday. I like to give it to friends and neighbors for Thanksgiving. I wrap it up in cellophane bags and put nice Thanksgiving tags on it. After a day of overeating, it is nice to get up and have something like this for breakfast the day after.

This is my version but you can add anything you like. I used a large cylinder of oats, toasted soy beans, sunflower seeds, coconut, whole pecans, chopped walnuts, slivered almonds, cashews and pepitas.

I add a cup of brown sugar and stir it all together.

I add a cup of honey. a cup of vegetable oil and a cup of maple syrup. Depending on how much granola you make these measurements can change.

I sprinkle 4 tablespoons of cinnamon and a good grating of fresh nutmeg. Stir everything together. It should be coated evenly.

Cover large cookie sheets with heavy duty aluminum foil and spray it with cooking spray.

Spread it evenly on each sheet.

Bake it in a 300 degree oven for an hour to one and a half hours. It will be very aromatic when it is ready. My trick for knowing when it is done is checking for the coconut to be golden. I stir it around a couple times during cooking so it will brown evenly. Remove from the oven and allow it to cool.

After it cools, lift the aluminum foil and dump the granola into a large bowl.

Now you can add the fruit. I used cinnamon sugared raisins, dried cherries, regular raisins and dried cranberries, Again, you can use your own favorites.

I also added the zest of 2 oranges to give it a real Thanksgiving flavor.

This recipe made about 45 one cup servings. If you put it in zip lock bags it lasts for a long time.

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I don´t know why I haven´t tried this! It looks so easy and I can choose whatever I like. I think I´ll do this next weekend when I go grocery shopping again. I´ll just have to write a note otherwise I´ll forget it in five minutes :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
i love making granola but haven't made it in a long yours. this looks wonderful..all that dried fruit and spice and i really love the orange. very holiday....

great idea to have it for the morning after...

i'll have to make this for us here at the farmhouse for thanksgiving weekend.

kary and l'il teddy
SharleneT said…
What a great recipe. Definitely going to make a variation for holiday giving... Thanks for such great instructions and pictures... You are just too cool... Come visit when you can...
ms lilypads said…
This sounds so good, I plan to bookmark this page. This makes a fine addition to a gift bag filled with an assortment of cheese, fig bread, and other snacking goodies. Yummy!
Pricilla said…
I can almost smell it!
Sugar said…
mm that looks nummy! I will have to try it :)
The granola looks so good! Yummie!

Happy day!

xoxo to Teddy Autumn Fluffs!
Irina N. said…
This is so funny, I was actually looking at this recipe earlier today, before you re-posted it again! It never hit my mind that you can make granola yourself, thank you for sharing this yummy tummy recipe! :)
My favorite granola! I made this from the post in January. Fabulous!
I love the way you say it last quite a while. I would give it two days at my house. This is on my schedule for Tuesday.

How about a recipe for Granola Bars using this?
The granola looks amazing! What a great gift to give for the Holidays and to enjoy with your own family. Can't wait to make it.
Guillaume said…
Both hearty and healthy.
Ann said…
That looks pretty darn good. What a great gift idea. I can just imagine how good that smells coming out of the oven
Mystica said…
This looks sensational. I can just imagine the fragrance of it all.
Melissa said…
Oh my gosh!! You just solved my problem. I wanted to make a gift/snack bag/basket for my co-workers. I planned on a Clementine, pear, white chocolate, kisses, candycanes, a quilted star and finally a bag of the granola. Perfect!!!! Thanks!!!!
Rosemary said…
Love granola and will be trying this recipe with a few nuts as well. This will be a nice gift for Xmas........ for the neighbours.
TMCPhoto said…
that does look super yummy and for my part I'd maybe add some chocolate chips... after I'm all done with this whole gestational diabetes thing. It would be a great mid day snack.
Millie said…
That looks perfectly wonderful! Glad you are sharing it again.
BookOfMoon said…
You always post such marvelous recipes! This looks easy to make and fabulous to eat! Thanks for sharing!
BelladonnasJoy said…
Yummy granola, I love that stuff. This one looks great.

I made granola once but it was a bit hard to pull apart after baking, not enough oil? temperature too high? or I just left it in too long. It didn't burn so it wasn't wasted.
petoskystone said…
a feast for the eye as well as the stomach. bookmarked!
Debbie said…
This looks so scrumptious Joyce!! What a great idea and so much more healthy than store bought junk. Very cool. How are you? I miss coming here. I wanted to tell you my mother in law absolutely LOVED that witch you showed us all performing at Salem! She was mesmerized! Boy you all had fun eh? I am still under construction over here....that's what happens when you are poor I guess and have to do it peace meal!! Oh least we can do it! If I don't get back here Happy Thanksgiving to you and your daughter and the wonderful blog tech!! Thanks for being you Joyce...I get a huge charge out of you!
Ive book-marked this one. We love granola but rarely buy it. Im always looking to make more of our foods from scratch and was just saying to the hubby that we should make some ourselves.