I Give You.....Teddy!!!! The Wonder Chow Chow!!!

I have a super busy day today and don't have much time to work on a post so today I give you Teddy!!!! Doesn't she look ferocious? Who knew she would grow up to be such a bad ass? Her breeder probably knew!

Tough and tumble Teddy, the warrior Chow Chow. She is always ready to toss it around.

She has me trained so well. I can't imagine what a day would be without her. She rules my world!

It's worth cooking every one of her meals to see this face.

And she is worth treating.

I love her sleepy look.

And her quizzical look.

Her fussiness always makes me smile.

She is devoted to the Blog Tech and his sister.

They complete her.

I love her patience.

And how seriously she takes her guard duties.

We have our own special sign language. She is incredibly adept at letting me know what she wants at any given moment. With just a glance over her shoulder, I know it is time to visit the lower gardens.

And I marvel at how much she loves to swim.

During this week of reflecting what we are all grateful for, I am very thankful for Teddy!

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Neroli said…
I 'heart' Teddy!
what a beautiful post...to a loving and loyal comapanion....

wonderful photographs as well...oh...that face !!!!

i couldn't agree more, my friend

L'il Teddy is the center of our world too... we just couldn't imagine life without him....

we too are so GRATEFUL for Teddy...and i'm not sure if he would ever be here if it wasn't for you....thank you for your kindness after the loss of Buddy this year...I will NEVER forget it.....

kary and teddy
Suzie said…
I started out with an "awwwww" and a chuckle because she started laying with her hind feet straight out when she was a baby, but by the end of your post I was wiping moisture off of my cheeks.

It is a good thing that she doesn't know how to access the internet, or read, because if she saw your heartfelt tribute, she would truly feel like she was Queen of her kingdom. .but I get the feeling that she already knows that already.

She is one lucky pup to have you, and your whole family for her humans.
If my bf wasn't so allergic. I'd have a fluff friend like teddy as well. Such a pretty puppy :D
Teresa said…
She is so adorable! It's amazing how much a part of the family our animals become.
Pricilla said…
Our pets are our friends for sure.
TMCPhoto said…
There is just something about Teddy's face that says so much. The Peanut always climbs into my lap when she see's I'm reading one of your posts just so she can get a Teddy Fix. Now that my sister has a Black Chow she's even more interested.
Dolly said…
I'm a Teddy fan!
Anonymous said…
She was really adorable as a puppy :-) and now she´s so cute :-) But she looks very impressive too in the fourth photo from the bottom. Just like a lion!

Have a great day now!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Awwww... You guys are just too adorable! <3

I'm pretty sure I won't kill my turkey... I'll have to take pictures, though, to document this momentous occasion. ^-^

I would be hugging her and kissing that sweet face all day.

I have been so busy, I've hardy had time to comment the pass few days.
rox said…
I heart Teddy too ☺
she looks so majestic on the step there then I got to the water pic & burst our laughing . it is as if she is looking at you saying " what ? "
we are computerless for now . hard drive died . so this is it for the next few months library time ☺
good for us every now and then I think .
Thanks for the uplift Teddy
Autumnforest said…
Admittedly, we're all thankful for your cooking and your road trip adventures, flea market finds and crafts, but Teddy just somehow seems to complete the whole picture and make it a home.
Anonymous said…
I, too, am a huge fan of Teddy too.
SpiritWings said…
Teddy rocks!!! lolol I always enjoy seeing the pictures you post of her. She just makes me want to burry my face in her fur and love on her!!!
Thanks for sharring the pics!!
Mystica said…
Love the pictures and makes me realize how much I miss my Googly - my dog back home.
Jennifer said…
What beautiful pictures! I loved all of them but the puppy pictures are adorable. She looks so soft!
Omg! She looks just like a little "Teddy" Bear in that first photo! :) Too adorable!
Ann said…
Teddy is a pretty one that's for sure.
SharleneT said…
How can you get anything done with that adorable face following you around all day! I would be totally enchanted... Give her lots of hugs for me... Come visit when you can...
Aelwyn said…
What a sweetie! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of Teddy!
Super cute Teddy! I love chow chows.
What a cute bundle of joy then and now! You are lucky to have such a special girl!
Sharon Lovejoy said…
She is an elegant, elegant lioness and ready to defend her loved ones.

I loved the photo of the Blog Tech being wrapped around her big paw.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
Anonymous said…
She makes me smile every time I look at her....Hmmmmm....I have an Alaskan Klee Kai who has me wrapped around his little paw come to think of it! Tee Hee!
Lois said…
Oh cool! Toronto is my home town, lived all over but mostly near Bloor West or Old Mill... Added to my post, was interupted last night by teenager.
Lois said…
Are buttertarts Canadian??
Adsila said…
Teddy is a big lovable bear..... so cute!
BelladonnasJoy said…
And who wouldn't be....Teddy is adorable!! Love the shot with Teddy in the water.
petoskystone said…
aren't chows temple/guard dogs, at some point in time? 'badass' is in the breed description! ;)
Teddy is GORGEOUS and quite the model. I am loving that little "butt" shot. LOL My pups love to lay down with their legs splayed out like that...too cute! Theresa