It Is Officially Wintertime

I switched to the flannel sheets!

And since today is a cold rainy day, I baked more rosemary bread.

I've stocked up on nuts to feed to the squirrels all winter long.

My potting table is covered in leaves.

My Japanese maples have turned but have yet to drop their leaves.

Remember all the pics I've shown of Teddy swimming in lakes. When there is the tiniest bit of drizzle she stands at the door and stares at it and won't step her paw outside. Go figure. Chow Chows are so weird!

Now that the leaves have fallen I get a glimpse of my statues.

The Fall Flowering Cherry has dropped all it's leaves.

Teddy checks the grounds.

Hey know I don't like getting my picture taken.

The Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are showing their best colors right now.

The flowers are drying on these hydrangeas.

A maple leaf lands right on top of my cement cabbage.

Not many leaves left to fall.

One of the few pumpkins not yet devoured by the squirrels.

I haven't been doing much thrifting but headed out the other day to check out some of the stores. High on a shelf surrounded by Christmas decorations, I spotted a beat up silver box with a sticker reading 29.95. I figured that was the price for an empty box. You can imagine how surprised I was when I opened the box and found this whole set of silver.

It is triple plate Roger's 1874 "Old Colony". The last thing I needed was a set of silver but at this price there was no way I was passing it up. Some of the serving pieces are nickel silver.

The pattern is a lovely garland and each piece is monogrammed with an "N".

I think these will go to my daughter!

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Not a single leaf is left on the trees here now, except for some on a rose bush I have in the hedge.

What a great box You found! I wonder what the letter N stands for?

Have a great day now!
Tractor Mom said…
What an awesome buy! You were too lucky...
Tracy DeLuca said…
Your home and yard are always so gorgeous! And that silver... wow what a deal!
The garden is ever lovely! The Japanese Maples and Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are new to me and I love them.

Teddy photos are adorable. Love her in the doorway looking down, and the one where the comment is, she doesn't like having her picture made, is so precious!

Rosemary bread, well, you already know how I feel about that!

Great find, the silver and box! Beautiful.

Happy day and blessings.

xoxo to Teddy Red Fluffs.
hey...what a SCORE on that silver....i went to the Goodwill the other day looking for anything vintage xmas...found some cute old cordial glasses...

LOVE the leaves in your garden...and you know i LOVE the flannel sheets...

so cozy..we snuggled with l'il teddy this morning in ours.....
I am enjoying your photos of the leaves in you yard. I love that cement cabbage. Great find on the silverware, ya just never know!! Yum bread. Now where is that recipe? Oh yes on your sidebar! Printing it out now!
Beautiful photos..certainly capturing the essence of the season! And just LOVE LOVE LOVE your dog :)

happy day!
Melodie said…
The fall colors are just beautiful at your place!
LOVE the silver! especially the tomato server and casserole spoon. great deal on it!
that pattern is really cool - it looks like a tiny spiderweb on the top round part.
Your grounds are fabulous!. What a find on the silver! The "N" probably stands for nobility!

My flannel sheets went on yesterday and I've made No Knead Bread every day this week, I'm not kidding. One day 3 or 4 loaves, I've forgotten. My niece Angie is even making it. It's part of my daily life now. I start to panic when I'm down to 4 slices.
Rue said…
We have so few leaves left now too. I do like how they happily perch wherever they have landed. Until the wind comes up, that is.

Great find on the silver! I have a friend who uses thrift-found silver cutlery all the time. They are all missmatched and charming, and it's fun to have a meal with her and look at all the different patterns at the table.
Mystica said…
I love that cement cabbage!
Robin Larkspur said…
You are amazing at making such finds! I would have loved that set of silver, what a great gift for your daughter! The oakleaf hydrangea has all the favorite colours of autumn! Great post today!
I love your bedroom. It's gorgeous.
Ann said…
Lovely pictures and you got some bargain there.
Kat said…
I love all the pics you posted but I'm very intrigued by the first pic of your bedroom. On the nightstand are 3 pics. Two of Teddy and one of what appears to be grim reapers carrying torches? Please tell us about this pic, it's going to keep me up

Autumnforest said…
So beautiful! I cannot wait until I ecan experience real autumn/winter times again. Hopefully, next summer I'll be in Portland and enjoying greenery, weather, seasons, and all teh things that make everything more eautiful.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Woohoo for the flannel sheets! =D
A beautiful set of silver for $29.95...ok, why don't I ever find anything that fabulous for that little? Lovely fall photos too of your yard and of course...Mz. Teddy! I spent some of the aft. making a fall bouquet and was a little sad thinking it was probably going to be one of the last for the season. Fall is so fleeting!
What names could we come up with for the set of silver that start with N.??
Amanda said…
Gorgeous pictures!! where did you get your green thumb? i'm trying every year to have a beautiful garden, with all the color and seasonal blooms! i just want to tell you that i made the "brains" recipe about a week ago and my family gobbled it up in no time, it was soo delicious, and the next recipe of yours is the hummus, we love it so i'm excited to try the homemade kind vs. the store bought! Thanks so much for the AWESOME recipes!! Cheers :)
Millie said…
Things certainly are looking beautiful. I am just amazed at all of your wonderful finds. I'm sure your daughter will love the silver.
Vivien said…
The statuary in your yard is gorgeous!
Fall and approaching Winter is all over your place. How I wish we had a bit of snow out here. We awoke to 72 degree's and lots of warm wind today. Our Santa Ana's are finally here and everything is windblown and a mess! I wonder when Winter officially arrives. Not until December..the something. :) were so lucky to find that set of silver flatware. Just beautiful. I am always on the lookout for some..and like you a lot of things go to my daughters.
SO pretty!
I had a great day on Saturday too.
It's fun, thrifting, isn't it?
BelladonnasJoy said…
I love hydrangea in all the colors and yours is gorgeous specimen. Nice find with the silverware and great gift for your daughter!
Dirgesinger said…
When I look at Your photos of Your garden I somehow feel at home. You have gorgeous power to create magical atmosphere.
Carapace said…
Since when does Teddy not like getting photos taken? Teddy! You're a star!

My cat adores rain. She'll yowl to go out in the rain-- but she cries Murder when we give her a bath! These mad creatures of ours!
Neroli said…
Another entirely lovely post and pictures!! So much to be thankful for!! Happy Autumn and looking forward to Winter!!
Bonnie said…
Beautiful pictures. My flannel sheets are on too, but I don't consider it winter yet until I get out the fleece sheets! I love the leaves on the oak leaf hydrangea. One of my hydrangeas died this year, I may replace it with an oak leaf one.
Wendy said…
I love all the different shades of orange. And anything with "Rosemary" reminds me of "Ophelia's" line from the play "Hamlet, "there's Rosemary, that's for remembrance" so maybe as you serve the bread you can ask blessings for remembrance of things you love. And princess Teddy, well, she'll always be a chow and rain is very differnt than lakes ;)
Ivy Bend said…
Gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing.
rox said…
beautiful Jaz !
I also love the new pic uptop your blog it is really nice the pumpkin autumn theme ☺
Teddy You are so silly ☺ & fluffy we love you Teddy
adventure boy & rox
SharleneT said…
Beautiful pix, as usual... But, I'm intrigued by the oak leaf hydrangea! Wow! I've never seen one and now I covet yours!... I could put it right next to my blue one and they would be so happy, together... Teddy understands that the ground is colder and it could be damp, and she's above that kind of pain... Silver find is fantastic... I can remember polishing my mother's every Saturday... Ah, those were the days -- when you had time to polish the silver... come visit when you can... (Oh, try the bread recipe with cardamom... it's really great)
petoskystone said…
awesome thrift store find! my flannel sheets are also out & in use--but no mirrors in the bedroom (they just freak me out). my daughters' dog is the same way with sky-wetness.
We've had our flannel sheets on, for a while now.

But oh my! Your bedroom! A wall of mirrors, I presume. All gorgeous!

Gentle hugs...
Sus said…
As always, your pictures brighten my day.....
Pricilla said…
You never know what you might find in an old box!

Thank you for following me now! I am honored! You have the most beautiful place! What a find on the silver service! As far as Teddy, well, I'm a sucker for a face! She's got it! Yep, no doubt!

We've taken out the flannel sheets as well. It feels so good to snuggle in them this time of year. I am on the hunt for a perfect bread baking receptacle. Great treasure finds! And I love the photo of Teddy. Pups are weird that way - mine love to play in the water - but when it rains...they don't want to be anywhere near it! Theresa