A New Giveaway and Maine

The winner of last week's giveaway is: linda@alacarte

This week's giveaway if for a great basket from Stonewall Kitchen in York, Maine. If you haven't checked out their website you should. They have great stuff and I stop there each year on my trip. www.stonewallkitchen.com
The basket includes some items from the store itself and things I picked up here and there along the trip. There is blueberry soap, maple syrup, blueberry jam, dip mix and all kinds of goodies. To enter leave a comment on this post. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday!

This is the outside of Stonewall Kitchen.

It is situated in a quaint setting.

They have a wonderful kitchen and you can dine outside.

My favorite license plate.

They sell housewares and garden things too.

And they have the coolest bathrooms.

When we leave Stonewall Kitchen, we head to Ogunquit, Maine. Along the way we saw many places decorated for Fall. This is made from hay rolls.

We always take Teddy to Wells Beach. Hey lady, do you know you have a gull on your roof?

Gulls....they are everywhere.

This is their beach.

They have no fear of humans at all.

I actually think they enjoy using us as poop targets.

I swear they would sit right on your head if you let them.

Teddy loves this beach.

As you can see it is very rocky and treacherous to walk on.

But Teddy is not deterred, she is on a mission.

I've seen this look before.

It is her 'time to roll' look.

Teddy is a roller.

She doesn't just roll, she squiggles in the sand.

Total puppy bliss.

Some dog experts say that dogs roll because they want to take on a new scent.

Then they will not stick out to other animals as a newcomer.

However, this does not explain why she will roll on any towel she comes upon. If I so much as drop a dish towel, down she goes.

And god forbid we come across a dead animal....they are Teddy magnets.

She is pretty much the same with poop.

But there is nowhere she enjoys rolling more than Wells Beach.

And just that quickly she is back up!

And off on her walk.

Except she always stops to see....

just where mama is!

Mama is capturing the Blog Tech capturing me!


SistaSolstice said…
Looks like great fun. I'll definitely be adding Stonewalk Kitchen to my list of must see places in main. Teddy's not alone in her desire to roll in anything, my Cheerio is the same. His favorite is Eau de dead skunk. Ewww
I am so excited I won last weeks giveaway! Thanks so much.

I love to see Teddy rolling on the beach, dead animals and poop, not so much!
Zombie Queen said…
That basket looks fantastic!
Zombie Queen said…
Oh, I am already a follower :)
Autumnforest said…
Teddy, sweetie, I would do exactly the same thing if I were there, roll around and make a spectacle of myself. Lucky pup! The basket looks amazing!
Robin Larkspur said…
This is why we all love Teddy...she has the most expressive face too. Roll away, Teddy!!! Stonewall Kitchen looks so inviting. Your new giveaway is also very inviting. I will keep my fingers crossed once again!!!
Joane said…
I'll have to get up to Maine one of these days. Count me in for your giveaway! So generous of you!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Linda!
I like that website but I´m not sure about that roasted garlic onion jam :-) :-) :-) It doesn´t sound that nice to be honest :-) :-) The place itself was really nice too!

I do like seagulls :-) I had a friend that had a tame one :-) But I do prefer Jackdaws even if they smell :-)

Teddy is so cute :-) My boys prefer rolling on hog droppings :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!
Congratulations to the latest winner of "Teddy's Treats"!!

Oh Teddy, she makes my day! Great photo op of Teddy greets the beach!

Went this morning and purchased the goodies for the Cranberry Orange yummy good cake. I will let you know just how good it is.

Someday I hope to have the necessary attachment to download and share a bit of what's going on with me. Soon. :))

Wishing the best of everything to settle in your life and in the lives of those you love!!!

xoxo to Teddy Beach Bunny.
Creepy Glowbugg said…
I think Teddy needs her own blog. So much personality and fuzzy pants to match! LOVE Teddy's adventures!
What is it with doggies and rolling in stinky stuff? Annie and Mazzy can find horse and donkey poop 3 fields away.

More No Knead Bread in the oven!
I've always wanted to visit Maine. I am from Bay City, MI and we have a ton of gulls too. This summer I took the boys to my old park and the gulls were practically attacking them for a bite of poptart. I had to keep dancing around the boys making noise.

As for the rolling dog, it also doesn't explain why my dog constantly rolls outside our house and inside, I think it's a happy thing.
Deborah said…
Thanks for letting mr enter your drawing! I love Stonewall Kitchen. I haven't been to the store this year. If i win I won't have to but if I lose I see a trip to Maine in my future.
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PUPPY! The basket of goodies looks so inviting and it would be so wonderful for who ever wins it. I am a follower also.
Sparkless said…
Your new basket giveaway looks fantastic! Congrats to the last winner.
Add my name to the hat, I'm a follower.
oh...teddy looks so happy there on that beach...what a face...

loved seeing stonewall kitchen...one of my all time favorites. just got their Holiday Jam and Sugar Plum Jam the other day


heat wave broke..we woke to RAIN !!!
fire wood is stacked and ready for tonight

kary and teddy
Chrissykat said…
Would love to enter the giveaway (and I'm a follower!)...woo hoo!

The series of pix of Teddy on the beach are too much, too much! <3
Oh yeah, who wouldn't love some blueberry soap?? I would!! I figured it out....Teddy is making Teddy angels in the sand!! :)
Mariah said…
I am already a follower and I love visiting your blog!!
bison61 said…
Stonewall Kitchen looks like a great place to stop! I love the pictures

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com
Thmini2 said…
I never know what I will find when I open your blog each day! What a beautiful area you live in. So many cool places to see. Then the beaches...Oh my. Teddy looks so happy to roll around. My boys also love to roll. They look so blissful when they do it. Kind of like they are in doggy heaven at the time. The expressions on their faces! You can just see the joy! Of course then they just jump up, look at us like aren't I just the cutiest! Congratuations to the winner of last weeks basket. Lucky girl!! Hugs, Teresa
Pretty! And Teddy is so cute, rolling in the sand!
Anonymous said…
Oooh!! I'd love to win that basket -- my Mom was born in Maine ... takes me back.

I love your dog -- she's such a character. But, she looks like she'd be the BEST SNUGGLER in the whole wide world ... so soft and warm.

Got my fingers crossed.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs!!

Ammy Belle said…
Ah, Maine - I have only been there once in my life, but I loved it and will always carry a special place in my heart for it - it truly is a breathtaking place! Thank you for the contest and please enter me.

Happy travelling and keep posting! :)

apereiraorama @ gmail.com
justjoycee said…
What a beautiful place, and a beautiful dog too!
Carapace said…
I love your travel-photos! Teddy makes me wish so I wasn't allergic to dogs. Thanks for the vicarious day at the beach!

You keep having the most wonderful giveaways!! I hope hope hope I win this one! ♥
Amanda said…
How cute!! looks like a gorgeous place to be in the fall :)
Tournesol said…
What a pretty place! My miniature Pinscher does the same thing, he is a roller/sguiggler too! Sand, dirt, leaves you name it! And unfortunately poop unless i catch him in time! Lots of baths around here : )
Birgit said…
I just love all those photos of dear Teddy! :)

Thanks for the chance to win such goodies -- and congrats to the last winner! It's nice to read how excited she is. :)
Faerie Sage said…
Those are very cool bathrooms!
Love to win as always and still an avid follower!
faerie.sage at gmail.com
Erin said…
Congrats to Linda!!

Another great post as always. I love all of your pics and recipes. You inspire me!!!

Please enter me in the drawing!

Ann said…
Congratulations to Linda. Stonewalk kitchen looks like a great place. Loved the walk on the beach with Teddy. She sure enjoys that rolling.
Vanessa said…
My miniature Schnauzer stinks all the time, and he doesn't even roll in anything disgusting! Please enter me for a chance at the giveaway.
Amy said…
Congrats Linda! Looks like Teddy had fun in the sand.
TMCPhoto said…
So Teddy likes to take on the scent of that beach and whatever it is you're cooking in the kitchen. Makes sense to me. I'm not going near the poop though.
Max's Mommy said…
Congrats to the winner!!

Those are some really great gull pictures!
Shannon P. said…
Looks like so much fun. Teddy is adorable. I'm a follower.

Oh, and that blueberry jam sounds delicious.
Debbie said…
Now I know a little sumpin about Maine....seeing how I live here....don't ya know! Ayuh...that's right. It was grand to see Teddy in Teddy Heaven or mud heaven....not sure which it is! What a happy pooch she is and what a lucky lady you are to get to travel so much and have such a wonderful life. Yah....I LOVE New Hampshire's slogan on their license plates too..."Live Free Or Die"....wonderful. Our's is Vacationland....honestly I don't get that at all. That should be Florida I think? Great post!! Great food!
Jennifer Rose said…
awwww! those are great pics of teddy :D
the seagulls around here will steal things right out of your hands :/
Judith said…
ohhh, enter me please, I already follow youl
I LOVE Stonewall Kitchen and I LOVE Maine. We've gone to the shop in Portland quite often - but never to the flagship store. I love Maine - wish I could go there every year. What memories it brings back. Please do enter me - and I am a follower.
Teddy, by the way, is SO cute! Ah, the life of a dog! Theresa
Millie said…
I love watching dogs roll and wiggle around. So cute!
Sharlene T. said…
Congratulations, Linda! I'm a follower... Teddy looks so happy, rolling around like that... My Poodle used to do that in the horse manure the minute he got back from the beauty parlor! Grrrr... Heading to Maine, next year, and will definitely put Stonewall's on my list... Come visit when you can...
Anonymous said…
I came across your blog in a hop. I am so glad that I did. I love your recipes, they are fantastic. You are so detailed in your information that I learn something everytime I read your blog. I am so glad I followed it and I am sure to click on it before others in my reader program. Thank you for inspiring and entertaining me.
petoskystone said…
teddy is a happy girl! (keep up, mama) seagulls all over the greater new haven area, also. my daughter calls them 'sea pigeons'. congrats to the previous winner! please consider me entered.
Yalco (Chris) said…
Your Teddy is a riot. Don't you just love all the great things that our animals bring to out lives?
Dolly said…
What a great prize :) Teddy is adorable ♥
Divaeva said…
I adore Ogunquit! hehehe..I also love Stonewall Kitchen! I have a can of their pumpkin waffle/pancake mix to take to a harvest sleep over - gonna make Belgian waffles for the crew! <3
Rosemary said…
Great Teddy post. Would love to visit Stonewall Kitchen.
omg. Teddy is adorable. Love it.

Kristen said…
New to your blog and already love the recipes but Teddy has won my heart! I will have to go back to see other adventures!

Love the pictures you took! I will have to visit is sometime.

Put my name in for the basket it sound yummy!
Ann said…
Live in Port clyde Maine and can never get enough of Stonewall Kitchen products-have really enjoyed your recent blogs in Salem-used to live in Lexington MA-would explore the area with the kids when they were little tykes.
Pallas Renatus said…
Been following for a few weeks, and glad for it :)

Teddy is adorable, makes me miss my two dachshunds back home.
Vivien said…
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful giveaway. And what wonderful pictures! I've never been to Maine, but it's definitely a place I'd like to visit one day.

I've been following a few weeks now.
AkasaWolfSong said…
I adore Teddy..such a character even if she does drop and roll! :) I bet the coolness of the sand and wet feel good to her.

Congrats to Linda!

Please enter me in your giveaway?
The basket looks wonderful as always and I am going to copy down your cake recipe you just posted and try it for Thanksgiving Day! Looks too yummy!

Blessings Jazz!!!
BelladonnasJoy said…
Oh my goodness!! Thanks so much for the link to Stonewall Kitchen. I just put up a few store items on my post to welcome in your Thanksgiving! Thanks also for the visit and comment.
What an incredible basket!!! It's a treat just to see it! Love your blog - since I discovered it yesterday, I have spent waaaay to much time looking it over. Thanks you!
rox said…
Oh Jaz this is great !
We so needed to see Teddy this morning ☺
Yes that rolling in smelly stuff ! just horrid at times !
But it sures looks like Teddy bliss ☺
I would love to enter the yummy giveaway !
can you beleive kids stole some of the decorations I stapled on the fence !
I would've chased them with my broom had I caught them in the act ;-)
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful life once again
received my Salem basket (from Mrs. Bs which you donated) over the weekend... simply loved opening it and looking at all the goodies... the witch candle holder is wonderful.... thank you so much ...
Teddy is so cute. I love Wells, York beach & Ogunquit. I follow you. dramaqueensmum@gmail.com
Sus said…
aww...beach Teddi is adorable! My dog is a magnet for anything rotting in the woods.... roll roll roll....ugh!
Neroli said…
Thanks for sharing your adventures, your recipes and for your lovely and generous giveaways!! I absolutely LOVE seeing pictures of Teddy!! We currently have 3 cats but we recently started looking into adding a dog to our family and Teddy plays a key role in my "doggy yearning"
Have a great week!
Pricilla said…
I love Maine.
I love seagulls. I know - heresy!
Teddy looks so happy!
Michelle said…
Looks like such a fun trip! Gorgeous basket of goodies too! I already follow you through my Google Reader.
Barb said…
I'm a recent follower as of a couple of weeks ago and I just love all of the recipes & photography here! I've always wanted to visit the New England area in the Fall and your recent posts make me want it more :)
~*~Aria~*~ said…
You go on such fabulous adventures, I love all the lovely pictures.

Teddy looks quite content, rolling in the wet sand. I'd like to join him!

...and did someone say blueberry soap?
Sea Gypsy said…
What a wonderful basket! I've had some jam from Stonewall Kitchen and it was delish!

My old dog Abby was a roller, too, and loved to roll in the sand. She also loved to try and roll on stinky things but luckily her aim was a bit off, so she would stop, sniff the offensive item, and then flop over about a foot away and just roll, roll, roll. We weren't about to point out to her that she had missed her target completely. :)

Chowz Creations said…
Just the kind of store where I could get into serious trouble! lol Great action photos of the gull - and Miss Teddy. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.
Wonderful site!!! Thank you for your giveaway :)
SpiritWings said…
I am a new follower to your blog and I have enjoyed it greatly! =]
I have already printed out several of your receips and excited to give them a try.
Teddy is AWESOME!! The pictures that you posted here really made my day. She looks like a true delight.
Stonewall Kitchen is a baking/cooking paradise. I am sure once I got into the store my family would have a heck of a time getting me out!
Sign me up for an entry.. I'm a follower and I must have that delicious basket :)
Sugar said…
I love teddy!! she is so dang cute!
I thought I already entered this, but I guess not.. please enter me in the giveaway :)
The Niki said…
Your give-away baskets are always so great!

And Teddy is, as ever, adorable.