Portuquese Clams in a Saffron Garlic Sauce with Tasso

When we were on our trip we went to the same restaurant almost every night because of these clams. I have a really good taste memory so when I tried to recreate them for the Blog Tech's birthday dinner, they came out maybe even better than the ones at the restaurant. BTW....the BT told me to tell everyone thank you very much for all the birthday greetings.

In the future I would use poblano peppers but I was out of them so I used a mix of red and green bells. I also used about a cup and a half of oven roasted tomatoes sliced into strips.

I diced one large onion and about 3 cloves of garlic.

Then I diced up about 1 pound of tasso ham. The tasso really makes this dish. I used to make a lot of Cajun food and always cooked with tasso. While I was making this recipe I was wondering why I don't use tasso in my other cooking. I am going to start doing just that. Nothing gives food quite the deep smokey flavor that tasso does. I think a good split pea soup with tasso would be wonderful.

I sauteed the onion and garlic in some olive oil. The I added the peppers. I forgot to take a few pics. I then added salt and pepper, 2 T. Thai chili paste, 1/2 cup tomato paste, 1 cup of white wine, the oven roasted tomatoes, tasso, maggi, saffron steeped in warm water, 2 cups of clam juice, 4 cups of beef stock and a sprinkling of red pepper flakes. This is not too spicy but just gives a slight bit of heat by the end of the meal. I cooked this over medium low heat until the flavors mingled and I had it spiced correctly.

I cooked it down a bit. It thickens just a little.

Then I added 96 little neck clams and brought it back to a boil.

When the clams are open the dish is ready.

I served this with garlic bread for dipping. The Blog Tech and his father ate about 50 of the clams.

I steamed an additional 24 clams separately for you know who! I expected Teddy to say Body of Christ. Doesn't it look like she is getting communion?

And God Bless Mama!!!


Pricilla said…
I get lost in the cooking sometimes and forget to take photos too.

I'm glad the Blog Tech had such a tasty birthday. Teddy too.
Lady - you should be saving your recipes for a cookbook. You do such a great job presenting and instructing.
Anonymous said…
I think I want to be adopted! That looks so yummy! - Hugs and sparkles - WG
Anonymous said…
I love clams and mussels but I have never mixed them with ham. Think I must try that some time.

Have a great day!
oh...i am laughing..that is just too cute....

Buddy LOVED seafood..but Teddy is a filet man...and prime rib...but you know his favorite...

Mc Donalds double cheese, please

and God Bless Mama....too funny

kary and l'il teddy
I thought I could drown in the cajun crab bisque but I'll have to save some of my drowning for this portugese clam stew. Gives a new meaning to "die for", doesn't it? :)
This is a very inviting dish! I can almost taste the clams and sauce. Great meal for the BT birthday!

Hello...LMAO...the first picture of Teddy is priceless. You are correct, she does look like she is taking communion. For her, eating clams...is...a holy sacrament. Both pictures are so precious.

You are a good Mama! To the children and the furry baby too!

Thanks so much for all you share.


xoxo to "Teddy Clam Queen".
Guillaume said…
That looks delicious. I love products of the sea.
AkasaWolfSong said…
It does look like Teddy is taking communion, lol! He is so adorable!

I'd say all of the family is very blessed by You Mamma!

Have a wonderful weekend Jazz! :)
Lois said…
Oh my goodness ~ every time I read your blog I want to cook! And Eat!
I had to laugh about communion. He receives it the old fashioned way. It would have been hysterical if he stuck out his paw out. It is flu season after all.
SharleneT said…
Oh, yummy! Love this dish and hope to try it, real soon.... Thanks for the pix and instructions... Teddy is almost lost in her joy! You are definitely a good mommy to her... but, I'm still waiting here for her, if you ever get tired of making her special meals!... Come visit when you can...
Suzie said…
If anyone wants to see what euphoria looks like, only needs to look at Teddy's face!

She had better ask that Mama be blessed,since that is the hand that feeds her such special treats! Of course, in her world, she thinks that this is the norm, that all puppies are treated so well. Don't we all wish that were so.

In fact, your whole family should be blessing you too, for fixing them one wonderful meal after another!
Anonymous said…
Before now, I have never seen a picture of a dog which looks like it's grinning.
I see the clams have the Teddy seal of approval! This would be a wonderful dish for my dad. I'm not a fan of clams, but he loves them. I will remember them for his birthday. :) Theresa