A Retro Christmas Star and a New Giveaway

The winner of the oils from Aroma Sanctum in Salem is: Tournesol! Please send me your info and I will mail them right out to you!

This week's giveaway is for a Fall themed basket filled with a ceramic leaf plate, leaf S & P, caramels, maple nut fudge, old fashioned root beer candies and all sorts of Fall goodies. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling what you will be doing for Thanksgiving this year. Or just leave any old comment. If you are not a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway will be posted then.

Ok...so this is the star I saw at the country living fair. I'm not sure why I didn't buy it when I saw it. Probably because it was very large and it was 100 degrees outside and I was not feeling too Christmasy! I kept thinking about it when I came home and was sorry I didn't grab it that day. Rather than wallow in my regrets I decided to make my own.

Retro 50's Christmas stars.

I had these metal frames from last Christmas which had been covered in evergreens. The perfect foundations for my stars. I am sure they would work just as well on grapevine stars too.

I went out to all the thrift stores and bought all sorts of bulbs. Most packages cost less than 1.00. I also found some great vintage bulbs which I will use on the tree and not waste on the stars.

I bought gold tinsel garland and hot glued it to cover the frames. I cursed all the way through the project because I kept burning my fingers with the glue. Fa la la la uck!!!

I just stretched the garland and hot glued it until there were no openings.

I was concerned that it would not be sturdy enough but it was.

I started by gluing a large bulb right in the middle.

Then added other balls to the sides.

As I worked my way out to the tips of the stars I added smaller bulbs.

The assortment of bulbs.

These were really easy and fun to make. I think I will be making some wreathes this way too and will show the pics when I make them.


Thmini2 said…
I LOVE your stars! Takes me back as I was born in the 50's and still saw these as a young girl.
I would love to enter your drawing. We are going to meet up with my family. My sister works at a school and there is a building there that the Girls and Boy Scouts use, we have rented it before and it is nice. We rented it again for Thankgiving and Christmas. Even though we all live with-in about 15 miles of each other I haven't seen some of my siblings for awhile so it will be nice. Have a great weekend.
Judith said…
I picked my son up at school, and it's just going to be us this thanksgiving. I'm making him a turkey, even though I can eat it being allergic, but he loves it, so I'm making it... with all the trimmings! Enter me in your give a way, I'm already a follower. thanks
Cottage Tails said…
OOh your stars have turned out soo good & look soo easy.

Don't enter me in your give away as I live in New Zealand -postage would be huge. We do celebrate thanksgiving. We call it Cranberry Thanksgiving after a story book we used in our home school curriculum. Gosh it will be our 12th years celebrating Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Love Leanne
SpiritWings said…
The stars look GREAT!! Can't wait to see how the wreths turn out. =]
Please enter me in your give a way. (already a follower) Hope your fingers are feeling abit better!!
Carapace said…
That's wonderful! So often I see something cool and think "I should make that for myself" and then never do. Good for you going right ahead!

Also, good for you hosting yet ANOTHER giveaway! I know it's just now getting to be the holidays for the rest of us, but you really live the spirit year 'round. Thank you for inviting us all over so often, and count me in!

Sara said…
Oh I love those stars. You did a great job. I think I may try and do a version of it myself.
Pricilla said…
Very festive. You are quite clever.

I posted a photo of my old Victorian: http://www.brokenteepee.com/2010/11/before-farm-my-victorian-money-pit.html

The hubby and I are alone this Thanksgiving I am making leg of goat.
Matthew to be exact. Goat farming is a life of decisions.
Suzie said…
Since we have to leave for the clinic again, we are eating out this year. The restaurant that my daughter found has huge windows overlooking a wetland, a massive stone fireplace, and delicious food! We are picking up my Mom, and meeting my kids and some of their kids there. I won't know what to do with myself, sitting there letting others bring me my Thanksgiving dinner!!

I love your stars! They look SO retro, and actually much prettier than the one that you passed up.

Did you wrap the garland, or lay it flat and glue it? This was probably before your time, but remember those wreaths that you made by cutting strips from dry cleaner bags and tying them on a wire coat hanger that you bent into a circle? And every so often, you would thread one of those miniature ball ornaments onto the frame. .I had forgotten about those until just now. .it was one of those childhood projects.

The basket is gorgeous, and stuffed, as usual! I love all of the themes you keep coming up with!
Anonymous said…
That is just beautiful. Thanks for the tips.

CJ xx
Melodie said…
Love the star! You are just so crafty! We will be having a turkey from our farm for Thanksgiving!
Congratulations to the latest winner of "Teddy's Treats".

The Craft Queen rises again, just in time for Christmas!

I actually like your Christmas stars best. Leaving the garland visible on the edges is more pleasing to my eye! Great job!

Thanksgiving this year will be here with one of my daughter's. Vicky has returned to take care of her Dad while he is going through cancer treatment.

We have invited a guest, a young woman who has no family here in Florida.

Dinner will be traditional:

Roasted Turkey, cornbread dressing, green bean and zucchini casseroles, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potato pie, and this year I am making your cranberry orange cake, a small ambrosia salad and iced tea.

We plan to trade childhood stories,and laugh out loud while browsing though old pictures, and watch a good movie.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

xoxo to "Teddy Autumn Fluffs".
pattyj said…
Just want you to know that this is the first blog I have signed up to follow!
I love seeing what Teddy has been up too and all the interesting things you come up with.
Thanksgiving this year will include two of my sons - one with his wife and my two grandkids. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Please enter me in the drawing too.
Sparkless said…
Oh my those stars are pretty! If I can find a star shaped form I'm going to make one too.

Add my name into the hat for the basket draw.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Tournesol!

Swedish as I am, I am a bit torn about the stars :-) One part think they really are Christmas! One part says, where would one hang them :-)

We don´t decorate much outdoors for Christmas, mostly it´s lights in the trees but seldom anything else, so they would stick out rather much :-) But I think it would look great hanging on an entrance door.

Have a great day now!
Wow! What a cool basket! Thank you for the opportunity to win! For Thanksgiving this year we will be hanging at home and begining to decorate for Christmas, talking about what things we are greatful for from the previous year and looking forward to seeing our family in Dec. Oh, and I am a follower ;)
love the stars...very retro, indeed

i adore old ornaments...

i may have to try this...

looking forward to a quiet and peaceful thanksgiving this year...
just like little mice...

kary and teddy
Autumnforest said…
Those stars are totally cool! Love the autumn basket. It's finally feeling ike autumn here, as much as AZ feels like autumn.
TMCPhoto said…
For our thanksgiving which was last month (us Canadians celebrate a little earlier) we celebrated at my niece's place.
Kristen said…
Your stars are G O R G E O U S!!!!! Thank you so much for the how too!

Congratulations to the winner of the scents... Lucky dog!

I will be doing the dinner for 10 this year and a little nervous but it will be great!

Hugs and Blessings to you and yours!
Happy Thanksgiving
Oh my Stars!! Those are so cool and I agree...way better than the one you left behind!
Yes, I would love a chance to win the fall basket...I Love leaf shaped anythings, especially plates! I'm spending a quiet Thanksgiving at home with my two sons. One said last night...Let's go out for Chinese! Yeah, Chinese turkey...sounds good! :)
Tiffanyann79 said…
This Star is so awesome, and it looks so fun to make. for Thanksgiving my family and I will be going to spend it a couple of hours away with my dad and my little brother.
Robin Larkspur said…
Another beautiful basket....I am entering yet again, as one of these days, it is going to happen for me!!! Loved your fa-la-la-uck!!! My kids are coming home for T'giving. our sweet daughter and her fiance, and our adorable son, home from college. Stuffed to the gills, then day after T'giving movie (probably Skyline). We stay away from the stores, and just enjoy each other. Wishing Teddy and his wonderful family a great and bounteous day!!
Zombie Queen said…
Another awesome giveaway! I love the tar tutorial :)
For Thanksgiving I think we are going to make a Thanksgiving pizza! (that is a pizza crust with all the normal Thanksgiving foods on it) We have never done it before so who knows if it will be good, but it will be fun!
rox said…
Well we already had Thanksgiving last month as You know but I am having my gal pal fullmoon gathering tomorrow so it should be fun .I am so Thankful for my lady friends here & online ☺
Everyone loved all the items I won for the Halloween decor giveaway . I would love to win this one too of course .
I'm glad I popped by because I see the clams below this post ;-)
I'm going to send that to ds20 who is a Chef in ON . he loves seafood & clams etc.
We are covered in snow now Jaz !
our Jack & Lizzie are happy puppies once again ☺
I'm really digging these stars. They look so old school... Would be great to stick just about anywhere.

I'm in Canada so we've already celebrated thanksgiving, but what we did, is have a big old turkey dinner with the whole family. We eat, drink and be merry. Then pass out for turkey meat :D
Becky said…
We will be going to my Mother-in-laws for Thanksgiving and I'm to make and take a broccoli casserole and 2 pumpkin pies.
I'd love to be entered into this weeks drawing. I read you blog daily and have a link to it on my blog.
Becky in SC
Ann said…
Those stars are totally awesome. I love them. No craft project is complete without the hot glue burns :).
As for Thanksgiving it's just a small dinner with me, my husband and my son. My daughter is in Colorado and won't be coming home.
Lois said…
The stars remind me of my childhood when all Yule ornaments had fuzzy garland and candy colours! As I wrote before, we had our Canadian Thanksgiving in mid-October. We celebrated with my eldest son Mat and his partner Lu-ann, my daughter Morgan and her boyfriend David and our two other boys, Foster and Evan. Turkey, pumpkin pie, gourds with tea lights, baked apples. It was a feast.

A couple of years ago in need of an extended family celebration, we decided to celebrate the American thanksgiving as well... And it may become a new tradition. This year we will have tortiere and apple crisp. I love to make it with turkey/lamb. This is my fav. time of year.
AkasaWolfSong said…
Jazz, you've really outdone yourself this time...I love those Stars!!! One of them would just fit perfectly on my living room wall..I live in an efficiancy...but it did inspire me to take out a Star that is made from small tree branches I have and I think I will try and dress that up like yours...wish I had a camera so I could show you the finished project! I loved seeing your white fainting couch too! :)
Congrats to the winner of your last basket...I bet she'll love the oils.
Could I please enter in this giveaway? I am a follower and am linked to you on my blogs.
As for T'Day I am going to my Daughter's as she is in charge this year...I am bringing green bean casserole, my famous cucumber and sour cream salad and dinner rolls...all the rest she is making so I can hardly wait...it will give me time to play with my grands. Something I've wanted for a long time now.
I hope You, The Blog Tech and Teddy have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and may your blessings be many!
Millie said…
Those stars are adorable. You have way more patience that I would have.
Oh, these stars are JUST amazing!!! Congrats on making them for yourself. I would love to be entered into your new giveaway (I am a follower). We'll be headed to my parents for the holiday - and I'll be making cranberry chutney, pumpkin gingerbread trifle, and your cranberry orange cornmeal cake! Yum! Theresa
Barb said…
Your stars look wonderful! We will be spending Christmas with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson this year so I'm not sure how much decorating to do. We will be home with family-daughter, son-in-law , and bachelor brother-for Thanksgiving. I'm the chief cook and bottle washer! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please enter me in your drawing!
Joane said…
Your stars look great! I'm having Thanksgiving at my house this year but, we're doing the potluck thing so not too much pressure on just me cooking. I do have to make a desert so I may be skimming through your recipies for something yummy! Would love to be entered in this giveaway.Thank you!
Toodie said…
You did a fab job on your stars! Oh they are super, seriously.
Daph said…
I love the whole star concept!!
Please enter me in your giveaway I am a follower of your blog:)
Aimee Jeffries said…
This is the first year family is coming to my house for a Thanksgiving (not freaking out, not freaking out, breathe lol)
Joanne Kennedy said…
I can honestly say I like your stars much better then the one you passed up. Plus now you have two! Lucky duck! Very clever of you to make them yourself. I love them.

I can relate to the burned fingers as I'm mending my own glue gun burn right now too :(

Love the fa la la uck. I think I'll be saying that a few times myself now :)

This Thanksgiving I'm having my whole family over to my house and before they get here I'll be watching the Rose Parade...go see my blog post today to see why.
BelladonnasJoy said…
Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
katiez said…
Love your star! But I'm still thinking about the root beer barrels.... Yum! Loved those when I was a child....
Jennifer Rose said…
oohh shiny!! very pretty stars. would make some, but I would be so afraid the dog would try to eat them lol
What a great giveaway. I use to make X-mas trees with coathangers like that, when I was a teenager. This Thanksgiving we are having it at our house. We usually have it at our house because we have the biggest house in our family. dramaqueensmum@gmail.com
Amy said…
I'll be spending the day with family, some I only see once or twice a year!
Suzanne said…
What a wonderful idea! I love it!

Hug Teddy for me.
petoskystone said…
shiny stars! :) but i'm still not buying any christmas-themed candy until after thanksgiving. thanksgiving will be spent at my soninlaws' mothers' house. most of his family will be there (he has 7 aunts/uncles, innumerable cousins & etc.). plenty of food, small fuss over who gets the most ham crackling. then off to bed to get up at 5 a.m. for a black friday sale. oh!! punkin chunkin special on discovery channel :))
Lynn said…
The stars are beautiful! Such a clever idea. Ooh, now my brain is going, thinking you do similiar ones for the 4th of July, too. Love the blog, the recipes and clever ideas, too. Family Thanksgiving this year. A daughter-in-law is hosting and there will be 7 little ones under the age of 11. Noisy and fun for Grandma.
Faerie Sage said…
I'm a follower, though here in
Canada thanksgiving has come and gone, it was very enjoyable though.
faeriesagekitchen at blogspot.com
As usual, count me in on your Giveaway; they're always so wonderful!

And I love that star! ♥
Pallas Renatus said…
Fun! I'm going to spend this Thanksgiving studying my ass off for a slew of exams when I get back. Thank God someone else is cooking this year =)
Janet said…
Wow, those stars are awesome thanks for the instructions. Thanksgiving is over for us in Canada but we had a lovely turkey dinner with friends and family relaxing. It was lovely.


PS if I win the basket I would definitely help with postage on it!
Rue said…
Oh my gosh - your retro-stars are fab! How do you have time to cook all that amazing food AND do this?
Laura said…
those stars are very cute! i started using toothpicks whenever i work with hot glue just to avoid the fa la la la luck.. he he he...

actually...we had our family thanksgiving today...so on the actual day, i'll probably watch the football and read, just hang out and do whatever i feel like doing. :)
Jennifer said…
I love the Christmas Stars! Thank you so much for showing us how you made them.

I imagine I will just go over to my mom's house for Thanksgiving. She has been having a hard time lately. Found another lump after 5 years and we are waiting on the biopsy results so I will probably go over there and cook Thanksgiving dinner for her and my sister, nephew and father.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
Your stars look great! =D

And for Thanksgiving this year, I'll be baking my very first turkey... @_@

Britt has to work a 12 hour shift the day before & then a 16 hour shift the day of Thanksgiving, so I'll have plenty of time to cook & fret... lolz... ^-^

I'm excited & vaguely terrified. My cats are extremely excited... they LOVE turkey. ^-^

I can't wait to see what you make! ^-^

jennatalia said…
Those stars look amazing!

I am spending Thanksgiving day with my Grandie and Aunt and Uncle...comfort food and the parade!

Thanksgiving weekend I am taking my mom to the Pitt vs WVU Backyard Brawl (Go Pitt!), and making her a Turkey feast on Saturday :)
Avalonschild said…
Just found your blog a few weeks ago and LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you!
I would like to enter the giveaway.

And I love those stars, how very crafty. Hmmm, I need to keep my eyes for metal stars now. :D
Divaeva said…
retro! my fav! Love your star creation! Have a happy holiday!
Birgit said…
Oh, you have really put me in a holiday mood now. :) The stars are just lovely -- I am all for colorful!

Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Germany, but I wouldn't be I if I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving nonetheless. ;) So it will be chicken on Thursday -- and counting my blessings, too. You are a blessing, too, Joyce. :)

Suzan G. said…
Love the stars! I'm all thumbs, but with help from my crafty daughter I might be able to make one. Please do enter me in the drawing, the food basket would be just the thing to bring to our annual carolling party.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Amanda said…
oh please enter me in your giveaway i would just love to have some "octoberfarm" creativity in my house!! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving, i look forward to pictures of your turkey day spread!! cheers!!
Sugar said…
you are so amazingly talented! I would love to be entered in this giveaway too :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!
Shaiha said…
We just moved into our new home and planned on starting a new tradition. With that in mind, we invited 12 peeps to come join us. We went out and shopped for 12 peeps and then I got emails today that something came up for almost everyone. Looks like there will only be 5 of us and lots of leftovers!
Shaiha said…
Oh and I am already a follower. I love hearing about your and Teddy's travels.
I am a new follower......your blog is awesome.
Char said…
I am a follower. I love your site. Thanksgiving was yesterday and our son and daughter-in-law were with us. We had the traditional turkey and all the trimmings and were all stuffed after dinner. Most of the rest of the day was spent watching football. We are New Orleans Saints fans so were very glad they found a way to win at the end!

Please do enter me in your wonderful give-a-way!