Teddy was hungry very early this morning. I can tell this because she stands right under the burner I cook her breakfast on.

And she licks her lips.

But she is really still tired too.

So she nods off now and then while I prepare her food.

Mama.....hurry up with my breakfast please!!! I am a hungry pup!

If I look at you adoringly will it help you to cook faster?

Or maybe I will just nap to pass the time.

Teddy gobbled her food and ran outside to play. End of story.

I am ready for Thanksgiving. Well, except that we have to get over the biggest event of the year just before Thanksgiving......the Blog Tech's birthday. If you haven't done your shopping yet there is still time left. I mean, I am sure he would not refuse the gifts. Twenty seven going on seven.

I put all of my turkeys out.

These are little lead vintage turkeys from Germany.

We have so many wild turkeys around here I could just go out and grab one of them. Teddy would be so happy!

Some grim pilgrims.

If I was a turkey I would hightail it out of here for the holiday. Too many guns in this neighborhood.

I saw this at the Country Living Fair this past summer. It is so cool and retro. I am going to make some for myself this year. I will show the pics when I do.

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Teddy girl makes me smile! Happy Birthday to the blog tech! Enjoy your day!
Autumnforest said…
I'd be begging for breakfast too. I'm sure it was delish! I'm amazed but this is the first T-giving in 26 years I'm not making the meal and, in fact, now that I'm single, this will actually be my first T-giving in my 48-year-old life that I am not having T-giving supper. I think I might do something anti-T-giving like go ahead and make a turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry relish and just segway to after T-giving food instead.
AkasaWolfSong said…
Teddy is one lucky pet! His Mama cooks his food for him! Wow! His napping cracks me up, poor one..

Loved the pics of the Turkeys Jazz..especially the ones sitting on the pumpkins..they are adorable!

Happy Birthday to the Blog Tech!
Thanksgiving and the Blog Tech's birthday in the same month? Holy moly, that's a lot of celebrating!
Anonymous said…
Teddy is sooo cute :-)

Congratulate the Blog Tech from me!

Magnificent turkeys! The second one looks so beautiful, how big is it? It looks as if it has some kind of lid on its back.

Have a great day now!
Teddy is so sweet I just have to post a "Good Doggy Cake" recipe for that angel tomorrow. Tell her to beg until she gets it. I just made one for Annie and Mazzy.

I love all your turkeys.
happy birthday blog tech !!!!!

teddy licking her lips is just like dande licking her's...there sure are lots of goodies around this time of year :-)

LOVE your turkeys...i have a HUGE collection of Johnson Brothers Turkey plates...love anything with turkeys !!!!

kary and teddy
Well now, Teddy is so expressive in her early morning wake up and ready for breakfast pictures!

Magnificent turkey collection. I love them all!

Blessings and happy day!

xoxo to "Teddy Way too Cute".
Adsila said…
Awwww, Teddy is so precious. It is funny how dogs can tell time. Mine know exactly when dinner is supposed to be and I better not be late, lol.

You have a wonderful collection for Thanksgiving. I just moved to a new house and haven't decorated for the fall this year. I plan to decorate for Christmas.
Pricilla said…
I don't see a photo of the male person in the turkey pictures.
Mystica said…
Avery happy birthday to the Blog Tech.

Very nice pictures of Teddy and the turkeys are gorgeous even the grim pilgrims!
Jennifer Rose said…
awww teddy is so cute !! and really nice shiny star :D
Ann said…
Teddy is just the cutest. I really hope that my Duke doesn't read this though because I would be in trouble if he found out that Teddy gets home cooked meals.
Love all your Thanksgiving decorations and that star is very nice.
Amanda said…
tell blog tech to have a good one and the hummus was DELICIOUS!!! i will now make my own, thanks to you, even my husband said it was better than the store bought :)
BelladonnasJoy said…
Aren't you sweet. You cook Teddy's breakfast!! Teddy is so adorable!! I like your turkeys too, btw.
Teddy is adorable! I love the photos where she is napping while waiting. :)
Great turkeys! We don't do Thanksgiving here, so I'll just have to wait a little longer.
Congratulations to the Blog tech!
Your Teddy looks like a larger Mele. So cute! What on earth do you cook for her? My poor little girl can't know that Teddy gets homemade food for breakfast! She will pack her clothes fast...but what do you make for her?
Mel gets a bowl of Science Diet, some fresh water...and, ok, a bite of my morning toast. Sometimes two.
I'm feeling like a bad Mom! :)

I am curious to know how they put that star together. Really interesting!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
My partner saw her first pic of Teddy this morning... "What's THAT?!?!? It's so fluffy & adorable!"

"That," I replied, "Is Teddy. She's a Chow. And I want one."

We then argued about long haired dogs for a bit, but both seem to agree that Chows are epically adorable. ^-^

And for those pilGRIMS... I think a nice little painted on smile would do the trick... XD

Happy b-day to your blog tech!

Rosemary said…
Teddy is too cute! Will be interested to see the star when you put it together.
So, when is the Blog Tech's Birthday?

Early Happy Birthday wishes to him.

Gentle hugs...
Nezzy said…
Awwww, you Teddy just makes the Ozark Farm Chick want to belt out that great old Elvis song....OOOOOOh, won't ya be...my Teddy Bear???? Sorry, it truly doesn't take much to set me off. I have no self-control!!!

We've got the masses commin' to the Missouri Ponderosa this year. I believe the count is 35-37. It looks like your really ready so if ya want to come help...just sayin'! Heeehehehehe!

From the beautiful hills and hollers of the Ozark Mountains, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!! :o)
audrey said…
Sweet sweet pictures of Teddy! You have a very nice collection of turkeys ~ unique ones. Nice!
Love the star!! Yes, please do post pictures after you've made one. It is so pretty and would be a nice outdoor decoration for the holidays.
♥ audrey
Mina said…
Teddy is so precious!
Anonymous said…
Teddy just cracks me up. I love your pooch. She is the cutest thing ever. My daughter and I love checking your blog for all the wonderful things you post about, but we sure love seeing Teddy!!!!