Tree Time

It's that time of year again. This is where we have historically cut down our trees.

Here are two of my trees from last year.

This is one of the other ones. I usually put up 7 or 8 trees. So far this year I am totally uninspired. Maybe it's because I have the worst cold I've had in twenty years. Or maybe it's because it is warm and raining.

So yesterday I ended up here.

I love blue spruce trees but they are very sharp and hard to decorate. So, this year I went for Frazier Firs. The only thing that can compete with being surrounded by pumpkins is being surrounded by evergreens.

They had beautiful wreathes and swags decorated with pine cones and juniper berries.

And you get a free bag of apples when you buy a tree.

All you do is pick out your tree. They carry them and wrap them in netting and tie them to your car.

They have a measuring pole so you can get the height right.

Much simpler than lying on the wet ground and cutting the trees down yourself.

They also had an enormous selection.

Before you select your apples you can try the different varieties to see what you like best.

Loaded and ready to go.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. If I get inspired I will head back to the tree farm when I feel better and cut more trees down. It is tradition after all.

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AkasaWolfSong said…
I just love the way you have your trees decorated Jazz...but I am sorry to hear you have such a bad cold. Remember to eat honey everyday, several times a day as it is a natural antibiotic and will do you a world of good!

Can't wait to see what this year's tree will look like! I'm busy decorating mine the lights put on last is a little one as I live in an efficiency apartment but I love getting it ready as it puts me in the mood! :)

Do feel better Gracious Lady!
Sending healing prayers up for you!
I like to visit the tree farms with my kids! So much fun to cut your own tree!
Pricilla said…
I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get better in a flash.

I had blue spruce trees for years. My poor fingers after decorating. But the tree was soooo pretty.

This year we are going INTO THE WOODS to cut down a tree. You are allowed to do that here. I think it will be an adventure. The tree won't be perfectly groomed but it will be a story to tell.
Anonymous said…
My cottage is to small so I can´t fit a christmas tree anywhere :-) Besides I think I know what Orvar would do the first thing he saw it :-) :-) :-)

But I have to say that I would love buying a tree where You bought Yours! That place looks grand!

Now we´re down to 1,5F.
Have a great day now!
Yalco (Chris) said…
Get well soon. When the cold is gone, I am sure your spirit will return. The place you got your precut tree from looks very nice.
Robin Larkspur said…
I hate to hear you are sick...I am getting over pneumonia and it is not fun. Please feel better very soon!! Eat lots of your turkey soup! And you still have time to get inspired! Blessings to you!
sweetlocal said…
Hope you feel better soon. Beautiful tree!
sorry to hear that you are still under the weather....

we are decorating over here too. i just had to take all of my old bottle brush trees off of the piano...somebody gets on the back of the couch and grabs them to play with. he can't have them cause of the glitter and i am afraid he will eat the glass ornaments....

but he sure is CUTE !!!!!

kary and busy, busy Teddy
My goodness your house looks beautiful on the inside for yule.
Very comfy cottage looking. or country home. I Love it!!!
TMCPhoto said…
Feeling under the weather is always a downer when you want to be in the holiday spirit.

I love the whole get a bag of apples with your tree idea. I can see why you'd want to get one of your trees from this place. Keeping up with tradition can wait until you're feeling better.
O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree! I love them one and all. The real live one! Today they are line up outside one of our grocery stores. I walked through and thought I just might swoon from the scent of fir.

The turkey soup was so good! We ate til' we thought we might pop! Daughter begged for the Rosemary bread, but I didn't bake it until today, and there is plenty of soup.

Happy day.

xoxo to "Teddy Christmas Tinsel".
Honey you need some chicken soup and a hot toddy and you will be well in a flash.

I always have Fraizer Firs. I love them.

Those crazy women ate all the rolls today. There were only 18 people at the luncheon. They loved them.

Please feel better soon.
Wow, I bitch and carry on about putting up ONE tree, let alone seven or eight! My hat's off to you, Jaz! And I hope you feel better very quickly.
I love the trees from last year. So gorgeous.
Laura said…
I hope you feel better soon, Jaz. I look forward to seeing what inspiration strikes you. :)
Ann said…
Wow 7 trees? that's a lot of decorating. Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree. A few years ago though when I was going through my divorce I broke down and bought an artificial because it was just easier for me. The kids hated it.
Teresa said…
Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Best wishes for getting over it. I haven't done a tree for a couple of years--cats find them way too fun!
Sharon Lovejoy said…
Get well poor dear. After all, you have only one miserable tree and 7 more to go!

What smells better than the scent of fir, and unless I'm mistaken, blue spruce don't have that aroma??? Do they?


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
Rue said…
I hope you kick this cold soon! I second the honey (local and unpasturized!)

I'm not feeling particularly inspired myself...looking at the boxes of Xmas decorations sitting in the hallway...

Feel better soon!
Sorry to hear about your cold - hope you feel better soon. Hugs!
Debbie said…
Good for you!! I am now inspired and will need to get on the ball decorating!! Well....right after the molding and baseboards are hung!
petoskystone said…
free apples! i like your tree farm! hope you feel better soonest...inhale deeply the scent of pine.
Bonnie said…
That tree farm looks like my brother's tree farm. We are in the midst of a busy tree selling season, although the fields are wetter than I've ever seen them. The rain has finally turned to snow, but it's a mess. I've been busy making wreaths for the farm. They can be viewed on my blog. 7-8 trees! you are ambitious, I put up 2 trees, usually, but last year only managed to get one up.
So sorry you are not well. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing those lovely photographs from last year's celebration! Can't wait to see how you decorate this year's beautiful tree. :) Theresa
Celia said…
I hope you feel better very soon. Your trees are beautiful......and you put up 7 or 8? Wow....I can barely get my 1 done.
Lois said…
Feeling better today? Hope so! The trees always look so undignified when wrapped like that, but it does protect them on the trip. This Yule we'll be having the 'grand-kitties' and I wonder how my tree will fare. My cats leave it well alone, and like to watch the train underneath.

Be well! L
Amanda said…
jazz you never fail...beautiful holiday crafts, and great food on top of it all! Cheers!!