The Advent House

I am really behind this year. The Advent house went up 3 days late. This has never happened before. This is a replica of the Advent house in the movie with Chevy Chase, 'Christmas Vacation'.

Each day my daughter opens a window when she comes to the house for breakfast.

Some deer are visiting the house this year.

On Christmas day the front doors are opened.

Here are the first 3 days of Advent. Click for a closer look.

This is what my gardens looked like this morning. The garland that I am going to use to decorate the bird cage is frozen to the potting table.

And here comes my trusted garden pal.

She loves the snow but wishes it would not make her paws wet.

She tries to tip toe with those big paws.

She has a very ambivalent relationship with snow.

She would prefer that it be dry.

And I always get this quizzical look as if she is asking why I did this to her. The snow is my fault. Sorry Teddy, mama loves snow. Suck it up and get on with it!


oh that face in the have SNOW !!!! i can only WISH !!!!

LOVE the Advent House...and the little deer really make it.....

happy snowy day,
kary and teddy
I don't suppose Teddy would wear those little doggy booties? Hahahahaha!
Ms Lilypads said…
What a lovely house and beautiful garden! We didn't get as much snow as you, but the season is still early. I have to agree with Teddy about the snow. The season won't be complete unless I am sliding on the ice or wading through calf-deep snow.
Yalco (Chris) said…
Where did you get THE Advent House?! That would be sooo coool to have! Just watched the movie again last week. Your holiday decorations are beautiful. Hope you are feeling better
I´ve been waiting for that house to show up here again :-) I watch the movie every christmas and love that house!

Teddy is so cute out there in the snow :-)

Have a great day now!
Tournesol said…
Love your advent house, that is so pretty! I would squeeze Teddy to death, she is so adorable!
Netty said…
Oh wow your Advent House is wonderful, Annette x
Lois said…
So envious of your snow. How is the tree coming, I think we'll get ours next week, I'm getting in the mood. :) Lois
Okay Wonder Woman who is really going to notice if the Advent House went up 3 days late. You have been sick. I really hope you are feeling better and not just pretending. I really love the Advent House.

Sweet Teddy really needs boots so his little feet will stay warm and dry. Poor thing!

Making Short Ribs tomorrow. We are suppose to get a boat load of snow tonight and tomorrow.
Aisha said…
OctoberFarm, I loved the advent house, wehre did you get it.that is an amazing display thanks so much for sharing
Millie said…
I can sympathize with Teddy. I don't like my feet to get wet either.
Ann said…
Love that advent house, very cool. I think maybe Teddy needs a pair of winter boots, that would keep her feet dry and she could still enjoy the snow :)
I never heard of advent house. I heard of advent calendar.
Looks like Teddy has enough fur for the cold.
We hav 22 inches of snow here in North Idaho.

Coffee is on
Laura said…
the advent house is beautiful and i love the setting you have it in, all the trees and snow and pretty. i love that you have snow outside too. they are forecasting a dusting for us this weekend, but i'm not going to believe it until i see it. :)
Rue said…
I remember your advent house from last year - I just love it! I hope you post pics as you open the doors - I'm such a fan of the advent calendars and that house is too cool!

Poor Teddy - must learn to deal with snow! For the next few months anyway...
Teddy does look rather mystified! :) She is just so cute..
little booties on her feetsies? :) Just a thought!
petoskystone said…
poor teddy! with such soft paws i bet the ice can be horrible between the toes!
Farmgirl_dk: said…
That is an amazing house! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.
"Suck it up and get on with it.." ha ha ha...pooooor Teddy! Love that shot of her big ol' paws. What a sweetie!
The Advent House is gorgeous! I love the looking forward to the return of the sun, day by day, blessings and hope.

Teddy does seem to tip toe through the snow. Too, too funny! :)

Have a great weekend!

xoxo to "Teddy Snow Chow".
Lin said…
Where on Earth did you get the house???! FAVORITE movie around our house this time of year.
Amanda said…
i love the advent house it so big and wonderful!! poor teddy and her little paws!! Hope you had a good weekend!!
Christina said…
I LOVE that Advent House!