Fideo Recipe

Have you ever eaten fideo? If you haven't, I think you should. This is some serious Tex/Mex comfort food. Sometimes it is really nice to just throw something together quickly which is fresh tasting and comforting all at the same time.

There are many recipes for fideo but this is the one I always make:

Heat four tablespoon of olive oil over medium high heat.

Add one pound of angel hair pasta broken in half.

Roll it around to coat it with the oil.

Stir it and keep turning it over. You have to be careful not to burn it and you want to brown it evenly. Use a wide pot if you have one.

It will start to brown around the edges. Keep rolling it around until all of it is evenly golden brown. Frying the pasta this way gives it a very unique texture in the finished recipe. It is chewier and nuttier tasting than regular angel hair.

Add four cups of beef broth and a bay leaf or two.

Add two tsp. of cumin, 2 of dried oregano.

Add a 16 oz. can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes or which ever ones are your favorite.

Add about 1 1/2 tsp. salt.

Add a teaspoon of fresh cracked black pepper.

Then add 3/4 cup of diced raw onion. The onion in this dish stays a bit crunchy.

Bring it to a simmer and cover the pot. Stir it a couple of times while cooking for about 12-15 minutes. Make sure the pasta is cooked evenly.

You can finish it off with many different toppings. You could serve it with cooked chorizo. I've sprinkled mine with Queso Fresco but Monterrey Jack or cheddar would be good too.

Sometimes I add hot pepper flakes and fresh cilantro.

This is really a wonderful quick meal that kids would like too.


Laura said…
Nice quick and easy and cheap recipe. I will have to try this one. Thank you, stay warm!
SharleneT said…
Ooooooh! I'm doing a sort-of thingy like this -- NOW, as we speak. I don't have angel hair pasta on hand, so I'm going to use the thin spaghetti, but the rest is there (I think!) Cumin plus cumin? Just askin'... Come visit, now that you're all full and need to rest... Check out my Rockin' Chair Reflections, too...
Pricilla said…
angel hair risotto?
well, no wine.....
Guillaume said…
I need to try your recipes. I printed a few (even though I could pretty much print them all), I wonder how come I never got round to try one.
This sounds good. Fairly easy too, just one pot. My kind of recipe.
Anonymous said…
Hot oil, spaghetti and me have a bad history together, so I will pass on this one :-) :-) :-) But it sure looks tasty :-)

Have a great day now!
The Frog Queen said…
Sounds fantastic, I am going to give it a try with vegi beef broth! Thanks again for sharing your world with us.

The Wizardess said…
Yum. I'll be trying this one. I'll be making the almond cookies later on today. :) Cheers!
Lois said…
That looks like dinner...
Ann said…
not only have I never eaten it but I've never even heard of it until just now. It sure looks good though.
The Wizardess said…
In the midst of making your "Snow Stacks": they are fabulous! I reduced the sugar by half a cup and I am frosting them with Nutella, since I'm not big on frosting. Yours did look awfully pretty with the silver sugar on top. Thank you for the recipe, it's a keeper!
Nydia said…
Ah.. Pasta! You can always count on it for a super-yummy meal! ;)

Wish you a lovely New Year night with your family, Jaz, and a blessed 2011!

Kisses and love from us.
Suzie said…
I've got to quit reading your blog in the evening when my mind and eyes are tired. .when I first saw the title, my mind left out the "e", and I immediately thought "what??" I know that she is adventurous, but this has to be a joke!

A second later, when my brain cells started functioning properly again, I realized my error, and was laughing to hard to write. .so here I am this morning. .

Aside from my faux pas, this dish looks truly yummy. just the sort of thing to have during our cold, early darkness evenings.

And I'm off to the market today, so the timing is perfect! Thanks again for another wonderful recipe!
SharleneT said…
This was delicious!!! Delicious, I tell you -- and, so easy. I used a pinch of mace, too. I used to do something like this when we would go sailing back in the day, because I didn't want to deal with a pot of boiling water on a gimbaled stove! Made it in my new Gordon Ramsay low pressure cooker pot and it was done in, like, 12 minutes! So good and going to be such a part of my life, from now on... Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing... Come visit when you can... Bring Teddy!
Anonymous said…
This looks really good! I'll have to give it the old college try! LOL You always have the most amazing concoctions! Makes me want to learn to cook more and more every time I visit!

Thanks Jaz! You're kitchen skills are awesome!